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So things had somehow worked out that Adah wouldn't be leaving until tomorrow; the semester would be starting oddly in the middle of the week, which worked out well, she supposed. It gave her a chance to do this at least one more time. Most of it would be spent thinking about how much she still had to do, and the other half would be working on taking notes on all the more advanced technology that she'd horribly miss in '63.

[[eta: I don't feel right unless I include that exam room one is probably a little NWS ]]
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Well, she was no longer a bird. That was a good thing, Adah supposed, if it weren't for the fact that it was all terribly disorientating, this switching between different bodies with different balance points, not to mention the change in height and having to reacquaint herself with the possession of opposable thumbs, which, really, she'd never realized how much she'd taken them for granted.

But she was still mad, still irritated, since the only thing she was able to do to let the Eel know she was incredibly annoyed with him was peck at him.

And, in the long run, that was a whole week wasted on being a bird when she should have been using it to get the most out of being here before she had to leave.

Soon. Too soon, way too damn soon, which was why she made sure to come into the clinic that afternoon. Her classes started at Emory next week, so this might actually be her last shift. Her stomach clenched with both nervousness and excitement; she felt a little sick, but she wasn't sure if that had to do with the fact that it seemed to rush in quicker than the current of flooding waters after the rainy season or if it was just that she'd eaten way too many grubs last week.
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When Adah came in for her clinic shift in the afternoon part of the day, she had a brief and fleeting thought of doing something cute like offering cootie shots for all the kids, but then she remembered that she disliked children more than she liked sticking needles into things, which was kind of impressive. So she just settled behind the desk, reading up on childhood psychiatric disorders, because she had a feeling that it wouldn't take long to watch these adults turned children and spot them out, considering what a lot of these children were like as adults.
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There was that feeling in the air as Adah walked to the clinic very early that morning for her day shift, the feeling that, if she believed in Dog, she would pray to him right now for a nice, quiet shift, but wouldn't be in the least bit surprised if she didn't get that nice, quiet shift. She hated mornings like that and, as she settled in behind the desk, was thinking that those were probably among the only occasions she would actually want to be right.

For now, hopefully linear dsDNA genomes theories could help stave off the unsettled feeling.
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It was probably a good indication that Adah's half brain was out to lunch through most of the evening of her shift, after she came in a bit early to relieve the nurses a little of the front desk duty when, even though there were a billion things to study (that she surprisingly hadn't yet), she was mostly spending her time staring at the ceiling and counting all the little holes on it. Then when she finished counting them, she multiplied them, divided them, calculated what they were when taken to the power of the square root of π.

Mmmm. Pie...
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Feeling a little burned out on research, Adah had come to the clinic with books mostly of a literary nature, poetry and the like, telling her industrious and overworking half-brain to take it easy and just enjoy flurries of words for what they were and not try to convert them into formulas or theses or equations.

This lasted for perhaps a decent half hour after Adah arrived and got settled behind the desk of the clinic that morning. And then she started taking notes. She couldn't help it that the clear, concise music of poetry felt like the exact thing she needed to bolster up her proposals, her arguments, her predictions. It certainly didn't help that the main point of her current research, the concept of a soul, a self, a spiritual being was a topic in which the poets she tended to read wrote about often.
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Keeping up what was either tradition or simple the schedule she was used to, Adah come in for the afternoon and evening of her shift at the clinic, letting the nurses fend for themselves that morning. She actually, now that the schedule had been shifted a little, intended in the future to practically live here over the weekend, squeezing in as many hours of practical time working here before she left for school as she could. But this weekend had been busy, delightfully so, and Adah settled in with lots to read and write and contemplate, her little half-brain practically buzzing from working overtime, but she wasn't about to let it quit.
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Adah came in for the day shift, as usual, but her focus and concentration was a little lacking, admittedly. It was a little torturous to know that you had an experiment going on outside and couldn't properly observe and watch it. Still, she had a copious amount of notes from the party last night, and settled in to review and pick them apart, thoughtfully considering the whole process.

