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Wilson was not too happy to come in this morning and learn about Willow's injury and the fact that she was still unconscious.

Though one would think he'd be used to comas about now it still made him frustrated when they lingered for days. After checking in on Willow, Wilson went to make coffee and review some of the other injuries reported so far this week.
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The clinic was open, and Christian was behind the front desk, ready for his consultation later that day.

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The clinic was open, and the tv was tuned to "Enchanted" reruns.
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The clinic was open and mostly quiet, except for the TV in the front lobby playing reruns of "Enchanted."
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The clinic was open and empty, and Christian was bored. Currently he was surfing the net, catching up on the news from Miami.

FTEC, Tuesday, May 1

Tuesday, May 1st, 2007 08:42 am
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The lollipop jar was empty now, alas, but the clinic was open.
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Christian was on the phone with a medical supply company, trying to sort out why the latest delivery had consisted of equipment and medicine more suitable for a pediatrician's office than a town clinic.
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The clinic was open and the doctor was in.
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Elliot was in a good mood as she came into the clinic -- she had a strawberry smoothie and it had been a beautiful weekend.

The mood did not dissipate as she checked the charts and realized two patients had stayed overnight. Having something to do was nice, and it looked like they were both healing well.

She checked on Sam and Annette before settling in at the desk and trying to catch up on her e-mail.

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It's another Sunday evening and Stark's in the clinic. He'd much rather be outside, but leaving the door open will have to do for now. The TV is tuned to some nature show, which really isn't helping to alleviate the desire to be outdoors.

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The clinic was open and the doctor was in.
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Christian opened up the clinic for the morning and settled in for a day of reading medical texts. No, really.
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The clinic smelled like lysol and fish, which Christian found most unappealing. It was a nice day out, so he opened the windows to air the building out, checked on the solitary patient, girl-in-a-coma, and settled behind the desk for the day.
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Neither the hotel or the clinic were flooded, but the ground in between was underwater, and Christian was forced to take a raft to get to the clinic that morning. Now he was really wishing he had the Boatox. Also, salt water was hell on his expensive designer shoes.
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After making a check on the patients in the clinic, Christian started flipping through a boating magazine, thinking about finally replacing The Boatox.
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Elliot was hoping for another quiet day as she rushed from the airport to open the clinic. She could use some time to think over her fellowship interviews and write the 43 thank you notes she was pretty sure she owed.

She checked the exam rooms and saw the dream of a quiet day was not to be. Well, at least she wouldn't be bored. "Alien abduction victims," she muttered. "Wonder if we'll get Elvis next week."

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Wilson was there first thing in the morning, frowning as he heard about the flurry of activity and about Lana still being in the clinic.

He wanted to check on her but as soon as he got caught up on things, his phone started to ring demanding his attention.

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Christian opened up the clinic in the morning and was surprised to find patients. What the hell were these kids getting into now? He checked on them and made sure they were resting comfortably, then settled in the lobby with a pr0n magazine.
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It was cold Wednesday morning, which was part of the excuse Wilson used to tuck his arm through Aziraphale's and walk very closely as they made their way down from the house to the clinic. He was sharing warmth with the angel you see...the angel who still didn't have a heavy winter coat.


So, he was being a concerned and attentive mate. Had nothing to do with...general...closeness and snuggling...really.

Upon getting to the clinic, Wilson moved immediately to get caught up on Cally's file. He frowned as he shrugged out of his coat and read the details of her injuries. The attack to the head was disturbingly familiar. Oh, not that he remembered anything about how he aquired his own injury but just the fact that who ever was making these attacks, seemed to be a big fan of headshots.

Checking in on her in the exam room, Wilson was careful to disturb as little as possible as he updated vitals and the like, then he slipped back out to the front desk. Aziraphale had settled himself in an out of the way corner, the coffee was already started by the angel's hand and Wilson gave his lover a grateful smile as he settled behind the front desk to continue the reading he had started last night.
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Natalie set her things down slowly, eyes scanning over Cally's chart. She read the notes made by the admitting physician -- or, in this case, the admitting aide -- and then those added by Dr. Troy. Taking a moment to unpack, she then peeked in on her patient. She spent the remaineder of the shift either in the lab or tending to the patient...and welcoming visitors.
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Christian wasn't happy to find a patient in his clinic in the morning. It wasn't because it disrupted his plans for the day -- he hated seeing the kids around here get hurt.

He checked over Cally's chart and Janet's notes from the night before. The young woman was stable and she was breathing on her own. Christian made sure she was comfortable and hoped she would wake up that morning so they could find out who did this to her.

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