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Wilson had ended up at the Clinic most all of Sunday and then, not long after he’d fallen asleep next to House, he’d been called in for an emergency endoscopy for Parker.

He’d snatched a few hours of sleep on the couch rather then risking waking House up, gotten up around eight and grabbed a shower and a pot of coffee to help jar himself back awake.

Flipping the lights on, he made a quick sweep of the waiting area to make sure there wasn’t any lingering blood or files from the day before and then headed for the counter. A lean fingered hand lifted up to cover a yawn as Wilson sprawled bonelessly in a chair. He was going to have to do paperwork…and blood work…and check on Maia and check up on Parker.

Mentally listing out his day to himself, the oncologist lifted his hand and rubbed it across his face.

It was going to be a busy day.

Doctor on Duty. Come point and pester at will, it will help him stay awake.

[ooc: And if any assistants would like to come and save the idiot from himself... :D ]
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Elizabeth runs into the clinic.

"Hello? Dr House? Lisa?" A bit more hesitantly. "Jack? We've got an injured student in Speech class!"

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Wednesday, October 12th, 2005 10:56 am
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Wednesday morning found Wilson down in the clinic with a few of his own journals, a legal pad, the PDA and a cup of coffee. It was better then just sitting in the apartment and watching bad morning game shows and his services might actually be required, one never knew.

And if they weren't...well...he had enough questions of his own, in between the vampire, the mutant and the old soul in a young body he'd met so far.

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