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Figuring that Igor was making some progress with his work on the experiment, Adah had brought Pride into the clinic with her, to do a few rudimentary observations and explorations of the poor rabbit so that they would not be wanting for any basic control information. He was a little tentative to receive the examination at first but, after a while, he settled, realizing that, out of all the things that Adah had tried to do to him, this general check-up was nothing.
[identity profile] ecirpnellehada.livejournal.com
Things seemed nice and quiet when Adah, still (unnecessarily) bandages, although she had noticed 'progress' in her 'injuries,' came in for her shift at the clinic, and she very much intended to keep it that way, settling in to read through a few new journal and do her usual stats on her specimens. Not that Adah ever intended to be loud, but she did occasionally hope for excitement in the place. Just none like last week, although she had her worries, seeing as there was the event of a wedding in town, one of people known to be rather armed more often than not. Events seemed like a poorly sterilized petri dish: breeding grounds for trouble.

She was feeling vaguely optimistic for a change, though, albeit mostly because it served her own interests.
[identity profile] southernbender.livejournal.com
Katara was a little surprised - and happy - there weren't more people in the clinic.  Somehow she'd expected more after watching some of the people fight Hades, but then most of them were dumb and didn't get anyone to check them out.  She may have been making a mental note of who to scold later.
[identity profile] geniusdoctor.livejournal.com
When Doogie heard Hades' announcement, he'd thought about leaving, just for a minute. Then he thought about what the people on the island liked to do when they were threatened, and realized that he might be needed here. He was disappointed to find that the clinic already had one patient, but was relieved too, to see that there weren't more.
[identity profile] dr-jwilsonmd.livejournal.com
The clinic was open and the doctor was in!

[ooc: Sorry for lateness, was getting a cast put on.]
[identity profile] southernbender.livejournal.com
Katara was glad to see that Dawn had woken up and left the clinic since she was here on Friday, but it wasn't much better that Dean was here instead.

So she was checking often and trying to make sure that everything possible was going well.
[identity profile] dr-jwilsonmd.livejournal.com
Wilson made his way down to the clinic for the evening shift and tried not to think about the sack dinner he'd packed for himself. It was going to be the little things, like knowing Aziraphale would not show up with a late night snack, that Wilson was going to have the hardest time adjusting to.
[identity profile] southernbender.livejournal.com
Finally.  Done done don with the scary Sex Ed class.

Katara celebrated by having hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows and a book about medicinal herbs as she sat behind the counter.
[personal profile] blessed_twice
The clinic was open, and Wyatt was behind the front desk, surfing the web. He had a checklist of holiday present ideas for Chris, Grandpa Victor, Piper (with a second mention of Piper and a question mark), Phoebe, and Prue. And one other name that had a lot of potential ideas written under it.
not_in_the_book: (Emo: Have I Left the Oven On?)
[personal profile] not_in_the_book
Ronan was sitting in the clinic, mostly just staring off into space; foremost in his thoughts were the events of homecoming, most especially a certain conversation with a certain flame-empowered boy, and a certain series of events that took place in a hotel room after the dance.

Which had him wondering if Johnny had heard -- surely the radio had reported it, it seemed to get everything else -- and how Johnny felt about it if he had.

Regardless, Ronan was there, ready in case anyone needed medical attention.

FTEC, Saturday, May 26

Saturday, May 26th, 2007 11:03 am
[identity profile] sexydoctor.livejournal.com
Christian made the morning rounds of the clinic patients, then took his place behind the front desk, hoping that more kids wouldn't be brought in today.
[identity profile] dr-jwilsonmd.livejournal.com
Yeah, Wilson might look just a wee bit preoccupied this morning.

Kissing the Prince of Hell will do that to a person.

[ooc: YAY!! Condo is SOLD! Now, will be getting The OCDs are up!]

FTEC, Wednesday Night

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007 10:38 pm
[identity profile] drlambert.livejournal.com
Natalie was surprised to find the clinic so full -- and not pleasantly surprised. She was even less thrilled when she began to review the patient charts. Dr. Wilson had done a good job patching everyone up, but the injuries were still worrisome. She was once again struck by the senselessness in attacking kids, even ones as mature and well-armed as the ones in Fandom.

With a sigh, she made her rounds. She checked bandages and fluids, then settled in to do some requisition forms. Both the lab and the clinic would need restocking after this.

