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When Doogie heard Hades' announcement, he'd thought about leaving, just for a minute. Then he thought about what the people on the island liked to do when they were threatened, and realized that he might be needed here. He was disappointed to find that the clinic already had one patient, but was relieved too, to see that there weren't more.
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Doogie was never happy to see a student as a patient, especially when they were unresponsive like Dawn still was. If his checkups were a little more than regular, he didn't think anyone would mind.
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Adah was a little surprised to come in and find out that they actually had a patient in residence today; her disappointment, however, that she was unconscious and all Adah had to do was keep an eye on her, make sure she was getting her fluid, and check up on any progress in her stats was significant. Checking on Dawn occasionally, Adah mostly reviewed her file at the desk, going over again and again in her head what she'd do if the other girl woke up, obsessively planning her attack so that there weren't any holes, wasn't a single chance that she'd need to call another doctor for help.
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Katara flipped through her mythology somewhat lazily as she just hoped that her roommate didn't turn into a cup of tea tomorrow.
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Katara was shocked to find the clinic half-full of people, but she got to work quickly, restocking the supplies used and making sure all the rest of the rooms were ready to go if they were needed.
She looked through the charts from the new patients, frowning worriedly when she got to Bart's and Ronan's.  If Ronan had healed Bart on Saturday, how could they both be sick again?
...yeah, this couldn't be good.
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With so many patients coming in, Doogie figured it would be a nice idea to come in and help Dr. Lambert. He checked on the patients who were still around, before going to man the desk while he waited for Natalie to arrive.

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Elliot was in a good mood as she came into the clinic -- she had a strawberry smoothie and it had been a beautiful weekend.

The mood did not dissipate as she checked the charts and realized two patients had stayed overnight. Having something to do was nice, and it looked like they were both healing well.

She checked on Sam and Annette before settling in at the desk and trying to catch up on her e-mail.

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It's another Sunday evening and Stark's in the clinic. He'd much rather be outside, but leaving the door open will have to do for now. The TV is tuned to some nature show, which really isn't helping to alleviate the desire to be outdoors.

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"Please state the nature of the medical emergency," the Doctor said as he opened his eyes in a chair in the clinic. He looked around, realized this room was a mess, and went about doing all the important things one does in keeping a neat and tidy reception area. After that, he checked on poor Miss Summers, and after seeing no horrendous change in condition (and wondering why the clinic seemed ill-equipped. Where were the medical tricorders or dermal regenerators?), he went back to the waiting area.

And started humming opera songs to himself to pass the time.

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