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Somehow, Ino rather thought that Mondays weren't the best day ever for doing anything at all. Except, perhaps, sleep.

Sleep sounded like a brilliant idea though she was pretty sure that the moment she laid down and tried to sleep she'd be wide awake.

It felt like one of those sorts of days.

The best part, really, was the way she kept finding rose petals everywhere. They made everything smell good and were pretty. Though a part of her hoped she wouldn't have any serious patients today because finding things in the drawers when they were full of petals would be a total pain.
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It was a thoughtful mood that held Ino captive as she studied today. Though she wasn't thinking about her studies in so many words, but rather about a conversation she'd had last week and what that would mean, could mean, if she let it. She wasn't sure if she wanted to let it mean--everything it could mean.

But if it did...

That, too, was tempting.

Ino sipped her hot chocolate, frowned as she double-checked the spelling of a word, and went back to studying. And thinking. It was a simple way to multitask, at least.
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Ino was dead tired.

But she was also humming to herself as she worked through her medical texts, for the first time in... quite a while.

It wasn't that the things bothering her didn't still bother her, because they really, seriously, did. It was that she'd spent all weekend being useful and learning and in an environment that she thrived in.

Ino could hardly be blamed for her almost chirpy mood.
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Ino had listened to radio enough to figure that something really shitty had gone down and that there was maybe a person or two she ought to see, but her own state of apathy left her feeling a bit 'why bother?' about it all.

She thought that maybe that made her a horrible person.

It was hard to feel too horrible about it when she went down the list of those who'd be on radio. She should... probably talk to Jono? And Karla, she supposed, though Ino figured that if she was crying on people that there were... better people to cry on than her.

Not when Ino knew she was pretty wrapped up in her--own reasons to cry, lately. But she didn't think there was anyone else on radio who she really needed to talk with and that made her a bit selfish, she supposed, to know that her friends for the most part hadn't been affected and be relieved.

She'd keep being selfish, Ino decided, because there was enough grief in her world at the moment. No more.

At least, she thought, sitting on the front step of the clinic and basking in the sun, it was a glorious day. And there was work coming up.

Ino fiddled with her phone, looking into portals for earlier in the week. She had orders for the weekend, but there was something she wanted to take care of before then... but when? It felt good, having something to do.
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It had been a week and still her predominant emotion was… pure exhaustion. Ino supposed that was only natural since she wasn’t sleeping more than an hour or two a night but it was getting to be a little frustrating.

How was she supposed to think when it was hard to keep her eyes open? And yet sleeping only brought on nightmares.

Ino clung to her hot chocolate, and stared blearily at her texts. She didn’t really want to study. Didn’t want to do a whole lot, honestly. This sucked.
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It was not due to the new term or the fact that she’d had to come into work that had Ino yawning quite regularly today. Really, it wasn’t that she’d deliberately stayed up late or had gotten lost in a game or a book or surfing the internet either that were to blame.

Which, she thought as she drank her hot chocolate and stared blearily around the lobby of the clinic, would have been nice. Sleep would have been nice, too, but that was apparently too complicated a request for her body to handle past the nightmares right now.

To feel like she was doing something, as well as letting someone else know something she’d decided days ago, Ino texted off a simple Yes on her phone and then settled in to… try and study.

Which mostly turned into a ‘try not to fall asleep’ session, but that was alright.
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This week, it was true that she was a little more relaxed than she had been the week before and Ino had managed the walk without Zack trailing around with her like a puppy--though she'd kissed him that morning and promised to call anyway--which was good. And her hands still worked, which was even better.

… And Ino was possibly going to be paranoid about that for a good while. Which would be why she was practicing diagnostic jutsu on herself today, specifically her hands, which was a curious thing because it required her hands to work in order to use the jutsu, but truly, logic was having little place in her making sure that things were well and in order.

The practice was good for her anyway, she told herself virtuously. And if she screwed up, nothing would happen because all these jutsu did was take readings and note abnormalities.

It was a little harder to work them in the twinkling of Christmas lights, as Fandom had decided they didn't need real lights today, but Ino was determined and persevered.
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So she was a bit late to clinic but that was between the fact that they'd had to catch their portal and then Zack had asked her, like, five times over, if she was sure she felt okay enough to go to clinic and when she said she was, he'd insisted on escorting her.

Ino couldn't bring herself to argue with that--she was touched by the gesture and, truly, felt better with him doing so.

Once he'd left--leaving her with orders to call him for anything--Ino found that the clinic, where she normally felt quite secure, thank you very much, didn't feel nearly the same today. Telling herself she was being stupid for being paranoid--no one was going to grab her here--Ino forced her attention to what the nurses were saying.

