Friday 2-3-06

Friday, February 3rd, 2006 06:13 am
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It's noon before he makes it to the clinic.

His last day.

He's sitting at the desk, with a cup of coffee and Johnny Cash on the radio. He'd brought Cash in from town, and the pup in on the floor chewing on a rawhide bone.

Dr is in. Come say goodbye. He's on slowtime unil this evening
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Even he thinks it's ironic that he's put more hours in to the clinic since resigning than he put in any other time.

There is some sadness in him about leaving. He's gotten sed to it. He actually cares about the kids at Fandom High.

But it's time. He's ready to move on. To what, he's not sure. Maybe nothing. Maybe he'll just retire and enjoy the days without responsibility or obligation. Maybe he'll learn to cook so he can fix elaborate dinners for Geoff.

He'd spent the night at Geoff's, and once settled behind the clinic desk, he pulled out his phone to check messages. There was just one but it seemed the world stopped while he listened to it.Arcs of pain throbbed in lis leg. He knew it was subconscious, there was nothing wrong with his leg.

In any case, the clinic is open around 10 am, though the doctor is nowhere *ahem: Read: NOWHERE* to be seen. With Cash on the radio and Coffe in the pot the clinic is, apparently abandoned. Feel free to stop by, because the doors are open...
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He opens the clinic around 10 am, puts a pot of hazelnut coffee on to brew, and a soft jazz CD on the stereo system.

He fishes a red lolly pop out of the desk drawer, then commences to going throug the drawers. There's not much, really. He's made sure of that with his periodic and impulsive cleaning sprees. He found the box of pens Wilson had ordered long ago, that he'd retrieved out of the trash after one of his fits of total destruction. He sighed and stashed the flimsy plastic container in his shoulder bag.

There wasn't much else worth keeping, but he put what little there was in a small box. The desk in he office was much the same, and the box he'd filled was light enough that he could manage it back to his apartment. He set to work on reorganising the filing cabinent in the office, because it was something to do to pass the time.

Doctor is in and available, though on SP until after 3pm est. Assistants were welcome to pick up a thread. Come bleed, steal coffee, or say goodbye. Friday will be Dr House's last day in the clinic

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Tuesday, January 31st, 2006 06:42 am
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The clinic doors are open first thing Tuesday morning. Dr House is at the desk in his office, with the door shut. He is disinclined to sit in the waiting area where coffee is brewing and a soft jazz CD is playing. He's writing in a notebook, his hand jerking across the page in spurts, o laying dormant while his mind processes a thought.

Friday. Four days. he can handle this for four days. He's asked for a permanent leave of absence effective Friday. After that? Maybe he'll go to Michigan and see his moher. Or to Vegas and blow all his money. Or Jamaica and get hs hair braided. Or Venice to see the streets of water. He really hasn't decided.

The doctor is in, but the mun is away until afternoon. Assistants, please tag in. Susan, if you're around House *may* attempt to talk to you.
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The clinic is open bright and early, but Dr House is nowhere to be found. If one looks hard enough, he's on the floor in the office, behind the desk, with his iPod headphone in his ears and a not!puppy on his chest. Interrupting him would not be wise.

He slips out around 11am and heads in to town. He returns on a motorcycle, which he parks in front of the apartment door. It's a Triumph model, and it's his new baby. Touch it and die. He had it specially ordered and designed to accomodate his leg and his cane.

He has an appointment to speak with the principal, so he completely by passes the clinic and heads down to talk to him.

House will be scarce today, due to getting the motorcycle and talking to the principal. Hopefully one of the assistants will step in and cover any tags House! mun is *not* available until after 3:30 pm est in any case

Sunday Morning

Sunday, January 29th, 2006 10:15 am
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He'd used his leg a an excuse to avoid leaving his apartment. It had nothing to do withthe mun being over threaded or on the phone off and on last night dealing with personal stuff. Mun appreciates everyone who tride to get House invovled and apologises for my RL limitations that prevented him jumping in. He had no intention of going to the gym because of the snow, but he would have helped in the clinic

Sitting at the desk in the clinic Sunday morning, he felt bad about that. Guilty, even. He could have asked Geoff to help him get to the gym, but the fact was he didn't want to. And, well, in his defense, he didn't know how bad it was going to get. He'd been quite content to spend the weekend snowed in with Geoff, talking and laughing and, well, other things that brought a smile to his face.

But in truth, he knew he had a back slide. He was trying not to use his leg as an excuse anymore, or at least not when it wasn't really a problem. Getting across campus to the gym would have been difficult, even with Geoff's help, because snow and cane do not mix well. That he could justify to a point. But when Pippi had come to him, through the clinic door, and he'd still refused to help? He couldn't really justify that. He was selfish and not for the first time, he sat alone and wondered what he was doing.

It wasn't that the clinic was too much responsibility for him, but he wasn't sure exactly what it was. He'd fallen back on his pattern of avoiding clinic as much as possible, putting in just enough hours to say he was managing it. And he was. Wilson still helped a great deal, which House appreciated that. But he wasn't happy. He hadn't been happy for a while. The non-human factor of most of the kids really bothered him because despite his best efforts he simply didn't know how to help them in most cases.

