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Igor was very disturbed. And a little bit surprised that he was making his way to the clinic instead of abandoning island for somewhere safer. Igors always left once the danger arrived.

But he hadn't.

Never mind. He didn't lisp or do much else like a proper Igor should, either. He just hoped this latest rebellion didn't get him killed. There was no one here to collect his body parts and pass them on.
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Katara was glad to see that Dawn had woken up and left the clinic since she was here on Friday, but it wasn't much better that Dean was here instead.

So she was checking often and trying to make sure that everything possible was going well.
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Natalie sat at the front desk, her shiny new Mister What, Season 2 DVDs beside her laptop. Despite all the fuss, she really enjoyed the new companion, different as she was from the previous ones. She wasn't looking forward to the final two episodes. Thankfully, at her current rate, those wouldn't be up till next week. She would make sure to have Nick over that night to offer moral support.

[Up early by request. I'll be available off and on through the day, and then home this evening.

ETA: Edited because I mixed my meta-phors...]
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Alanna was very suprised to find that there were actually people in the clinic. Faithful...decided the TV made a good bed.
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Armed with coffee and the television remote, Trevor settled in for what he figured would be another quiet evening in the clinic.

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