What? Something had happened over the week they'd been gone…?

[Ze puppy was modded with permission, oui.]
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That was what she deserved, she supposed, for having to catch her portal back to Fandom the morning she was expected back at work, but still…


Ino, a little bit sulky about the resumption of regular work, clung to her hot chocolate and contemplated mutiny.

… But not too seriously, considering she still had her notebooks out to study from. Sigh.
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Ino chewed on her lip as she contemplated her options—hot chocolate first, or apple fritter?

Decisions, decisions.

(Shhh. These were very important decisions first thing in the morning.)

Picking the apple fritter, Ino settled in, flipping open one of her textbooks and got to work. Nibbling and studying all at the same time.

Hurrah for the ability to multi-task.
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... Okay, so maybe she was a smidgen--or a few hours--late, but what mattered was that by lunchtime she really and truly had shown up and some hasty promising to stay late to make up the time was enough the placate the nurses.

The only reason she stayed truly cheerful through all of that was the fact that the island was back to normal and that?

That meant things were going swimmingly. Ino, once free of the nurses, pulled out her textbooks and settled in for some serious studying.
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Ino cast a flinty glance at, well, the air and forcibly returned herself to studying. It wasn't the books' fault, after all, that she was in a mood and feeling restless and studying wasn't something that she had an excuse to not do which meant that it was just a matter of concentrating enough...

Well. Blah.

But she'd give it her best shot.
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Generally, really, people were probably only supposed to be so stupidly content when they had accomplished something. Not when they had something to accomplish.

Ino didn't bother to differentiate because, to her, it was all the same the fact that she had something she could meant she was in an awesome mood and humming along with the radio as she studied.

And actually studying medicine today, while keeping an eye on the clock.
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There was nothing quite like the knowledge that she hadn't changed when some weird had affected quite a few other people yesterday to put Ino into a really good mood.

And Zack hadn't changed either! And they'd accomplished that letter he'd needed to send out!

So it was a very good day.

Except for the fact that she was trying to figure out how to word her apology to Professor Devereaux for missing last Friday but she couldn't exactly say no when her father called for her.

Maybe she'd just work on her persona some more...
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Maybe it had be weird of her to stay behind? But really, Ino was quite happy to wander into work that morning and take her customary place at the front desk. She highly doubted that there'd be anyone who'd need her attention, but…

That was alright. Despite the way that the nurses glanced askance at her. She knew herself well enough, after all, to know that she tended to get bored after a day or two of vacation and besides, Zack was here which really made the whole point of going on vacation without him seem utterly ridiculous and insane.

So, she settled in at the desk, still working on her homework from Professor Devereaux—even if the Professor wasn't teaching this semester; that was just a detail she was ignoring.

Unlike all the details she'd been told quite firmly that she wasn't allowed to ignore any longer.
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Ino was... pretty sure that her weekend had been, like, the opposite of relaxing in some ways. Especially considering that she had more than a few things now that she and Zack were definitely going to have to talk about more.

And more than a few things she was definitely going to have to think about.

So it was with a sleepy yawn that she wandered in for work today and promptly curled up with a hot chocolate and her notebooks.
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Saying Ino was preoccupied today was like saying the grass was green and rain was wet. She was curled up in the chair at the front desk and scribbling out things in her notebook.

Today, it was a list of names.

And what little she knew about Hurley's situation. Which was--pathetic little, really, and Ino ignored that sinking feeling in her stomach as best she could, though the headache got painkillers.

Too many problems to deal with--was it okay to feel like she was drowning in them? Or was that selfish?

Maybe both.

She didn’t know.
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Ino could be found exactly where she was supposed to be, when she was supposed to be and looking for all the world as a very studious minion of the clinic.

If asked, she'd admit that about… half of that was a lie.

Not the studying, no. But the topics were not for the clinic. The nurses didn't care and she'd make up that particular study time later in the week.

… Really.
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Wooork. Work? Ino didn’t really want to work today and that was evident in the way she was spending most her time either making phone calls around about various things to do with that party or scribbling in her notebook.

Or just fidgeting.

As you do.
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Another Monday, another shift.

Not that that was a bad thing though, admittedly, it was somewhat monotonous having the same thing every week.

But she was pretty sure she wouldn't like it that much if her shifts changed either and that left Ino wondering, idly, where her train of thought was coming from and how did she get off it?

Or something like that anyway.

Maybe she just needed more chocolate?
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It wasn’t much Ino’s idea of fun, really, to do inventory—and that was normally Martha-san’s job anyway because it was far more important to her than it was to Ino, in all honesty—but the nurses were insistent and Ino was tired of thinking.

