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The nurses were fighting. It wasn't every day they had a patient to take care of. A male patient. A hot male patient. So unsuprisingly, there were several arguments about who got to check on said patient, take his vitals, change his bandages, fluff his . . . pillows.

[ooc: mod a nurse; if you would like interaction with a doctor, ping me at Chaos of Passion on AIM.]
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The surprise Adah felt when she came in for her shift and discovered that yesterday's patient had been checked out already was significant, she had to admit, although it was a bit of a relief. She would miss having something to do in her frequent check-ups, but would be glad to be spared the saccharine visits from her near hordes of visitors that didn't seem to understand that people in comas couldn't exactly tell you were even there. It was kind of ridiculous, she thought a bit bitterly as she settled at the front desk to keep herself occupied with some medical journals. How long had she been there after her coma? A week? Ugh. Well. Maybe she'd be out the same day as waking up if she'd been gifted with a properly working brain, a normal nervous system, and her own little fanclub, too.
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Clinic? Open. Doctor? In.

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