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Natalie made her way over to the desk, looking over the notes for the past few days, and was surprised. Had she missed an invasion? She didn't think so; she would have heard the commotion. Giving the patient charts a good once-over, she headed for the rooms to check on them. Nat couldn't help but wonder what it was these kids kept getting into...

[Room threads will be up in just a sec. Room threads are up. Mun will be AFK from 9 - 10 PM, ET, but back to serve your medical needs afterwards.]
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Janet stumbling into the clinic, travel mug of coffee almost spilling, hoping no one noticed that she was late
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Christian settled behind the front desk for his shift.

He may have strategically placed some mistletoe about the clinic.
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Janet was in Exam Room 2 at the clinic, prepping to collect blood from any Chosen One who happened to be wandering by. Or who was going to be yanked in by Dean Zordon. Or who was going to be found in any other manner.

Because they would get enough blood to help Angel. Even if Janet had to personally hunt down every single Chosen One at this school herself. Though it really would have been easier if she could just check the library records, damn it.

OOC: Please see the regular clinic post for any medical needs or to visit Angel. Tommy gave me permission to open a separate post just for the blood drive.

Note - I am setting up a separate OOC thread in case you want someone to haul you in for the blood drive. Just ping me in that thread and we'll arrange it.

Wait for the OCD threads! They're up! Go donate blood. ETA: In slowplay, omg, because I'm at work.

ETA: Closed post! We are accepting no more NEW donations after 9:15 CST. Keep those current threads going! There will be a second blood drive post up tomorrow, however.

FTEC, Tuesday Evening

Tuesday, March 7th, 2006 06:31 pm
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Natalie paced before the front desk, Angel's chart beating a steady rhythm against her thigh as she walked, tapping it absently. She filed anxiously at her thumbnail with her teeth and sighed frequently. As horrible as it was to think, things had been easier while Angel was unconscious. She could attend him, research a cure, and not worry about a confrontation. With him conscious, things were a bit different. And she couldn't not attend to a patient. It just wasn't done, especially one in as grave bad shape as he was.

Turning, she returned to the front desk and put the folder back into the rack. It would wait. It shouldn't, but it would have to. Until she knew better what to do.

[Contents of Angel-Natalie conversation NFB.]
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Natalie arrived to find the clinic still standing, though the new "rules" posted on the message board seems to indicate there was trouble. Well, that and the ruins of the television still sitting outside where the garbage men have refused to take it to the dump.

Flopping down into her chair, she stopped. Sitting on her desk is the blue mug she drank out of last time she was at the clinic. Had she really forgotten it? "Have to be more careful that that, Nat," she muttered, standing. She took the cup to one of the laboratory sinks and washed it thoroughly, making sure there was no residue of bovine left in the sink. Maybe she really was going to have to learn to drink coffee again; she couldn't afford to be caught "snacking." Upending the cup on a paper towel, she began unpacking her things. Within another few moments, she was busily tapping away at the keyboard.
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By 6:30, Natalie has taken the watch from Alanna, and is settled in to her desk, scrolling through a few professional websites. She also has open her instant messenger window, personal webmail, and LiveJournal a blogging site. Her book is laying to the right, still covered in brown paper, and to the left is a spiral-bound notebook with an ink pen clipped to the wire binding. A dark blue coffee mug rests just past the portable wireless mouse. She occasionally sips from it as she reads.

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