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Wilson had spent most of the day at the apartment working on the final edit of his journal article and perhaps doing a bit of holiday shopping for friends and family.

He still wasn't up for trying to decorate the place. Eating himself a late lunch, as he didn't have an angel to bring him dinner tonight, the young doctor bundled up and headed down across the park to the clinic. He was glad to see no troll invasions or other evidence of chaos.

Upon arriving at the clinic, Wilson checked to see if there were any patients remaining and he was a little taken aback to read that Martha Kent had been discharged. Giving his head a shake, he firmly put the thought out of his mind before it threatened to overwhelm him and he repeat Wednesday night.

Not something he wanted to do.

Settling down behind the front desk with a couple of journals, his laptop and maybe some shopping catalouges, Wilson hoped for a relatively quiet night.

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