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Tommy didn't want to say that having a flat screen TV made having clinic duty better. There was still the problem of having to, whaddyacallit, deal with sick people who expected to make demands on your time.

On the other hand you could not beat the reception.

Currently he was watching Legend Smashers.
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The goats had arrived that morning and were rather displeased after the interdimensional travel, so Granny had to spend some time soothing them. When they were finally convinced that no, the ground wasn't going to get all stretchy and snap them somewhere new, she felt comfortable leaving them alone and headed over to the clinic.

Granny occasionally let her mind wander when no one was in the clinic, but just across town to check on the goats.
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Wilson lead Tex back to the Clinic, mentally casting up a hope that Archie was going to prove to be a student and he wasn't going to be getting an evil eye from the administration.

"Through here we can put him in..."

Oh hell! They were really starting to run out of rooms at this point.

"Err...here." Wilson pushed the door to exam 1 open and held it for Tex so she didn't have to practically stand on her head to make it through the doorway.

[[ Continued from Here on the Beach ]]

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