It was turning out to be a bit of a personal experiment of her own, really. It was a little amazing, definitely worth research, to consider that, in a single weekend, a man of many parts and his giant machine, had done what her father had continually tried to do for eighteen years and failed miserably the whole time: convince his blasphemous, atheist, crooked daughter that, perhaps, there might be such a thing as a soul.
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Since she hardly doubted she'd be lucky enough to have two shifts in a row as...interesting as yesterdays, Adah just settled in to get a lot of reading done. Which, actually, to a certain degree, she didn't mind in the slightest.
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If Adah was late in opening the clinic today...well, it wasn't like she felt she really needed to justify her tardiness with an excuse. She just took it for what it was, settled down behind the front desk, and went to her tasks of researching and pondering various aspects of medical science and the Meaning of Life, which she one day really did expect to find in the nucleus of a flesh eating microbe.
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After a supremely quiet although interesting (and therefor arguably perfect) morning, Adah spent a little time in her room before heading over to her evening shift at the clinic. The rabbit and the Emory course book came with her, but both were roundly ignored for the sake of a microscope. She supposed that most people would have been sick of observing if they'd have done it all morning, but Adah, for the most part, considered it merely a warm-up.
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Igor was searching the clinic. He'd brought Scraps with him, and the dog was busily sniffing his way around the waiting area and the various exam rooms.

One would almost think Igor had lost something.
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Adah found it a little difficult to focus on her work today, sending rueful and annoyed glances out toward the windows of the clinic lobby. There was the usual research, of course, but she'd also brought her coursebooks from Emory with her to try whittling out a schedule again. So many basics classes that would be a waste of her time. Well, she'd simply have to test out of them. The only question there, then, was when?
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Figuring that Igor was making some progress with his work on the experiment, Adah had brought Pride into the clinic with her, to do a few rudimentary observations and explorations of the poor rabbit so that they would not be wanting for any basic control information. He was a little tentative to receive the examination at first but, after a while, he settled, realizing that, out of all the things that Adah had tried to do to him, this general check-up was nothing.
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Things seemed nice and quiet when Adah, still (unnecessarily) bandages, although she had noticed 'progress' in her 'injuries,' came in for her shift at the clinic, and she very much intended to keep it that way, settling in to read through a few new journal and do her usual stats on her specimens. Not that Adah ever intended to be loud, but she did occasionally hope for excitement in the place. Just none like last week, although she had her worries, seeing as there was the event of a wedding in town, one of people known to be rather armed more often than not. Events seemed like a poorly sterilized petri dish: breeding grounds for trouble.

She was feeling vaguely optimistic for a change, though, albeit mostly because it served her own interests.
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Katara was a little surprised - and happy - there weren't more people in the clinic.  Somehow she'd expected more after watching some of the people fight Hades, but then most of them were dumb and didn't get anyone to check them out.  She may have been making a mental note of who to scold later.
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Millie was very sad to see so many people in the clinic after the events of the weekend. However, she was happy to have been able to help then and now.
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When Doogie heard Hades' announcement, he'd thought about leaving, just for a minute. Then he thought about what the people on the island liked to do when they were threatened, and realized that he might be needed here. He was disappointed to find that the clinic already had one patient, but was relieved too, to see that there weren't more.
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Igor was very disturbed. And a little bit surprised that he was making his way to the clinic instead of abandoning island for somewhere safer. Igors always left once the danger arrived.

But he hadn't.

Never mind. He didn't lisp or do much else like a proper Igor should, either. He just hoped this latest rebellion didn't get him killed. There was no one here to collect his body parts and pass them on.
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Mvufu. Owl. Adah thought it with a shiver as she stepped into the clinic and had to pause at the door to recover a little from what she'd experienced with one of those ghost-like figured on the way over here. The rattling chill it left in her stuck to her with a strange emptiness, leaving her without breath and desperately thinking they needed a few owls. In Kilanga, an owl was good for only one thing, and that was consuming the souls of the dead. There seemed to be a little bit of an excess of that at the moment.

