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Lisa runs around between patients, and stands in the middle of the room to shout.

"Hey guys, everyone who is leaving, can you just sign this sheet before you go? Thank you!"

Then she scurries off to see if Max is trying to find more drugs when she isn't paying attention.
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Lisa opens the clinic, immediately refreshes the condom supply outside the door (typical), and goes back to the fridge to check on the gremlin in there. It doesn't appear to have moved, but she pokes it just in case.

"Gremlin? Gremmmmmlin? Hello?"

Satisfied, she puts it back in the fridge and grabs a few signs she made out of her bag.

Free Vaccinations at the Clinic today.
Rabies, The Plague, Meningitis, The Clap, you name it.

Several vaccinations are still in testing periods. The Clinic claims no responsibility for any side effects that may occur.

She sticks one to the outer door, and several around the campus right outside the clinic. Coming back inside to wait, she flips on House's mini-tv to catch the Fandom weather report.

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