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Granny sat at the desk, reinforcing her hat with a bit of iron.
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Granny was laid out in Exam Room Two, clutching a sign that said "I ATEN'T DEAD".

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Granny arrived at the clinic a bit late this morning and set to work brewing a potion that smelled vaguely of chocolate.
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One of the goats was near to giving birth, so Granny brought her to the clinic to keep an eye on her. She made the goat a comfortable bed in Exam Room 2 and set some water to boiling in the cauldron.
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Granny was brewing a potion to keep clothes fresh and clean - your whites whiter and your blacks blacker. Certain folks might take note of this. Just because you were dead and buried was no reason to for your linens to be messy.

FTEC, Monday Morning

Monday, June 5th, 2006 11:34 am
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Granny sat at the front desk, brewing a potion that smelled of raspberries.

FTEC, Monday Morning

Monday, May 29th, 2006 09:54 am
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Granny had her cauldron out again. This time she was brewing up a potion that restored the hair of bald men.

Actually, whoever drank it would sprout hair all over. But "all over" included the head, therefore Granny considered the potion a success.

FTEC, Monday Morning

Monday, May 22nd, 2006 11:20 am
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Granny was cooking up a rather strong-scented cream that worked well on poison geranium and other rashes.

FTEC, Monday Morning

Monday, May 15th, 2006 11:44 am
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Granny set up her cauldron on the desk and started brewing up a potion to treat the Mauve Plague*. It was always best to be prepared.

Once the cauldron was safely bubbling, she went to check on the patients.

*A distant and much more serious cousin of the Black Plague.

FTEC, Monday morning

Monday, May 8th, 2006 10:36 am
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Granny was laying down in one of the exam rooms with a sign that said "I Aten't Dead" in her hands.

FTEC, Monday Morning

Monday, May 1st, 2006 11:48 am
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Granny was brewing another potion on the main desk. It smelled of wood smoke and burned the desk where it splashed out of the pot.
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Granny was working over her cauldron at the front desk, brewing something that smelled strongly of mint which she often sold as the Greatest Hangover Cure Ever.

She also sold it as a cure for impotence, a love potion, a sleeping potion and an elixir for stronger teeth and hooves.

The last was usually for horses.
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After checking on the patients-in-residence, Granny settled at the front desk and worked on knitting something black and shapeless.
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Granny was sitting at the front desk, darning a pair of worn black stockings.
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Granny was sitting at the front desk, reading a handwritten manuscript and occasionally scowling.
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Granny arrived at the clinic and found that a new scrying device had been installed. A very large one.

She frowned at it. It didn't have the feel of magic around it. She poked at it until a picture appeared. A battlefield, where five figures in brightly colored armor battled a demon she didn't recognize.

She sat down and put her boots up on the desk while she watched the battle.
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The goats had arrived that morning and were rather displeased after the interdimensional travel, so Granny had to spend some time soothing them. When they were finally convinced that no, the ground wasn't going to get all stretchy and snap them somewhere new, she felt comfortable leaving them alone and headed over to the clinic.

Granny occasionally let her mind wander when no one was in the clinic, but just across town to check on the goats.

FTEC, Monday

Monday, March 6th, 2006 08:09 am
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Granny was surprised to find the one of the clinic's patients was already dead, but vampires had the same right to medical treatment as anyone. Long as he didn't go 'round biting other patients she wasn't going to complain.

She set up the cauldron on and began brewing a mysterious and fragrant potion that she usually gave to young folks looking for a love potion.
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Paying no heed to the newly posted rules, Granny set up her cauldron again. This time she was brewing something in particular - a little potion that helped gentlemen when they had trouble rising to the occasion. Perhaps Mr. Gavin was in need of a little personal assistance.

[ooc: work, slowplay, etc]
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Granny opened the clinic promptly first thing in the morning. She scowled at the room. Entirely too white and shiny, it was. She hung a few bundles of herbs around the room and set a small cauldron on the main desk.

She looked at the box on the shelf with the people running around inside. Weren't proper to keep people locked up inside a box, no matter what their size. She weren't going to stand for it in her sickroom.

She lifted the box carefully off the shelf and set it down on the desk. The people inside didn't notice. They were listening to a priest rattling on about something or other. "I'LL GET YOU OUT!" Granny yelled at them, but the box was too thick for them to hear.

Her first thought was to smash the glass in the front, but she didn't want to hurt the teeny people. She searched the office and found a screwdriver in a drawer and proceeded to pry off the front portion of the box. It spat sparks at her in protest, but Granny gave the box a severe Look and the sparks stoppped. She wouldn't let a mere enchanted box get its way.

Finally, she had the front off. "All right," she began, then looked inside the box. No people were there. It was just stuffed with strange parts.

"Hurmph," she said, and stuck the front back on the box. Some kind of wizardly scrying device, then. A rather advanced one, it seemed, to have sound and be able to function with no witch or wizard focusing on it.

It was rather despicable to create a device where just anyone could spy on people. Sure, witches did it, but only for people's own good. Weren't proper to have just anyone peeking over your shoulder.

Still, it was a rather clever device. She prodded it a few times, to try and get it working again, but she seemed to have broken the spell. Pity. Would have been nice to try it out. See how it worked.

She put the box back on the shelf and lit a fire under her cauldron. She threw a few odd-smelling items into it to create a properly witchy atmosphere, then settled back in a chair to see if anyone showed up.

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"Let's make the weekends on-call. Let's rotate who does it. Let's share responsibility." Tommy said in a high-pitched mocking tone. Of course he was mocking himself so it lacked a certain something.

Luckily there was always TV. Today it was a nature documentary about lions and gazelles. It was enough to keep him from being bored as he hung around on the odd chance an emergency or, even better, another candidate for the clinic jobs stopped by.

Especially since he'd placed a mental bet of twenty bucks on the lions.

[ooc: Like it says. Here for emergency care and/or anybody looking for work in the clinic.]

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