FH Clinic [3/16]

Thursday, March 16th, 2006 12:22 pm
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After last night's excursion into the Preserve, Susan would much rather be looking for more answers, but as maybe it's better that she can't. She's not sure how she would handle more information right now.

The Counselor is In.

Clinic [2/12]

Sunday, February 12th, 2006 11:24 am
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Susan opens the clinic just to check on Ivanova. Hopefully the girl is well enough to go back to the dorm today.

[only for Ivanova or doctor interaction today, to tie up plottiness-- the mun doesn't want to complicate new clinic developments]

Clinic [2/10]

Friday, February 10th, 2006 11:07 am
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Susan opened up the clinic, hoping Dr. Lambert or one of the other doctors would show, and got ready for her appointment with Cameron.

[open to all]

Clinic [2/9]

Thursday, February 9th, 2006 02:30 pm
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Susan opened the clinic after noon, and got out files for the clients she was expecting.

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Even he thinks it's ironic that he's put more hours in to the clinic since resigning than he put in any other time.

There is some sadness in him about leaving. He's gotten sed to it. He actually cares about the kids at Fandom High.

But it's time. He's ready to move on. To what, he's not sure. Maybe nothing. Maybe he'll just retire and enjoy the days without responsibility or obligation. Maybe he'll learn to cook so he can fix elaborate dinners for Geoff.

He'd spent the night at Geoff's, and once settled behind the clinic desk, he pulled out his phone to check messages. There was just one but it seemed the world stopped while he listened to it.Arcs of pain throbbed in lis leg. He knew it was subconscious, there was nothing wrong with his leg.

In any case, the clinic is open around 10 am, though the doctor is nowhere *ahem: Read: NOWHERE* to be seen. With Cash on the radio and Coffe in the pot the clinic is, apparently abandoned. Feel free to stop by, because the doors are open...

Sunday Morning

Sunday, January 29th, 2006 10:15 am
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He'd used his leg a an excuse to avoid leaving his apartment. It had nothing to do withthe mun being over threaded or on the phone off and on last night dealing with personal stuff. Mun appreciates everyone who tride to get House invovled and apologises for my RL limitations that prevented him jumping in. He had no intention of going to the gym because of the snow, but he would have helped in the clinic

Sitting at the desk in the clinic Sunday morning, he felt bad about that. Guilty, even. He could have asked Geoff to help him get to the gym, but the fact was he didn't want to. And, well, in his defense, he didn't know how bad it was going to get. He'd been quite content to spend the weekend snowed in with Geoff, talking and laughing and, well, other things that brought a smile to his face.

But in truth, he knew he had a back slide. He was trying not to use his leg as an excuse anymore, or at least not when it wasn't really a problem. Getting across campus to the gym would have been difficult, even with Geoff's help, because snow and cane do not mix well. That he could justify to a point. But when Pippi had come to him, through the clinic door, and he'd still refused to help? He couldn't really justify that. He was selfish and not for the first time, he sat alone and wondered what he was doing.

It wasn't that the clinic was too much responsibility for him, but he wasn't sure exactly what it was. He'd fallen back on his pattern of avoiding clinic as much as possible, putting in just enough hours to say he was managing it. And he was. Wilson still helped a great deal, which House appreciated that. But he wasn't happy. He hadn't been happy for a while. The non-human factor of most of the kids really bothered him because despite his best efforts he simply didn't know how to help them in most cases.

He sighed and sipped at his coffee and waited to see if anyone would come down to the clinic.

Doctor is in. He has coffee and Cash, both puppy and music. All is right with the world. His discontent is the start of his leaving Fandom arc, and he will eventually seek out the Principal to discuss things. But not yet. Bring your injured to him now, if you dare

[OOC: Mun is AFK for a bit

Clinic [1/26]

Thursday, January 26th, 2006 11:17 am
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Susan opened the clinic, checked on a still-sleeping Vala, then went back to the front-desk. She only had one appointment today, but better to be ready than elsewhere.

[ooc: The mun will be back at 5pmEST; feel free to slowplay or set up other threads ]

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