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Millie was happy to regale the nurses or anyone else who might stop in with tales of her weekend spent with the real Millie - from the Millie books she'd named herself after.

Oh, and she'd be happy to deal with any injuries or problems anyone might have, too.
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With the zombies gone, Martha hoped that there wouldn't be any new patients in the clinic today. She was perfectly content to finish taking care of the ones who were already there.

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Okay, so yes, she’d heard radio (had been certain to listen to it, in fact) and knew already that Tyler-sensei had been to the clinic like she’d ordered him to be. This did not stop her from making her very first order of business when she got in checking up on the paperwork to make sure he really had been in and radio hadn’t been lying.

Smugly pleased that he’d listened to her (and, really, in Ino’s opinion, more people ought to listen to her) she settled down to read her medical textbooks and vaguely contemplate... stuff.

Yes. Stuff.

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