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Adah was a little surprised to come in and find out that they actually had a patient in residence today; her disappointment, however, that she was unconscious and all Adah had to do was keep an eye on her, make sure she was getting her fluid, and check up on any progress in her stats was significant. Checking on Dawn occasionally, Adah mostly reviewed her file at the desk, going over again and again in her head what she'd do if the other girl woke up, obsessively planning her attack so that there weren't any holes, wasn't a single chance that she'd need to call another doctor for help.
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The nurses had gone overboard decorating the clinic for the holidays. Christian, of course, supervised the placement of the mistletoe. Those entering the clinic beware, it was everywhere.
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Wilson was not too happy to come in this morning and learn about Willow's injury and the fact that she was still unconscious.

Though one would think he'd be used to comas about now it still made him frustrated when they lingered for days. After checking in on Willow, Wilson went to make coffee and review some of the other injuries reported so far this week.
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Christian checked on the patient and reviewed the notes from Dr. Howser, the nurses, and Katara. The blood work results didn't seem like the plague, but then again, they hadn't been terribly alarmed when the first patient showed up with that illness. There didn't seem to be any apparent physical cause for Zuko's fever, so what was wrong with the kid?
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Katara got to the clinic, immediately worried by the fact that Zuko was there with a bad fever but no real sign of what was wrong.  She didn't think about the plague, she didn't, really.  She just quickly got to work to get him as comfortable as possible and went back to totally not worrying at the Front Desk.
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The nurses were running the clinic this morning, but they had Dr. Troy's pager number in case of emergency. And while Dr. Howser had noted in the current patient's chart that he did not have the plague, well, they still were being extra careful to wash their hands and wear masks while checking on him. Just to be safe.

[Plz to be modding the nurse; if you need to check in with a doctor, ping me at Chaos of Passion. I may be AFK at times in the afternoon if my alien baby tries to burst out of my stomach.]
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Doogie had traded caffeine for hot chocolate this morning, and was holding onto his cup tightly as he flipped channels in search of a decent news show.
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Okay.  Just because last Friday two of her friends came in hurt didn't mean that was going to happen every time Katara was at the clinic.  Really.  The vampires were all killed and there was no reason for anyone else to be hurt. 

Or so she was trying to convince herself.

Katara might have been a little bit twitchy and pace-y at the Clinic tonight.  
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Katara had wandered through the picnic in the park, hoping against hope that Gran-Gran might somehow show up.  Or even Dad.  Or...not that she ever really expected it, but Aang could have come.  With Appa and Momo.  But she really shouldn't have gotten her hopes up, and she made her way to the Clinic mopily and flipped through magazines hoping that no one needed her tonight.    
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After spending a mandatory quiet day resting back at the duplex, Aziraphale had bundled Wilson up, pointedly ignoring the young doctor's queary about his own winter coat and the pair had headed down to the clinic to over see the night shift. The angel promised to go out and grab them some dinner but in the meantime they had a thermos of tea and some fresh baked cookies to snack on as they sat through Wilson's shift.

Once down at the clinic, Wilson settled behind the front desk with his laptop and his notes for his next Conflict Management and Resolution class, while Phale settled into a chair with a nice fat crossword puzzle. Big Band Swing music played over the radio and both men hummed along, content in their companionable quiet for the night.

[ooc: Aziraphale modded with permission. Clinic is open!]

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