It was as she attempted to recover from the spreading cold void that her eyes shifted up at the sound of the announcement, and she blinked. It would figure; she gets to the clinic early for work, only to discover that her punctuality served as a bit of her sentence. At the same time...with what she experienced in the dawn's light... Someone here might be needed. Perhaps, in the course of her shift, whatever was going on out there would just blow over...'

Shuddering again, she limped toward the desk, had a seat, and wondered if she could be patient enough to wait it out.
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The storms outside were gorgeous, breath-taking, besting even some of the most brilliantly violent Kilanga ones that Adah remembered, and her plan was to sit outside and enjoy them. Eventually. There were a few things she had to do first. One of them included taking what might perhaps be her last recordings on her specimens, and she didn't mind at all being in the clinic for this. If the volcano did explode while she was bent over her microscope, well, then...She couldn't think of any other way she'd prefer to die than doing that, especially if her theory on Fandom becoming the next Pompeii turned out to be true. Archaeologists in several hundred years would find her petrified corpse exactly like that. Perfect.

The other thing she had to do before giving up the front desk to watch the storms involved the single cupcake that she'd picked up from J,GoB on the way here. Vanilla confetti style cake with a dark chocolate icing, two candles plunged down into it. If the volcano exploded, Adah certainly hoped it did it tonight; the even balance of dying on the same day you were born was almost as perfect as being petrified in an action of viral research. Bending over the cupcake as the two flames burned brightly, it did not pass Adah's notice that this was the first time she had ever celebrated her birthday without Leah. The first time in eighteen years that she was without her other half, her villain, her twin, without the only person who shared a blood relation with her that she might possibly be convinced to say that she loved. She didn't even know if Leah was still alive to be celebrating her eighteenth birthday today, too...

It also did not slip Adah's notice that today was Father's Day, as well, but she certainly would not be celebrating that, Commandments be damned. She just thought it was interesting that it would all fall into place that these three things would come to be celebrated on the same day: two lost to the jungle, one of love and one of hate, and one lost to time.

She drew in a breath, closed her eyes, and blew out one of the candles. She'd either let the other one burn to a puddle of wax or hope that, eventually, the wind would blow it out in Leah's absence.
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Igor had given the volcano and the resulting ash a very dubious look as he walked to the clinic. The whole thing reminded him of flaming torches on a ridiculously large scale.

He'd be keeping a close eye out for villagers with pitchforks, just in case.
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Limping into the clinic today with her eyes following a trail of smoke breaking through the hazy sky was not exactly something to keep Adah from being a bit on edge. She would like to assume that Fandom had a bit more of the knowledge and technology to manage to evacuated the place if they felt that it was any direct threat; she reminded herself that chaos and impending danger would likely be better handled here than in the middle of the Congo. But she couldn't be sure, and escaping had never been her strong suit.

Luckily, she was able to pull up some information on what to do in the case of a volcano explosion. Some of it was helpful. Some of it was not. All of it was entertaining.
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In an effort to maintain the sort of locational theme that had started with Milton, Adah was discovering Vonnegut, to help pass the time on her evening. She had to admit, while she knew she enjoyed being in the future for the insight into medical and technological advances that she could delicately manipulate to her advantage once she got back home, she also loved it for the literature. The story itself, and the style it was told, she found to be vaguely entertaining; what interested her, though, was the claim that the weight and complexity of the human brain was actually leading to their downfall. It was a theory she liked; it supported her own theory that her half-brain was precisely what made her, ultimately, superior to those around her. Half-brain, half-way point, between the giantic brains that made people do the things that cause their eventual downfalls, and the evolutionary dolphins that the book proposed awaited. It explained away why she always felt more reasonable than those around her, more inclined away from the emotional. Why she rarely cried, why food was more sustenance than pleasure, why she was always reluctant to love but never reluctant to copulate.

She snorted slightly, flipping a page. Half-brains. The hottest trend of the evolutionary future. Next step, sea lions, and then perhaps dolphins, essentially, which made the scene on the beach the other day incredibly amusing, even more so than it had been when she'd been watching it.
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Igor was sketching an elaborate and complicated schematic on a very large piece of white paper, tongue poking out of the corner of his mouth in concentration.