Inventory it was.

Your clinic minion was around, but hopefully, if you stumble in here bleeding (or not), you can still yell because she won’t hear you otherwise being too busy with, boo, inventory.
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Ino was determinedly not thinking about the fact that it was leaving time this week for a few people and was making sure she focused on the far more entertaining question of: what was she going to do over break?

It was boring just sticking around, but...

She didn't really have any ideas but that was alright, thinking of them would keep the day a little more interesting.
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Too many new things to think about, too many new things to consider. Emma had had a point that Ino had never even considered but there were problems inherent in that point as well.

And Reno’s apparent change of heart had her all confused in ways that weren’t fun at all. Ino sighed and leaned back against the desk. She was sitting on the floor today, not because she wanted to be exactly, but because the chairs weren’t very comfortable for her to sit there if Zack, who was still a puppy, wanted up in her lap. And he’d just looked so pathetic when she’d stayed up in her chair where he couldn’t follow that Ino had quickly given up.

So, instead: the floor.

And playing fetch with the puppy that was normally her boyfriend. Even though it didn’t really distract her from her thoughts, exactly, it was ridiculously adorable and made her smile a bit.
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The very last thing Ino had wanted to do today was go to work. Go to the clinic. All she really wanted to do was curl up in Zack's arms and stay there forever.

But wanting and getting what she wanted were two entirely different things. And if any one came in today… well, she was needed.

While she waited, she worked (if worked could be called the staring she did for a good part of it) on an e-mail. Another thing she had to do to keep a promise.

She didn’t know if she’d send it today, but it was something to... try and put her thoughts in order with, Ino supposed.
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It was a quiet, contemplative Ino who could be found sitting behind the desk, like she was supposed to be, come Monday. Studying of course—that was normal, really—even though she was spending a lot more time frowning than usual.

Focusing was a bit hard to wrangle when all you were really interested on was other things. Willpower, however, was something she had in spades though and so Ino persevered.

Maybe she'd go and get an iced drink or something, when lunch came around and she could justify leaving to herself. Maybe that'd help her focus.

It probably wouldn't.
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If asked, Ino would have to admit that she was glad Ribbon hadn't come to life again over the weekend. She settled at the desk and pulled out a few books to study from.

Ribbon had been such a hassle last time, even if Ino wouldn't have minded seeing Sun's Glory again, but really…

Well, it hadn't happened and now she was left trying to figure out what it meant that it hadn't. Probably nothing, knowing Fandom.

But what if it did mean something?
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Ino wasn't too impressed by the whole… having to be at work thing today, no. Which wasn't the fault of work, rather it was just that she was feeling clingy and…

Work kinda made that impossible? The things she did for her job. Sigh.

Besides, her mood went a little blah-ier (that was totally a word, as far as Ino was concerned) when she found out that there was a patient that she knew, at least a little, in the clinic.

She settled herself at the front desk after checking the charts and seeing that everything was as fine as she could make it. Head injuries—probably a good a idea to not mess with that, right?

Ino sighed, and tugged out a book to read. It would pass the time at least.
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Ino came into work Monday morning feeling as if she hadn’t had much of a weekend at all for some odd reason. She’d woken up and just... felt like last week and this week had crashed into each other without any pause to breathe between them.

It was vaguely irritating and Ino was soothing that irritation with chocolate as she studied.


Chocolate made everything better.
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Ino was, on her first shift back after all of--after--very very focused on her studies. If she’d known more then maybe...

Maybes never did help, they really didn’t, and she knew that. But maybe, if she’d known more, she could’ve done something.


So, it was a very busy sort of day, while Ino studied feverishly and ignored any glances the nurses tossed her.

[That Cloud and Ino talked is FB, what they talked about is NFB, please.]
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It was a day meant for curling up with a hot drink (yes, she preferred her drinks hot even in the summer), tucking her legs under her, and studying like there was nothing else in the world.

There was something soothing about focusing entirely on one thing--her medical studies--instead of having her mind flit around and over a hundred different ideas all at once.

Simpler, this way. And it felt like she was making some progress.
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Another day, another shift.

Ino was mildly surprised that, when she stopped and thought back about it, that she'd been working at the clinic for so long. She had to admit that it was something that had worked out well for her--even if admitting that irritated her on some deep level, considering the clinic was the one job she had that she hadn't chosen for herself.

Humming along to the radio, she settled in to study. As you do.
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She made it to work only a little bit late thanks to portals and having to hop worlds to get back. Ino ignored the dirty looks the nurses were giving her and pretended that showing up late was totally her plan all along.