[Patient rooms up... Please wait for patients to ping in.]
[identity profile] dr-jwilsonmd.livejournal.com
It had been a long night at the clinic.

Rather than bother trying to go home, Wilson had stayed on through the night, helping the nurse wake Lana hourly and also keeping Phoebe and Anders as comfortable as possible.

Jim and Bel had been discreetly watched over as well.

Aziraphale, bless him, had come down with a late night/early morning snack of grilled cheese sandwiches and later with omlettes and coffee but other than a quick break to grab a shower, Wilson had stayed put.

Morning found him napping relaxing in the front desk chair.

[ooc: please wait for The OCDs are up!]
[identity profile] dr-jwilsonmd.livejournal.com
Wilson had spent a nice, relaxing day corrupting ducks and otherwise enjoying the summer sun.

Thus he was a bit surprised to find that the clinic had a patient in residence when he arrived at work that night. Frowning a little as he recognized Chad's name, Wilson went over the young man's chart with the on duty nurse and gave her instructions to keep him apprised of Chad's comfort through the night.

Then, he settled down at the front desk and set up his laptop to work on his latest journal article.
[identity profile] dr-jwilsonmd.livejournal.com
Wilson was impressed by the display going up in the park and took some time to investigate it before heading down to take over the clinic for the evening.

He expected that with it being prom night things should be fairly quiet...or maybe extremely busy, one never knew with Fandom, did one?

Settling in behind the desk after a brief chat with the on duty nurse, Wilson flipped open his laptop with all the intention in the world of working. Strangely enough what he ended up doing was surfing more...adult movie titles, to see if he could find any other educational material for the angel.

Last night, had been waaaaayyyy too much fun.
[identity profile] janet-fraiser.livejournal.com
Janet wasn't frantically doing her taxes a week before they were due. Erm. Well, she wasn't frantic, at least.
[identity profile] sexydoctor.livejournal.com
Christian returned from his impromtu trip to Miami and opened up the clinic, checking up on what he'd missed over the week.
[identity profile] sexydoctor.livejournal.com
Clinic? Open. Doctor? Bored.
[identity profile] sexydoctor.livejournal.com
After checking on the patients in the Clinardis, Christian settled at the front desk, hoping for a quiet day.

FTEC, Thursday morning

Thursday, March 1st, 2007 12:45 am
[identity profile] threeweapons.livejournal.com
Alanna was in the clinic. After checking up on people still left behind, she sat down to doodle write. Faithful was watching television.
[identity profile] drlambert.livejournal.com
Natalie made her way over to the desk, looking over the notes for the past few days, and was surprised. Had she missed an invasion? She didn't think so; she would have heard the commotion. Giving the patient charts a good once-over, she headed for the rooms to check on them. Nat couldn't help but wonder what it was these kids kept getting into...

[Room threads will be up in just a sec. Room threads are up. Mun will be AFK from 9 - 10 PM, ET, but back to serve your medical needs afterwards.]
[identity profile] dr-jwilsonmd.livejournal.com
Wilson was there first thing in the morning, frowning as he heard about the flurry of activity and about Lana still being in the clinic.

He wanted to check on her but as soon as he got caught up on things, his phone started to ring demanding his attention.

[ooc: Here is your clinic post for Wednesday day shift. I am horrifical ill this morning and trying to hold it together long enough to complete some work so I can go home and curl up in a ball of misery. Thus, don't expect too much out of Wilson today I'm afraid. :(]
[identity profile] clipboard-fu.livejournal.com
Finally! Patients! Dr. McNinja was excited to get some Hippocratic-Oath-fu in.

[OOC: I'm a little fuzzy on who's supposed to still be here, so help me out if I put you in the clinic when you're not there or if I don't put you in the clinic when you are]
[identity profile] sexydoctor.livejournal.com
Christian opened up the clinic in the morning and was surprised to find patients. What the hell were these kids getting into now? He checked on them and made sure they were resting comfortably, then settled in the lobby with a pr0n magazine.
[identity profile] dr-jwilsonmd.livejournal.com
After spending a quiet afternoon walking on the beach, Wilson had gone back to the apartment to enjoy an early dinner with Aziraphale before he packed up his briefcase, kissed the angel...kissed the angel and headed out the door.