It was quite a sight.

Scraps was chewing on a rubber ball in the corner of the waiting room, tails thumping on the floor as he watched Igor. Yes, tails. Igor had given him a new one this week. Best not ask where he got it.
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Adah settled in at the desk with a few choice reading materials, mostly to brush up on her neurology; she expected a slow and perhaps even boring day, and would be mostly okay with that. It was rather what she had been coming to expect, and she did get a lot of reading done. Still, her mood was good, despite the obscenely nice weather.
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If Adah had been late to her shift this evening, it was only due to an incident that involved Pride, a thistle bush, and a shockingly hostile squirrel. She was still picking burrs out of her hair well after she'd settled behind the desk with her research.
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Igor had been pelted with candy teeth as he made his way to the clinic.

He was currently dissecting them. It's best not to ask why.
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Adah settled at the desk of the clinic that morning with a few new medical journals and a rabbit curled up between two piles of paper; she brought Pride with her because Saturdays were usually boring, he was entirely hygienic, and he didn't do much but sleep on Saturdays, anyway. She set to the task of research as rigerously as usual, vaguely hoping that someone, anyone, would come in and comment about the candy rain if only so she could mention how kids in Kilanga ate roasted grubs and beetles for candy.

And they really weren't that bad. Sweet, slightly gooey, but much more protein and vitamins than a Mallowmar.
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Coming in for her evening shift, Adah discovered no other facial features with limbs grafted on them, no ears with arms or lips with tails, so she settled behind the desk to study the same usual viruses and bacterium. Yawn.

Although it was interesting to flip through yesterday's notes and spot out what didn't even make sense to her now, although she figured it had made sense somehow yesterday.
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Igor trundled into the clinic, a bag of noses over his shoulder. Already their kicks were starting to slow. "Ah well, they were never made to last," he muttered as he settled in for his shift.

Scraps barked in agreement and started sniffing his away around the clinic. Noses had been here, and he could smell them.

[ooc: And any noses still out in the world will stop moving by nightfall!]
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Surprisingly, the phenomenon of bipedal proboscises grew rather boring after a shockingly short while, even after Adah had finally convinced one of the nurses to snag one up for her and she could do a little bit of dissecting and research to see if there was any logical rhyme or reason on why anyone would bother splicing these particular tissues together to this specific cause.


This is just silly.

It started to get a little annoying after a while to realize that a bunch of noses were more mobile than she was. They avoided her easily after the first few dissections, but that didn't mean Adah still couldn't attempt to fire antihistamine pills at them from the front desk.
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So, the pony debacle had thankfully proven to be just a daily thing. This lead to a rare instance where Adah, settled behind the front desk of the clinic again with her journals and notebooks, was actually somewhat contented with the world.

The nurses were a little frightened.
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There was, in the clinic today, a very displeased pony. Displeased, disgruntled, deltnurgsid, desaelpsid. Not only was it extremely difficult to do research as a pony, but it was nearly impossible to hold a scalpel. Not that Adah wasn't trying, of course. It was in her effort to see if she could manage to master a precision cut that she noticed another glimpse at her pony reflection in a pane of glass and the little double helix DNA strand emboldened on her butt. She gave a little pony sigh and trotted over for a better look, a closer inspection, and then shook her pony head.

"I knew it. The strand is exactly the genetic chromosome with the defect for hemiplegia," she muttered around her scalpel. "Bastards."

