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It was cold Wednesday morning, which was part of the excuse Wilson used to tuck his arm through Aziraphale's and walk very closely as they made their way down from the house to the clinic. He was sharing warmth with the angel you see...the angel who still didn't have a heavy winter coat.


So, he was being a concerned and attentive mate. Had nothing to do with...general...closeness and snuggling...really.

Upon getting to the clinic, Wilson moved immediately to get caught up on Cally's file. He frowned as he shrugged out of his coat and read the details of her injuries. The attack to the head was disturbingly familiar. Oh, not that he remembered anything about how he aquired his own injury but just the fact that who ever was making these attacks, seemed to be a big fan of headshots.

Checking in on her in the exam room, Wilson was careful to disturb as little as possible as he updated vitals and the like, then he slipped back out to the front desk. Aziraphale had settled himself in an out of the way corner, the coffee was already started by the angel's hand and Wilson gave his lover a grateful smile as he settled behind the front desk to continue the reading he had started last night.
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Natalie arrived on shift to find two guests had arrived over the course of the past few days. She slipped into her labcoat, then did her rounds. A little later, she could be heard muttering a few curses here and there as she attempted to clean up and reorganize the lab.
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Christian settled behind the front desk for his shift.

He may have strategically placed some mistletoe about the clinic.
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Janet was reviewing patient charts, trying to familiarize herself with everyone's medical oddities. Otherwise, well, she was still a little full from this weekend.
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Elliot came into the clinic early and checked on Nadia and Sister Rosette before settling behind the desk with a large mug of coffee and her laptop. She idly played some solitaire, keeping an eye and ear out in case the patients or any visitors needed her.
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Even with Wilson's driving, they were cutting it close.

Well, true neither Blair, River nor Phale had to be anywhere particular but Wilson did have the Saturday evening clinic shift to cover. Parking the BMW, everybody had been packed off with goodie bags full of whatever left overs anyone had wanted to taken with them and Wilson a long, lingering kiss to the angel's lips, Wilson had seperated from the small group with happy waves and headed on in to the clinic, soft sided brief case thrown over his shoulder.

First things, first...he checked for any occupants and then he started coffee to help him get through the night.

A little concerned as he saw that the exam rooms were indeed occupied, Wilson did a discreet check on the inhabitants before taking himself back to the front desk. He didn't want to needlessly disturb anyone who was resting back there.

Turning on a radio station with some warm and cheerful holiday music, Wilson sat back and grinned lopsidedly to himself. Over all, it had been a very pleasent three days away and he'd especially enjoyed having Phale, Blair and River along to enjoy it with him and now it was back to Fandom in all her glory.

Chuckling wryly, Wilson flipped on his laptop and got settled in to work on his paper, in between rounds.
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Alanna and Faithful settled down behind the front desk. There's a chance the girl might even stay awake this morning.

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