Getting down to the clinic he spoke briefly with the shift nurse and then settled himself down at the front desk. He had plenty to keep him busy tonight between the essays from his Philosophy course and reading up on what being Marie's legal guardian would entail. Actually, it was the latter of those that was mostly on his mind and Wilson set up his laptop so he could continue his researching on national and Virginia laws.

He hadn't had a chance to tell Phale yet about Marie's request, was still working through it in his own mind and he wanted to have all the facts before he had that conversation. Coffee perked along in the coffee pot, prepared to see him through the long night.
[identity profile] dr-jwilsonmd.livejournal.com
It was the first time Wilson had been back to the clinic since he'd gotten sprung on Friday. He really should come back and get a check up, even with Phale's healing ability and the young doctor figured he might try to catch Troy, Janet, Natalie or Trevor for a follow-up.

In the meantime, he had an escort in the form of a very attentive lover, who walked with him to the Perk for coffee and then down to the clinic. Aziraphale had a group of books, fairy tales that he was rereading or maybe making notes for class OMGmodded!! but regardless, he had tea, he had books and he settled down into a comfortable chair to read while Wilson worked on his own class work.

The scent of coffee soon filled the front office as the pot brewed in the corner, soft insturmental jazz playing on the radio as the two men worked in companionable quiet.

[ooc: Aziraphale modded with permission. Clinic is open, like an open thing that is open.]
[identity profile] drlambert.livejournal.com
Last night, Natalie made herself busy in the lab, careful not to disturb Dr. Wilson's visitors. Tonight, she was sitting at the front desk, watching-but-not-watching The Final Warrior on American Movie Classics. She wondered when they started showing commercials. And, if she was honest with herself, she was definitely trying to avoid the angel. Yes, she had treated him. No, they weren't out to kill each other. Despite this, she still felt decidedly awkward.

But she still had a job to do.

Damn it.

Putting down the remote, she headed for the first exam room, the good doctor's medical chart in hand.

After checking on her lone patient, she embedded herself in the lab. She really needed a better coping mechanism...
[identity profile] drlambert.livejournal.com
Natalie frowned as she stood behind the desk and flipped through Dr. Wilson's chart. An abdominal stab wound was a nasty thing, and got worse, depending on how much damage the weapon had done on the inside. In this case, the lung had been punctured; she could only imagine the tight, painful feeling of breathlessness that had immediately followed. It was not something she hoped to ever encounter herself, and she was curious as to how Dr. Wilson could have found himself on the receiving end.

She was also curious as to how the good doctor ended up with a fractured skull. Notes from the admitting physician -- Janet, she noted -- conjectured that the fracture was the cause of his current coma. With a sigh, Nat closed the chart. Sounds like one hell of a fight, she thought, shaking her head.

She moved off silently to check on her patient, then spend some time in the lab.
[identity profile] dr-jwilsonmd.livejournal.com
Wilson had spent most of the day at the apartment working on the final edit of his journal article and perhaps doing a bit of holiday shopping for friends and family.

He still wasn't up for trying to decorate the place. Eating himself a late lunch, as he didn't have an angel to bring him dinner tonight, the young doctor bundled up and headed down across the park to the clinic. He was glad to see no troll invasions or other evidence of chaos.

Upon arriving at the clinic, Wilson checked to see if there were any patients remaining and he was a little taken aback to read that Martha Kent had been discharged. Giving his head a shake, he firmly put the thought out of his mind before it threatened to overwhelm him and he repeat Wednesday night.

Not something he wanted to do.

Settling down behind the front desk with a couple of journals, his laptop and maybe some shopping catalouges, Wilson hoped for a relatively quiet night.
[identity profile] drlambert.livejournal.com
Spending Thursday with Nick hadn't been what she'd planned to do, but the fact that she had definitely agreed with her. The air between them was clear -- at least for now. There was always something that came up, something stupid one or the other would do that would muddle things up again. She was learning, however, that was part of a relationship, and keeping one going was work. She was willing to put in the work...if Nick was.

Entering the clinic Friday night, after sending Nick off, she was determined to keep a positive bent on things. She looked in on Mrs. Kent, checking her medication, followed by a brief check on Logan. She then switched on the Christmas tree and settled in with her laptop. There was Christmas shopping to be done, after all.
[identity profile] dr-jwilsonmd.livejournal.com
Wilson wouldn't claim to have slept well.

