FTEC, Friday [8/7]

Friday, August 7th, 2009 10:46 am
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Mina settled into her clinic shift, pleased to have work to do. There was research to be done, inventory to catalog, and... she was weaning herself off her little clinic secret.

Which might have been a bad idea, but now that she'd told Martha, it seemed like the missing supplies would draw notice.

[ooc: OCD free. Mina is here to fix your boo-boos.]
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Simon was going through a number of recently published medical journals, occasionally making comments in the margins where objectionable conclusions had been drawn. Appearantly last weekend had been busy for some people - he had learnt that listening to the radio was useful - but his week had been quiet. That wasn't quite as good as it sounded as it gave him too much time to think. He was starting to miss Serenity.

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