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The island was once again full of children, so Stark had once again made sure to have a supply of candy on hand for sharing. He also had a squirt gun on the desk he'd brought with him from the park. This way, he figured, he was prepared for both friendly and unfriendly children.

[Up a wee bit early as I have to go out for a couple hours soon. Pings will be picked up when I return (8 EDT or thereabouts, I think), of course, and The alien is here and happy to have visitors, weetiny or otherwise]
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After two nights sleeping sitting up in Efferton Manor, Elliot's bed felt like heaven. But she couldn't stay in it too long; she had to get back to the clinic to relieve Stark. After just a few hours rest, she made it back to the clinic and started flipping through charts to see which patients had stayed the night. It seemed like there were a lot of them.

[OOC: I did my best to match the exam rooms to last night's post -- let me know if anything is wrong.]

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