After getting home, he'd sat in the dark of their bedroom, the fire burning in the fireplace and casting the only light across the space while Wilson watched the snow fall. On a whim, he'd picked up one of his notepads and written out a letter to Aziraphale, which had helped...a little. Enough to allow the young doctor to curl up around the angel's pillow and eventually find some solace in sleep.

Walking through the softly falling snow, Wilson had stopped by the Perk for caffiene and something to eat, then headed on down to the clinic. His satchal was slung over his shoulder and he was humming some carols as he pushed through the door and waved to the night nurse.

The nurse came over to him with a group of faxed files and a worried expression on her face. While Wilson started a pot of coffee they discussed the patient in Exam 3, a Mrs. Martha Kent, admitted by Dr. Lambert the night before. Flipping through the file, Wilson's expression shifted and his shoulders slumped slightly.

Pancreatic cancer was a monster.

Sighing softly, he nodded to the nurse, who headed into the back to change shift and then he carried the file to the front desk. It never failed to anger him when cancer came to Fandom. Trolls, vampires, snow monsters, zombies...those monsters he could handle but the one he'd been trained to face down, was the boogeyman in the closet, the darkness that never seemed to want to let him go.

Damn it, Raphale...I wish you were here.
[identity profile] blonde-doctor.livejournal.com
After two nights sleeping sitting up in Efferton Manor, Elliot's bed felt like heaven. But she couldn't stay in it too long; she had to get back to the clinic to relieve Stark. After just a few hours rest, she made it back to the clinic and started flipping through charts to see which patients had stayed the night. It seemed like there were a lot of them.

[OOC: I did my best to match the exam rooms to last night's post -- let me know if anything is wrong.]
stykera: (freaked out)
[personal profile] stykera
Stark hadn't exactly been looking forward to coming into town when the island was overrun by big scary things. But he was supposed to be at the clinic on Sundays and so at the clinic he was. After arriving, he'd flailed more than a little bit at the number of people in the clinic. Flailing under control, he was now ready to deal with things. Hopefully.

[OCD coming up. Poke me if I get something wrong.]

FTEC, Saturday Night

Saturday, June 3rd, 2006 09:10 pm
[identity profile] ladder62.livejournal.com
Tommy did a quick check on the patients, then settled down at his desk.

Watch TV, or do paperwork? Hmm.

He turned on ESPN and started rooting for whichever team he didn't want to punch directly in the face.

FTEC, Saturday morning

Saturday, June 3rd, 2006 10:05 am
[identity profile] threeweapons.livejournal.com
Alanna opened up the clinic and checked on the patients. She then settled down with a book behind the front desk.

FTEC, Friday Evening

Friday, June 2nd, 2006 04:57 pm
[identity profile] drlambert.livejournal.com
Natalie arrived for her shift, somewhat glad to return to the familiar environs of the clinic. She'd been called away for a quick consult on an investigation -- a second opinion on a dead body, as it were -- and found herself embroiled in Community politics. As if it was her fault the local golden boy was a messy eater?

She sighed as she settled in at the front desk. Even a quiet shift at the clinic was preferable to dealing with ambitious, arrogant, and power-hungry vampires.

[Note: Mun has been hoodwinked into volunteering at a local fundraiser. Will be back later tonight, maybe 10-ish Eastern. If you desperately need attention, feel free to use the NPC nurse. If you need interactive medical attention, drop me a line and I'll pop on as soon as I can. Back!]

FTEC, Friday morning

Friday, June 2nd, 2006 07:52 am
[identity profile] threeweapons.livejournal.com
Alanna opened up the clinic and settled down with a very large cup of coffee. Then she noticed there were patients in the rooms and checked up on them.
[identity profile] goodtrevor.livejournal.com
Trevor made his way into the clinic and checked to make sure there were no patients lingering before he settled behind the front desk.
[identity profile] sexydoctor.livejournal.com
Realizing Allie, even though she'd been released, was in no shape to open the clinic, Christian headed over Saturday morning. He wasn't entirely surprised to find the clinic full of patients. Friday nights tended to be busier than others around here for some reason.

FTEC, Friday

Friday, April 14th, 2006 09:28 am
[identity profile] threeweapons.livejournal.com
Alanna opened up the clinic and sat down behind the desk, apparently deep in thought.