He sighed and sipped at his coffee and waited to see if anyone would come down to the clinic.

Doctor is in. He has coffee and Cash, both puppy and music. All is right with the world. His discontent is the start of his leaving Fandom arc, and he will eventually seek out the Principal to discuss things. But not yet. Bring your injured to him now, if you dare

[OOC: Mun is AFK for a bit
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Stark was unsettled by all of the snow and the cold and he hadn’t slept well as a result. He had come down to the clinic when he woke up, because at least there he might have something to do until it was time for Art. Sitting in his room staring out the window and thinking of things that were better left alone was not going to do him any good. So he was in the clinic, occasionally looking at his vocabulary sheet for Grissom’s Paranormal class and muttering to himself.

((I’m only around until 1 EST today, but I’ll be back around 5 if you really want to tag me for anything.))

Saturday 1-21-06

Saturday, January 21st, 2006 11:36 am
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He stashed his crutches in the office and sat in the rolling chair from the desk. He had charting to finish, notes about Thursday night to document.

He didn't remember writing excuses for the kids, and wondered if he'd done it so automatically that he forgot he'd done it, or if he'd, well, forgotten to do it.

He tugged the crossword puzzle out of the desk drawer, but couldn't concentrate on that either.

Doctor is in. No coffee, no Cash -neither dog nor music. No mobility either, but he's not immediately advertising that. You know how pools without life guards say 'Swim At Your Own Risk'? Yeah.

[OOC: Slowtime likely, yeah, but don't hesitate to tag in]
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Paige hoped her first proper day in the clinic would be reasonably easy so when she showed up and found Pippi there she was a little suprised and worried.

But anyway the clinic is now open feel free to come bleed, drink coffee, or visit people, Paige knows what's she's doing sort off

((I'm new to the clinic so erm bare with me! OCD threads coming UP! and there's been a slight edit, cos I lost track of who's here, sorry))
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The fever had broken a little more than 24 hours ago so Wilson knew he was no longer contageous. Simply congested, tired and achey none of which were good reasons to keep away from the clinic another day.

So, despite the scolding he knew he would get from Aziraphale, Wilson trekked his way up to the school and set about opening up the clinic for the day.

Doctor is in. There is coffee and the makings for tea. The bump in the chair behind the desk working the crossword is your doctor.
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Lisa opens up the clinic, and smiles at the bountiful amount of pencils in the ceiling.

She quickly gets to work, refilling the condom jar and contemplating a new bulletin board that will probably make Lee pass out.

She's in the Clinic all day, except for 4th period and lunch, when she carries an emergency pager.

There is no coffee for you today, but you can come play Nintendo in the lab with Lisa if you want. That's really where she'll be most of the day, while Wilson is sick and House... well, who knows.. Come bleed if you must.

(no subject)

Monday, January 16th, 2006 08:03 am
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He'd had a comfortable dinner with Wilson, then retired to the small apartment with Cash. Cash had taken a while to settle down, preferring to run around the apartment and pester House to throw his ball for him. The pair had finally collapsed in the bed, sometime after midnight.

House swung open the clinic doors just after 8 am. He was showered and shaved and breakfasted. Cash had eaten and romped out in the courtyard. It was a rare morning for House, and the clinic was the last place he wanted to be, but there he was. At the desk, sucking on a red lolly while Cash played with the ball at his feet.

Dr is in. Coffee is brewing, Johnny Cash is singing to the waiting room. Come on in. He is still taking blood samples, if anyone is willing to give
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After Faithful informed her that Dr. Wilson wouldn't mind her coming in in the evening, Alanna did just that. After reading for various classes for a while, she noticed that her cieling pencil collection was getting a little small. So being a nice person, she began to flind pencil's up into the ceiling. Faithful watched for a few minutes and then went to sleep.

Clinic is open. Come in, bleed, get snarked at.
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Taking his time coming up from town, Wilson let Cash off his leash to run around the courtyard the way the puppy was used to playing in the morning. Sipping his coffee, he gave the young dog a half an hour before whistling and calling to him. Unlocking the clinic doors, he set about getting the place open for the day.

Cash ran down to the end of the hall and whimpered a couple of times at the door that lead to the apartment but a pause in his activities and a cuddle from the oncologist, coaxed the puppy back up to the front of the clinic. Coffee was started and music was put on, playing quietly at the desk. Rather than picking up his usual crossword puzzle, Wilson tugged out a small rubber ball and sat in the waiting room, tossing it up against the wall for Cash to chase and try to catch.

Doctor and puppy are in! By all means stop by.
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Wilson whistled softly as he walked about getting the Clinic opened up for the day. He was anticipating a delivery of supplies and so was dressed a little more casually than usual in jeans, a t-shirt and a flannel shirt under his pristine lab coat.

