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Heading into the clinic that morning, Wilson realized he was going to have to talk to Christain about giving up the Monday shift now that school was starting up.

Talking quietly with the on duty nurse, he was a bit surprised to learn that Anakin had been discharged the day before and made a mental note to maybe check in on him during office hours or something later.

For now, he took his latte and headed into the exam rooms to help the nurse clean and restock.
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Wilson was still in a withdrawn mood as he came back into the clinic that morning. He didn't bother to check in with the on duty nurse beyond confirming that no one had been admitted in the 6 hours he'd been away.

Settling at the desk, he opened his laptop and tried to focus on getting some work done.
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Last night, Natalie made herself busy in the lab, careful not to disturb Dr. Wilson's visitors. Tonight, she was sitting at the front desk, watching-but-not-watching The Final Warrior on American Movie Classics. She wondered when they started showing commercials. And, if she was honest with herself, she was definitely trying to avoid the angel. Yes, she had treated him. No, they weren't out to kill each other. Despite this, she still felt decidedly awkward.

But she still had a job to do.

Damn it.

Putting down the remote, she headed for the first exam room, the good doctor's medical chart in hand.

After checking on her lone patient, she embedded herself in the lab. She really needed a better coping mechanism...

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