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After spending a mandatory quiet day resting back at the duplex, Aziraphale had bundled Wilson up, pointedly ignoring the young doctor's queary about his own winter coat and the pair had headed down to the clinic to over see the night shift. The angel promised to go out and grab them some dinner but in the meantime they had a thermos of tea and some fresh baked cookies to snack on as they sat through Wilson's shift.

Once down at the clinic, Wilson settled behind the front desk with his laptop and his notes for his next Conflict Management and Resolution class, while Phale settled into a chair with a nice fat crossword puzzle. Big Band Swing music played over the radio and both men hummed along, content in their companionable quiet for the night.

[ooc: Aziraphale modded with permission. Clinic is open!]
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The coming winter made Natalie feel, well, alive. She could feel the cold, and could sense the approaching darkness; she was enjoying every moment of the evenings as night grew longer. It meant she had greater freedom to move around. It also meant that Halloween was close around the corner. She wondered what, if anything, this town did to celebrate the oncoming holiday.

Entering the clinic, she went through her usual set up, checking the charts for updates on Zuko. She would make time to peek in on him shortly.

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