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Martha was sad to see so many sick and dying patients at the clinic, but not as sad as she was knowing that her true love was out there searching for his true love, and it wasn't her. Stupid Rose, keeping the Doctor away from her. If only she had the chance to show him what a real woman could be like, she knew she could change his mind. She just had to find the way to do it, and it was all she could think about as she checked on the clinic's patients.
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There were still a few patients lingering from the events of the past weekend in the clinic I think. Wyatt checked on them before taking his usual Tuesday night spot behind the front desk.
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Katara was a little surprised - and happy - there weren't more people in the clinic.  Somehow she'd expected more after watching some of the people fight Hades, but then most of them were dumb and didn't get anyone to check them out.  She may have been making a mental note of who to scold later.
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Millie was very sad to see so many people in the clinic after the events of the weekend. However, she was happy to have been able to help then and now.
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When Doogie heard Hades' announcement, he'd thought about leaving, just for a minute. Then he thought about what the people on the island liked to do when they were threatened, and realized that he might be needed here. He was disappointed to find that the clinic already had one patient, but was relieved too, to see that there weren't more.
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Igor was very disturbed. And a little bit surprised that he was making his way to the clinic instead of abandoning island for somewhere safer. Igors always left once the danger arrived.

But he hadn't.

Never mind. He didn't lisp or do much else like a proper Igor should, either. He just hoped this latest rebellion didn't get him killed. There was no one here to collect his body parts and pass them on.
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Mvufu. Owl. Adah thought it with a shiver as she stepped into the clinic and had to pause at the door to recover a little from what she'd experienced with one of those ghost-like figured on the way over here. The rattling chill it left in her stuck to her with a strange emptiness, leaving her without breath and desperately thinking they needed a few owls. In Kilanga, an owl was good for only one thing, and that was consuming the souls of the dead. There seemed to be a little bit of an excess of that at the moment.

It was as she attempted to recover from the spreading cold void that her eyes shifted up at the sound of the announcement, and she blinked. It would figure; she gets to the clinic early for work, only to discover that her punctuality served as a bit of her sentence. At the same time...with what she experienced in the dawn's light... Someone here might be needed. Perhaps, in the course of her shift, whatever was going on out there would just blow over...'

Shuddering again, she limped toward the desk, had a seat, and wondered if she could be patient enough to wait it out.
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Katara was almost too excited about her birthday tomorrow to notice the oddities outside.  Almost.  So she spent lots and lots of time getting the exam rooms all stocked up just in case the oddities developed into something less...odd.

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