She will never, ever, ever say that she was bored around this place ever again.
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After settling settled a little in the senior cabin (which Adah was thinking would be nice, as those cabins were going to make moving around infinitely easier for her), she settled at the front desk with some reason on genetics. Through her researching, she was jotting a few things down, intent on making up some little genome puzzles with which to potentially impress Dr. Suresh at his workshop.
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In all honesty, Adah wasn't sure if she should expect a typical quiet Saturday shift, or if she should expect to not get a single moment's peace from all the newbies likely doing stupid things and needing attention. She was prepared either way, having plenty of coffee (why she ever started drinking that over tea was really beyond her) as well as her list, from yesterday, the one she composed of blithe and idle observations on physical and habitual details of all the people at the picnic (well, not all. Just the interesting ones) and the supposed ailment and injuries that they might at one point incur. She made a chart, one that she could fill in as time went on, if and when these assumptions came to be truth.
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Adah wondered if perhaps she should feel just a bit bad about having just sent the twins off to entertain themselves, but, hey. They were clearly smart kids and it wasn't like there was traffic that they might accidentally play in. Or lions and snakes, for that matter, so, already, she considered herself a better parent than her parents, since they didn't seem to have too much of an issue with letting their children play in the jungle, let alone on a restricted island with lots of actually trustworthy and responsible other people on it.

So she just settled in behind the front desk, sighed deeply, and closed her eyes to enjoy just a bit more time to herself before they inevitably got tired of their ice cream and came back to find her here. Maybe she could think of little things to make them do around the clinic once they returned, too.

And then maybe she could figure out what the hell it meant when Emily had been surprised that Adah limped.
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Yawning slightly, Adah had only slight regrets from taking the long way around to the clinic today, considering how loud commotions, somehow louder than last night's events, ever coming from the park and she was feeling pretty wont to stay clear. So she settled behind the desk with another yawn, another cup of tea that made her wonder if it was still unfortunately decaffeinated, and settled to work, confident that whatever the commotion was, it would pass her by and it would be absolutely free of anything to interrupt her.

((Mmm. Irony.))
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With a slight sigh, Adah settled behind the front desk of the clinic and looked at the studying materials she had brought with her. The plan was to spend the evening glancing over her material for her maths exam tomorrow, but she wondered if she'd be able to focus on it. She was thinking about that summer internship at Emory, about how she still hadn't received her acceptance, and about how part of her (a ridiculous part, no doubt) was not exactly looking forward to it.
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Adah Price had a date last night. This morning, the world was still in tact.

Huh. Imagine that.

Settling in behind the front desk of the clinic with her research, Adah was feeling almost disappointed. Almost.
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Adah's day was practically almost made as she, her heart practically lodged in her chest from excitement, thought she saw a dramatic change in one of her research samples, but, as quickly as her heart jumped up, it came crashing back down into the gastrointestinal fluids of her stomach. It hadn't been a significant bacterial breakdown in the components; one of the nurses had just seemed to have accidentally smeared some peanut butter on the surface of the petri dish.

Annoyed with the disappointment, Adah decided that she'd had enough practical research for the weekend and just settled in to read up on Streptococcus pneumococcus.
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Adah was feeling quite contented to come into the clinic today, settle behind the main desk with her research and a cup of tea, and work quietly through her shift

She'd also feel pretty contented if something exciting were to happen that allowed her to get to complain about not getting to touch her research until tomorrow.

So, really, it was a rare occasion where Adah didn't have a strong, determinant will toward one situation or the other.
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Adah settled in behind the desk of the clinic for what she hoped and assumed would be another quiet shift with just her and her research, carefully mapping out a plan for what she might be able to do to assist it along while she was spending all that time on a bus on her way home to visit her mother this week.

She was also trying to figure out what the most convenient way (if there was a convenient way) for a crippled girl to be traveling by bus with eight rabbits would be.
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It would never cease to amaze Adah; one usually considered rabbits such quiet creatures. Until they had one. And then they somehow had eight and...