He'd been in Fandom for going on four months and had finally settled into the routine of lugging his own supplies and other wise handling details of a medical facility that he'd had orderlies and nurses to cover over the past couple decades. It was rather nice to be back into the habit and to know he still remembered the 'basic's' so to speak.

There was coffee brewing in the waiting room, though Wilson himself was enjoying a cup of tea as he sat behind the front desk, reading an oncology journal and waiting for the back door to buzz.

Doctor is In, come have coffee, bleed, emo all of the above!
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He'd slept in, because it just felt good to sleep. He rolled out of bed around 10, let Cash out in the courtyard while he showered and took his meds with toast. The puppy was more than ready to come in, and House took a few minutes to play with him before heading into the clinic.

He sat at the desk witht he book of sonnets Geoff had given him. The poetry class requitred he read a few select works. He intended to read every one. For that reason, there was no Johnny Cash humming through the stereo system, but there was a sweet smelling coffee brewing in the pot.

The doctor is in. Interrupt him if you dare

[OOC: On days Dr Wilson doesn't open the clinic, I will post Dr House in as soon as I can after work, usually around 3:30 or so, EST. Today, I crashed and slept for two hours. Despite late posting, one can assume Dr House has been on site at the clinic all day, unless his post denotes otherwise. Clinic assistants (DEATH, Alanna, Lisa, and Paige once House gets the paperwork back) are also welcome and encouraged to make open clinic posts. For the benefit of new players, clinic posts should only be made by clinic staff. In emergancy, ping or email one of us!]
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Though he was running a little late you try getting dried apple pie filling off the next morning but the Clinic was soon bright and inviting (as much as a Clinic could be) with the fresh scent of coffee wafting through the air and a certain oncologist kicked back with a crossword puzzle stack of paperwork.

Doctor is in!
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Though he wasn't sure if House had gotten his annoucement out to the school yet, Wilson went ahead and opened up the School Clinic as they'd discussed the night before.

Letting Cash out of the apartment, he reached down and ruffled the puppy's ears. "Did he already leave you on your own little guy? Come on then, let's get the day started."

Opening the front door of the clinic, Wilson gave Cash a quick run through the courtyard to be a good puppy then called him back into the reception area of the clinic, tossing him a new squeak toy that he'd picked up on his way up from town.

He hadn't been back to the clinic since the night he'd left the apartment and though he expected to feel a little strange, he soon found himself settling into his usual routine. Starting coffee, a nice Kona blend today, he straightened up the waiting room and settled down at the desk to do some paperwork.

Wilson was fairly certain that House hadn't thought to update the supplies in awhile and they had talked specifically about Wilson keeping up with the back office work of both clinics. So, settling down with the paperwork and a mug of coffee Wilson got his day started.

Doctor is in, come say hello!

[ooc: At work so on a SP schedule :)]

(no subject)

Sunday, January 8th, 2006 11:54 am
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Saturday had been a good day for him. He hadn't managed to get to the book shop, which was good. He didn't want to see Aziraphale yet. Soon. But not yet.

By noon Sunday morning, he was in the clinic, playing The Beatles instead of Johnny Cash. Cash the puppy was asleep under the desk. The doors were open, coffee brewed in the pot.

The doctor is in. And in a fairly decent mood.

(no subject)

Wednesday, January 4th, 2006 03:49 pm
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House was whistling a happy tune as he took Cash into the clinic. The dog stained and pulled on his leash, wanting to investegate the new sights and smells. House kept him close to his left side, reinforcing the training suggestions he'd read in the book he'd gotten at Phale's shop. House didn't turn the on-call light off right away, though there was more activity on campus than there had been over the holidays.

After letting Cash explore the entire clinic on the leash, House let him off the tether to see what he'd do. He out on a pot of coffee, for the aroma more than anything, and Johnny Cash in the CD player. He sat at the desk, and watched the dog roam the waiting area and sniff a trail to the lab. When House called, he returned to him, sat at his feet and looked up with bright, eager eyes. House rewarded him with a treat, and picked him up.

He opened the doors, though he didn't expect any patients. Cash was back on the leash, because House wasn't sure how he would react if someone came in.

The Doctor is in. Man and dog are at the desk. Cash is asleep in House's lap, House is working a crossword puzzle. You didn't think he'd be doing work, did you?

New Years Day

Sunday, January 1st, 2006 12:12 pm
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He'd slept soundly until nearly 10:30. A shower, a quick breakfast of toast and meds, including aspirin for his pounding headache, and he was more or less ready to start the day.

January 1, 2006. A new year. A new beginning.

He decided to open the clinic doors, just in case. He expected several of the students, and possibly the school staff, would have headaches this morning. He couldn't say if any of them would come down to the clicnic, but at least the option was there.

He put coffee on to brew and Johnny Cash in the stereo.

He sat at the desk, legs propped up on the flat surface, head tilted back to touch the wall.

The doctor is in. He's a wee bit grumpy, due to his own hangover, but that wouldn't stop him mocking anyone who came in looking for a little relief from their own headaches. Come whimper, bleed, or snag a cup of coffee if you dare

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