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The island had been invaded by dinosaurs and having to avoid being eaten on his way into the clinic had done nothing to improve Stark's mood. He much preferred Molly's friend's dinosaur from last week, who hadn't thought he was dinner. Luckily, if there was one skill Stark had mastered in the years before coming to Fandom, it was running away and he had made it there safely for his shift.

Seeing the number of people that had already been in for treatment, he groaned. And perhaps flailed a bit before getting settled in for what looked to be a long sort of night.

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Doogie was very pleased to see that there were no students in the clinic when he came in for his shift. It wasn't that he didn't feel bad seeing other residents come in, but he figured that the adults and the people living in town were capable of taking care of themselves - the fact that they managed to survive living here at all was growing proof of that.

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Elliot did a quick set of rounds -- and was happy to see Ami Mizuno was finally awake -- made sure everything in the clinic seemed to be in order, and then settled in behind the desk with a large coffee and a crossword puzzle, which she was completing in ink.

The clinic was open.
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After a night spent picking stray bits of kelp the storm had blown in out of her collections of medical journals and stuffed animals, Elliot took a long, long long shower. Satisfied she no longer smelled fishy, she went to open the clinic.

Which also smelled a little fishy, actually. She checked in on Liz and Ami and then got busy with some Lysol. The clinic was open and fairly dry.
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Christian made a check of the patients when he arrived in the clinic that morning. A feedting tube and catheter had been added to Ami's IV since she wasn't showing any signs of awakening any time soon.

For no apparent reason he started thinking of Ava Moore and how she had seduced his son Matt. He wondered why that had popped into his mind.
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Elliot was hoping for another quiet day as she rushed from the airport to open the clinic. She could use some time to think over her fellowship interviews and write the 43 thank you notes she was pretty sure she owed.

She checked the exam rooms and saw the dream of a quiet day was not to be. Well, at least she wouldn't be bored. "Alien abduction victims," she muttered. "Wonder if we'll get Elvis next week."

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After checking on the patients in the Clinardis, Christian settled at the front desk, hoping for a quiet day.

FTEC, Thursday morning

Thursday, March 1st, 2007 12:45 am
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Alanna was in the clinic. After checking up on people still left behind, she sat down to doodle write. Faithful was watching television.
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Natalie made her way over to the desk, looking over the notes for the past few days, and was surprised. Had she missed an invasion? She didn't think so; she would have heard the commotion. Giving the patient charts a good once-over, she headed for the rooms to check on them. Nat couldn't help but wonder what it was these kids kept getting into...

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Wilson was there first thing in the morning, frowning as he heard about the flurry of activity and about Lana still being in the clinic.

He wanted to check on her but as soon as he got caught up on things, his phone started to ring demanding his attention.

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The clinic was still fairly quiet, so Doogie was taking the time to get more familiar with where everything was. As he looked through the folders at the front desk, he found one hidden under a stack of papers, marked "Dr. Goodchild's Anatomy Journals."

Funny, he'd never seen medical journals that were so...visual.
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Christian opened up the clinic and checked on Dr. Wilson. The finger reattachment was amazing. If it wasn't in the charts, he wouldn't have believed it had been severed. It must've been a magical job, since there was no signs of surgery. Christian may have felt a tiny stirring of jealousy. That kind of power could put him out of a job.
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After two nights sleeping sitting up in Efferton Manor, Elliot's bed felt like heaven. But she couldn't stay in it too long; she had to get back to the clinic to relieve Stark. After just a few hours rest, she made it back to the clinic and started flipping through charts to see which patients had stayed the night. It seemed like there were a lot of them.

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Stark hadn't exactly been looking forward to coming into town when the island was overrun by big scary things. But he was supposed to be at the clinic on Sundays and so at the clinic he was. After arriving, he'd flailed more than a little bit at the number of people in the clinic. Flailing under control, he was now ready to deal with things. Hopefully.

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Wilson was covering a yawn and carrying a quad shot latte in one hand, brief case in the other as he opened the clinic for the day.

He might have had a very small, white downey feather still stuck in his dark hair...or maybe it was a trick of the light. Regardless, Wilson checked on any patients who remained in the clinic, started a pot of coffee and then settled down at the front desk to finish up the final edit of the paper he was submitting at the end of the week.
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Natalie arrived on shift to find two guests had arrived over the course of the past few days. She slipped into her labcoat, then did her rounds. A little later, she could be heard muttering a few curses here and there as she attempted to clean up and reorganize the lab.
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Christian settled behind the front desk for his shift.

He may have strategically placed some mistletoe about the clinic.
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Janet was reviewing patient charts, trying to familiarize herself with everyone's medical oddities. Otherwise, well, she was still a little full from this weekend.

FTEC, Tuesday Night

Tuesday, July 18th, 2006 07:57 pm
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Natalie arrived at the clinic, wearing a sleevless top and slacks. The sweltering heat didn't bother her so much, but she did need to maintain the illusion that it did. And, even if she wasn't sweating, it was hot enough that even she noticed.

The weekend previous had been unusual. Vampires don't get laryngitis, so she knew immediately that some "Fandom wierdness" had to be taking affect. Rumors were now filtering back of exactly what happened. She shouldn't have been surprised, really. She had, after all, dealt with vampires and demonic posession already. Why shouldn't she believe in demons or ghosts, stealing voices and trying to kill people?

Shaking her head, she slipped into her lab coat and crossed to the front desk. She then checked the log book for the weekend to bring herself up to date and settled in for her shift.
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Paying no heed to the newly posted rules, Granny set up her cauldron again. This time she was brewing something in particular - a little potion that helped gentlemen when they had trouble rising to the occasion. Perhaps Mr. Gavin was in need of a little personal assistance.

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Jack comes in and sets up his things, homework, radio, mini-tv, and a few notebooks. He was hoping to have a slow night and be able to get some homework done before tomorrow. And to avoid Cuddy like the plague.

Jack clicked on the radio and cracked open a book.

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