FTEC: Monday Evening

Monday, May 12th, 2008 06:03 pm
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Katara hadn't been moping all day.  Really.   She'd known Zuko was leaving today for a week, and there was no point in being upset over it now.  Except that she wasn't going to ever see him again, and she missed him.  Already.

Which was why the clinic was a little quieter tonight than usual as the clinic aide, curled up on one of the couches and engaged in another session of not-moping.  
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Christian checked on the patient and reviewed the notes from Dr. Howser, the nurses, and Katara. The blood work results didn't seem like the plague, but then again, they hadn't been terribly alarmed when the first patient showed up with that illness. There didn't seem to be any apparent physical cause for Zuko's fever, so what was wrong with the kid?
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Katara got to the clinic, immediately worried by the fact that Zuko was there with a bad fever but no real sign of what was wrong.  She didn't think about the plague, she didn't, really.  She just quickly got to work to get him as comfortable as possible and went back to totally not worrying at the Front Desk.
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The nurses were running the clinic this morning, but they had Dr. Troy's pager number in case of emergency. And while Dr. Howser had noted in the current patient's chart that he did not have the plague, well, they still were being extra careful to wash their hands and wear masks while checking on him. Just to be safe.

[Plz to be modding the nurse; if you need to check in with a doctor, ping me at Chaos of Passion. I may be AFK at times in the afternoon if my alien baby tries to burst out of my stomach.]
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Doogie had traded caffeine for hot chocolate this morning, and was holding onto his cup tightly as he flipped channels in search of a decent news show.
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Christian checked on Zuko and Walter and then settled behind the desk for a hopefully quiet day of downloading porn medical journals.
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The coming winter made Natalie feel, well, alive. She could feel the cold, and could sense the approaching darkness; she was enjoying every moment of the evenings as night grew longer. It meant she had greater freedom to move around. It also meant that Halloween was close around the corner. She wondered what, if anything, this town did to celebrate the oncoming holiday.

Entering the clinic, she went through her usual set up, checking the charts for updates on Zuko. She would make time to peek in on him shortly.
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Today it was a pumpkin spice latte, as that sort of seemed quite the Fall thing to enjoy on a crisp October morning. He'd teased Phale mercilessly about hooking up with the town Nun and then escaped before the angel could throw anything at him and was generally in a good mood as he opened the clinic and slipped on inside.

Setting his briefcase down on the desk, Wilson started the coffee pot -Sumatra today!- and then slipped down the hall to check in on Zuko, picking up the boy's chart to read through it for any new notes.

Coming back up front, Wilson tugged his laptop and some journals he was working on out of the soft sided briefcase and sat down behind the desk, in short order he was engrossed in an article on Tumoricidal activity of a novel anti-human DR5 monoclonal antibody without hepatocyte cytotoxicity and taking notes for his own rebuttal.

[ooc: Feel free to save him from the article, attack the coffee or even come in with medical needs! Keeps me from building little rubber band balls here at work! :D]
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Stuffing her hands into her pockets as she stepped out into the chilly evening, Natalie allowed a small smile to cross her lips. Her weekend in Toronto had been just what she and Nick needed -- a chance to reconnect on a more normal, more mortal level. As a result, she had spent most of the weekend curled up on one end of his leather couch, sipping from a mug and watching old movies. The choices had ranged from King Kong to Top Hat; she'd even managed to sneak in Sabrina when Nick wasn't paying attention.

Pardon me while I have a flashback She was lost in her memories as she meandered her way through town to the clinic. The warmth was inviting as she entered, slipping off her jacket as she moved back toward the little alcove she had claimed when she first arrived. Her sensitive hearing picked up a heartbeat in one of the exam rooms, and she knew she had a patient. She stopped to check the charts, then made her rounds. Eventually, she settled in at the front desk for brief spells, typing away on her laptop.
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Christian checked up on the clinic's patients then settled behind the desk for the day.
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Wilson had tacked a note to his office door saying that he'd have office hours on Tuesday, then spent another quiet day resting and getting the apartment in order while Phale was up at the school holding class. Sharing a small snack with his lover, the young doctor kissed the angel goodbye on the promise of dinner, dinner later and had packed up and headed down to the clinic.

With a brief stop at The Perk for a Maple Latte. Yum!

Whistling softly he came into the clinic and set down his stuff, checking in briefly on Marie and Zuko, careful not to disturb them, Wilson read through their charts, checking on the notes made by the other doctors, then he headed back up to the front desk.

Coffee was started and soon the little radio was playing some classic Glenn Miller. Wilson had his laptop open and was working on lessons for the rest of the week as well as starting to pull together an idea for a class offering in the Spring. Parents Weekend had totally given him this idea.

[ooc: Here for the evening, please come see your favorite sick people, snitch coffee or otherwise bleed if need be! OCDs on the way Are up!]</small
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There were people in the clinic tonight, which was a change from recent weeks, though not really a pleasant one. After a quick check to make sure everything was all right with the patients, Stark settled in at the desk. The TV was on, out of habit, but very quietly.
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Trevor never liked coming into the clinic to find injured students already there. He carefully checked on each of them before taking up his usual spot behind the front desk.
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Taking only an hour break between classroom meet and greets and getting down to the Clinic, Wilson refreshed himself with a quick shower and a small snack, planning to share dinner with Aziraphale later in the evening. He also changed out of his suit and tie in to jeans for the night, figuring comfortable took precedence.

Whistling softly as he carried his softsided briefcase into the clinic, Wilson set himself up behind the counter. He was a little surprised to find some flowers already sitting there and checked the card.


Looking in the back, he didn't see anyone in the exam rooms so shrugged and figured that maybe someone had left them behind and would be back for them later. Taking himself back up to the front desk, Wilson settled in, tonight he didn't even pretend to work on his paper, he was playing with crossword puzzles.

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