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It was a little early for decorations, as far as Martha was concerned, but she couldn't just ignore the little trees that had sprung up all over the clinic. She was drawing the line at Christmas music though, even if that did possibly mean tempting the fates of the island.

[The OCD is Christmas shopping!]
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Katara wasn't really paying so much attention to the clinic tonight.  Instead she was very, very, very excited about being back on the South Pole.

There were glaciers in the ocean like there should be...maybe there were penguins too!
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When Doogie heard Hades' announcement, he'd thought about leaving, just for a minute. Then he thought about what the people on the island liked to do when they were threatened, and realized that he might be needed here. He was disappointed to find that the clinic already had one patient, but was relieved too, to see that there weren't more.
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Ronan frowned at the fact that there were patients in the clinic, frowned a little more at the fact that they were in comas -- but there didn't seem to be anything he could do, so he simply tried to make sure that they were at least comfortable, as much as he could, and moved back out to the front desk.
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Wilson came into the clinic and was informed of the coma patients.

Flipping through their charts, he made a note and told her to let him know if there were any changes.
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Wyatt arrived for his shift at the clinic and found two patients in Mysterious Unexplained Comas. He checked to make sure the patients were comfortable, but didn't try to heal either of them. He'd learned that if Fandom wanted you in a coma, you were going to stay in that coma.
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Christian opened up the clinic and sat behind the desk with the latest issue of Maxim, hoping for a short, quiet day.
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Christian was annoyed that his pineapple juice seemed to be missing now. He may have considered laying a trap for the thief.

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