Well, Adah was incredibly grateful for the quiet humming of equipment in the clinic when she got there. Incredibly, settled behind the desk and hoping that missing last weekend for being six and unable to climb stairs didn't alter her samples too much to ruin her research thus far.
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Thankfully, Edgar seemed to have no problem with sleeping through most of the trip and the start of Adah's shift at the clinic, where she settled the robotic baby in her lap as she working on updating her research samples. However, of course, a sleeping baby was a rare gift. Too rare, as Adah felt a sharp tug, becoming all too familiar, at her hair, followed by a bubbling giggle, and she knew the girl was up. So she resolved to distract Edgar from her hair by showing her all the bacterias and molds and organisms in her petri dishes, which were perfectly self-contained and sealed, and therefor very, very safe.
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There had been a warning against potential tampering on the fake, robotic spawn, and that stayed Adah's hand a moment, but, eventually, she felt she could defend herself well enough against it and gave the baby girl Edgar a typical check-up for a child her age, although she naturally just went through the motions of having her get the proper vaccines. Even with just the motions, Edgar had cried, a lot, but Adah did what she could to soothe the trauma with more colorful cartoon Band-Aids than was necessary and then conceded to talking to the child, telling her stories.

Well, okay, not so much stories. Edgar and Adah were going through a book of microscope photographs of viruses, bacteria, and diseases. "This," she said with a small glance at the wide eyed droid, "is Mononegavirales Rhabdoviridae Lyssavirus, better known as rabies. It can from two weeks to two years to incubate inside your body and start effecting you, and, when it does, it starts out with just a little cold, flu-like symptoms, but then, it can cause you to become paralyzed in certain areas, just like mama, or cerebral dysfunction, anxiety, insomnia, confusion, agitation, paranoia, terror, hallucinations, progressing to delirium. It produces an excess of saliva and tears that you can't control and can sometimes choke you to death or you begin to foam at the mouth because all that saliva builds up and it pools in your jaw and starts spilling out."

The baby made a small, confused sort of gurgling sound. Adah nodded.

"I know. Ick. But don't worry, most people are said to die from it within ten days if left untreated."

She could only think that Karal might look askance at her introducing the product of their supposed lust to the gruesome details of virology so early in life, but she figured that, based on what she knew of holy men with children from personal experience, it was nowhere near as bad as the drivel he was probably telling her. Besides, it helped pass the time until he came to pick her up again.
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Well, apparently, the limped path to the clinic would be clear of expected danger, so Adah found herself without a good excuse on skipping out of her shift today. All for the better, she supposed; it would muck up her research to skip a week of observance on her samples, after all.
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Adah felt slightly bad for leaving the rabbit outside the clinic today, she had to admit, but not as bad as she would thinking about what sort of things Bob would chew to pieces if she'd left her in her room. She'd have to get a cage or something for the damn furrball, assuming it didn't hop off to the woods and leave her alone. It put to mind Methuselah, but the forced suggestion of freedom for the rabbit had none of the ceremony and destruction of the freedom for the parrot, encouraged by her father's anger. No calls of Wake up, Brother Fowles! or Piss off, Methuselah or Shut the door, Sister! God is great! to mark the success of failure of the experimental freedom. Adah actually found that the silence outside was unsettling as she tried to focus on her research. At least, with Methuselah, they could judge whether or not they would walk out of the hut to a pile of bones and feathers by any sudden drops in his irreverent conversations with himself. Bob's silence outside was telling her absolutely nothing. It was a distracting silence, and so she actually had turned on one of the televisions in the clinic to keep herself from going mad.

She put it on one of those channels that no one watched with televangelists trying to get you to donate money. It seemed appropriate, as far as the situation could be considered. Shut the door, Sister! Piss off!
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Considering that Adah had managed to get rid of a roommate and a rabbit all in one day, she was feeling pretty accomplished when she finally limped into clinic for her shift, fashionably late, but still early enough to made her boggle a bit at how accomplished she'd been already today. She hoped to continue the trend in the mindset that she'll have a boring day and could work very hard on her sample research. Dish D was growing a very fascinating mold; if you held it a certain way, she would swear you could see a doggie in it. Or maybe an elephant. It was hard to tell.
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The thing with having a patient in the clinic was that it left Adah without nearly as much time to work on her research and her samples, which was why, coming in for her shift that evening, she was glad to see that there definitely wasn't one there anymore. It would give her time to catch up. He had talked too much anyway, but the same could be said for almost anyone.

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