FTEC, Friday Night

Friday, March 24th, 2006 08:16 pm
[identity profile] drlambert.livejournal.com
Expecting a slow evening like the ones preceeding, Natalie sat at the front desk, laptop open, and The Thin Man playing. She wasn't paying it that much attention -- she'd seen it a dozen times before -- but having it on DVD was a nice change. Would have been better in widescreen, she thought, but she would take what she could get. Beside the laptop was another stack of DVDs, an insulated stainless steel mug, and two notebooks. She busily scribbled in a third as, on screen, Nick Charles took aim at the Christmas ornaments with a BB pistol.
[identity profile] janet-fraiser.livejournal.com
Janet came in early for her clinic shift. She'd brought some books to study from, but ended up flipping through a magazine instead.

OOC: Slowplay, guys. Just in case RL hits.
[identity profile] sexydoctor.livejournal.com
The clinic was a mess.

The lobby and hallway were full of crumpled coffee cups and the scent of emo. A few bodies remained huddled against the walls and on benches. Christian quietly checked them and found each person just sleeping, so there hadn't been a coffee Jonestown going on last night.

At least the patient in Exam One seemed much better. Christian examined Angel and found him sleeping peacefully, no fever or chills. So maybe whatever they'd done had worked despite wrecking havoc in the clinic. Careful not to disturb the vampire or the young man passed out in the chair next to him, Christian noted Angel's condition on his chart, then returned to the desk in the lobby, hoping people would wake up soon and clean up this mess.
[identity profile] drlambert.livejournal.com
Natalie arrived at the clinic as close to six as possible, taking great care to keep to the shadows and out of the direct sunlight. There was a busy air about the clinic; the energy and goodwill generated by Janet's 'Chosen One Blood Drive' still lingered, almost palpable. Nat was sure something else was going to happen -- something had to, to save Angel. She could only sit back and wait. In the meantime, she would check up on Angel and settle in with her laptop.

[Posted early due to LJ's incredibly irresponsible timing. To quote Indy (in that really bad Scottish brogue), "How dare they?" Tags will change after some of the carnage has cleared.

Also -- I'll will be at dinner for a bit, so slowplay is the key until after sunset. ;)]

FTEC, Friday

Friday, March 10th, 2006 08:27 am
[identity profile] threeweapons.livejournal.com
Alanna came into the clinic, her scowl down to an almost normal level. She glanced around the clinic, trying not to blink too much and put her bag, with Faithful inside, down on a empty chair. Noting that Angel appeared to be asleep and there was nothing that needed her immediate attention, she made herself comftorable behind the desk, a book in hand.
[identity profile] janet-fraiser.livejournal.com
Janet was in Exam Room 2 at the clinic, prepping to collect blood from any Chosen One who happened to be wandering by. Or who was going to be yanked in by Dean Zordon. Or who was going to be found in any other manner.

Because they would get enough blood to help Angel. Even if Janet had to personally hunt down every single Chosen One at this school herself. Though it really would have been easier if she could just check the library records, damn it.

OOC: Please see the regular clinic post for any medical needs or to visit Angel. Tommy gave me permission to open a separate post just for the blood drive.

Note - I am setting up a separate OOC thread in case you want someone to haul you in for the blood drive. Just ping me in that thread and we'll arrange it.

Wait for the OCD threads! They're up! Go donate blood. ETA: In slowplay, omg, because I'm at work.

ETA: Closed post! We are accepting no more NEW donations after 9:15 CST. Keep those current threads going! There will be a second blood drive post up tomorrow, however.
[identity profile] ladder62.livejournal.com
Tommy was up.

Well, 'up' was a very broad definition involving a great deal of coffee, J,GOB donuts, and Tommy being even grumpier than usual, but he was awake and that's what counted.

FTEC, Tuesday Evening

Tuesday, March 7th, 2006 06:31 pm
[identity profile] drlambert.livejournal.com
Natalie paced before the front desk, Angel's chart beating a steady rhythm against her thigh as she walked, tapping it absently. She filed anxiously at her thumbnail with her teeth and sighed frequently. As horrible as it was to think, things had been easier while Angel was unconscious. She could attend him, research a cure, and not worry about a confrontation. With him conscious, things were a bit different. And she couldn't not attend to a patient. It just wasn't done, especially one in as grave bad shape as he was.

Turning, she returned to the front desk and put the folder back into the rack. It would wait. It shouldn't, but it would have to. Until she knew better what to do.

[Contents of Angel-Natalie conversation NFB.]

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