FTEC, Saturday, July 8

Saturday, July 8th, 2006 03:04 pm
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Christian dropped by the clinic to pick up some paperwork and noticed no one had opened it yet. Having nothing better to do, he unlocked the doors and settled in to wait for any patients.

[ooc: I'm busy unpacking so major SP here.]
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After arriving at the clinic for his usual shift, Stark took a long moment to stare at what appeared to be a statue of one of his classmates and her cat. Then he shrugged, decided once again that Fandom was a very strange place, and sat down at the desk to watch some TV.
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"What in the caramel chocolate Christ is it with these God damn tiny rabbits?" Tommy asked when he came in for his clinic duty. He tried to kick them but only got wee tiny hugs on his shoes in return. "If I find out which one of those God damn high school kids brought them in here I will pull their lower lips up over their face."

The wee tiny bunnies ignored him and continued hugging his shoes.

Tommy sighed and started his shift.

[ooc: OCD threads on their God damn way up. If you're here to visit a patient, consider yourself handwaved in. Tommy's player is a mite busy tonight so can only do FTEC stuff. He'll be available for general hanging out and shooting the breeze purposes on another night.]

FTEC, Friday

Friday, April 7th, 2006 07:26 am
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Alanna opened up the clinic and checked up on all the various patients. After checking Anakin out and doing her best not to snicker too loudly in his hearing, Alanna settled behind the desk and hoped no one else got hurt today.
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Christian was surprised to find the clinic full of patients when he arrived Thursday morning. Lilly was still unconscious, and there was a male stabbing victim and a female patient with severe burns as well. What the hell went on in this town last night?

FTEC, Wednesday Night

Wednesday, April 5th, 2006 08:17 pm
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Natalie brought in her stainless steel cup again, and would work her way through the contents during the shift. It was wonderful to have coffee back in her diet -- even in such small amounts. Wrapping her stethoscope around her neck, she settled in at the front desk for a few minutes before heading into the lab.

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