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Trevor really didn't want to leave the safety of his apartment in the morning. He'd made the mistake of looking out his window and watching some of the trolls in action the night before, and the idea of going out into town and coming across more of those creatures made him more than a little nervous. But, he knew there had to be people in need of medical assistance, and he figured that if he headed out in the early morning, the streets might be quiet.

He was glad to see that there were fewer overnight patients in the clinic than he'd expected, and he made sure to look over all of the previous day's notes before checking each exam room, and double-checking on the supplies. He didn't want to run out if more people came by.

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After a close call on his way from the apartment down to the clinic, Wilson came dashing into the clinic sans his usual latte.

Somehow stopping at the Perk seemed like an unwise idea.

Moving quickly through the door, Wilson tossed his satchal behind the desk and moved swiftly through the back halls of the clinic to see if anyone had been dropped off already and baring that, if they were stocked up.

"Large, mean beings...I almost would have rather had the zombies, at least they moved slowly." He muttered.

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