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Dr. McNinja had the feeling that his life was in the hands of different gods this week...

How silly.

He's here for your medical needs.

[OOC: Slowplay extremely possible]
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Dr. McNinja isn't in the lobby. This doesn't mean he isn't right behind you.
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Dr. McNinja. What else is there to say?
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Dr. McNinja is having a light Hot Pocket dinner. How the hell he gets the food past the mask is anybody's guess, but he does.

He's here for all your healing needs.
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Finally! Patients! Dr. McNinja was excited to get some Hippocratic-Oath-fu in.

[OOC: I'm a little fuzzy on who's supposed to still be here, so help me out if I put you in the clinic when you're not there or if I don't put you in the clinic when you are]
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Dr. McNinja was investigating the nooks and crannies of the lobby, plotting how to use the idiosyncrasies of design to his advantage in battle. He wasn't anticipating a full-on confrontation of ninja vs. evil, but it usually happened anyway.

He's here to treat your sexy wounds.
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The clinic was quiet. Christian wasn't sleeping, he was just deep in concentration.

[Same as all week, frakking flowers own my soul, may be periods of slow play.]
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The clinic was open and quiet, and Christian was reading pr0n. In otherwords, everything was normal.

[I am in Valentine's Day hell. May be periods of slowplay.]

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