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Christian decided to work in the clinic tonight. He might have been hoping for a quiet night and an eager nurse, but that remained to be seen.
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Doogie was at the front desk, looking over his Christmas list, and making sure he hadn't forgotten to buy presents for anyone. Every once in a short while, he went in to check on Willow, to see if her condition was getting any better.
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After seeing Aziraphale off Wilson made his way down to the clinic.

He really wasn't in too much of a social mood, an attitude that didn't get much better when he learned that Willow was still there and still unresponsive. Checking up on her status with the night duty nurse, Wilson made a couple notes on the chart and then disappeared into the unused exam rooms to clean them thoroughly from top to bottom.
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The clinic had been open all day. Really. Christian had been at the front desk the whole time.

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Christian was tired from a late night of partying and was napping in one of the exam rooms. There was a sign at the front desk: Please ring bell for service.

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Doogie was very pleased to see all the Christmas decorations that had been set up, although he was a little weirded out by the sheer amount of mistletoe everywhere. He may have been trying to avoid standing underneath any of it for too long.
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The nurses had gone overboard decorating the clinic for the holidays. Christian, of course, supervised the placement of the mistletoe. Those entering the clinic beware, it was everywhere.
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Ronan frowned when he was that Willow was in the clinic, but after checking her chart and her vitals, figured that the best thing would probably be for her to come out of it on her own. Also, no immediate solutions came to mind, which meant that wizardly healing probably wasn't the way to go as the Manual tended to offer up solutions only when they were the solution.

That still didn't make him happy, nor did the voicemail from Isabel canceling their standing date.
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Wilson was not too happy to come in this morning and learn about Willow's injury and the fact that she was still unconscious.

Though one would think he'd be used to comas about now it still made him frustrated when they lingered for days. After checking in on Willow, Wilson went to make coffee and review some of the other injuries reported so far this week.
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Wyatt reported for clinic duty, though he'd much rather have been out with Excalibur, vampire hunting. He checked on Willow and tried to heal her, but he couldn't wake her. His healing powers still weren't working, and he wasn't sure they'd ever come back now. This made for an unhappy angel.
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Christian checked on the new patient when he arrived at the clinic. What was it with these kids and unexplained comas? Katara had done a good job taking care of her head trauma, which, if he was reading the notes right, would've likely killed her. Her injuries were healed now, but she still wasn't waking up.
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Finally.  Done done don with the scary Sex Ed class.

Katara celebrated by having hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows and a book about medicinal herbs as she sat behind the counter.
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Look children, Parliment, Big Ben.

Wilson was back in the clinic bright on Wednesday morning. He had a super strong red eye coffee but he was back. It had been awhile since he'd turned around two shifts so close together but he knew it was merely a question of getting used to it again.

He had no idea what the angel was plotting back at Minotaur.
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After checking the exam rooms, most of which were thankfully empty, Stark settled in at the desk for the evening. He was hoping in vain! that the rest of the rooms would stay empty.

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Trevor never liked coming into the clinic to find injured students already there. He carefully checked on each of them before taking up his usual spot behind the front desk.
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Dr. Cox spends a good portion of the day checking in on the patients in the exam rooms and then watching his soaps.

It be best if you didn't disturb him when he's watching his soaps.

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FTEC, Thursday, May 18

Thursday, May 18th, 2006 08:55 am
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Christian opened the clinic and checked on the patients. Most of the ones who had been there Tuesday had been discharged, but the burn victim remained. There was also a new patient who had apparently fallen down some stairs.

Funny how when he took this job he though that it would be quiet with just the occasional bump and bruise and request for birth control.

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