Curling up in the chair at the front desk Ino forced herself to study—all the while dreamily thinking of, well, sleep.

What? Sleep was a fun thing to dream of!
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Sometimes she found her routine a bit stifling, especially considering the sheer amount of other things she was working on, but other days--days like today--Ino found it comforting to know that she had somewhere she had to be.

A little bit thoughtful, she was humming softly to herself as she worked her way through yet another problem in her notebook and doodled flowers when she couldn't think of the next step to write down.
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Scully's first shift at the Clinic this morning; so far she'd inventoried supplies, double-checked the equipment, and ordered more forms.

The nurses weren't sure if she had OCD or was just hyper; either way they were watching this new one warily.
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It was definitely a hot chocolate sort of day today. Not because it was all that cold or anything, but because she'd managed to get a chill anyway and since she couldn't very well go and hide out in a shower at the moment, Ino was stuck hoping that the warm drink would, well, warm her up.

Surely it would work. Eventually, right?

Clinging to her hot chocolate, Ino contented herself with checking inventory and then (surprise, surprise) curling up with her notebooks. She had things to consider, yes.
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Today? Today Ino was busy.

... Not so much with her studying though. Rather, she was busily scribbling out lists of supplies and calling places in town to make sure they had them. It was Very Important Work thank you very much.

So was her humming happily to herself. It was just seriously, totally a lovely sort of day.

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This week was definitely better than last week and Ino was curled up in a chair with a hot chocolate and a vague almost-sort-of sense of contentment.

It was hard to be unhappy when some things were going really frighteningly well. Making a note to check in with her very sceptical sibling over the next few days, Ino tugged out her latest project and settled in to play around with half formed theories she was going to have to practice.

Hmmm. She tapped her pen against her cheek and eyed the page contemplatively.
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Ino was almost glad for the fact that it was a work day and she could hide at work. Well, mostly. There'd been that side-trip before work but she wasn't thinking too hard about that.

The nurses, rather than give her peace, decided to question her about what radio had said. Though it was a bit annoying to deal with, it was a fairly welcome annoyance. Ino didn't have to think if she was busy snipping at the nurses for their lack of respecting privacy.

And when she wasn't talking to them, Ino was studying with narrow-eyed intensity. Ugh. This week.
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It was hardly a surprise that after the morning she’d had that Ino was in a rather giggly mood, right?

Well, she wasn’t surprised, at least.

And Ino was re-watching her footage of the chocobo stomp and contemplating the people she could send it to. They had to be the sort that would appreciate it.

She was studying, a bit, in-between her contemplations and chattering with the nurses.
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Today most of her attention was on carefully inspecting the notebooks that had been outside last night (the ones that Zack had put first in the stables and then they'd taken them with them to the hotel) for any signs of chocolate damage.

Luckily, there was very little. That let her relax an infinitesimal amount while she queried the nurses as to how they'd found the rain last night. (Most of them had slept right through it which was totally unfair.)

She flipped through her medical notes after that and made herself focus. Learning nothing would just make the day a total waste.
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"I wanted to go with Dad," Angeal complained as Ino ushered him into the clinic, looking a bit harassed. "Dad's going to be cooking."

Obviously, to a five year old, cooking was more exciting than healing people. Unfortunately for her son, Ino had had absolutely no intentions of leaving Zack alone with him for hours on end.

"Dad'll have food for you when we go see him," she said, trying for patience. "And Inori wanted time with him. Besides," Ino continued as she scooped the boy up and settled him against her hip, "don't you know that all the very best ninja know how to heal?"

He gave her suspicious eyes. "They do?"

"They do." She nodded gravely. "So you're going to get a lesson today. To help you be the bestest ninja ever."

It worked. For the moment.
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So maybe Ino was running a bit behind, yes.

What of it?

She'd slept outside and then had to make sure that Zack was... not going to just sit there and stare all day and then she'd needed a shower and then it had been time for Tyler-sensei's class and so it wasn't until after his class was out that she even made it to work that day.

... and promptly realized she'd left her study materials back where she and Zack had camped out.

So there was Ino, brooding over a medical magazine and reading very little of it. This day?

She was not a fan of this day. It could end now. Right now.
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Ino had woken up extra early (fear that, her normal wake up was at four in the morning) just so she could spend more time outside enjoying the fresh air and total lack of fog before she had to head to the clinic.

Her shift was neatly divided into mental chunks today and Ino found that she totally couldn't complain at all about it. Between studying her medical work, reviewing her very oldest notes, working through her Gaia-related things and making sure she kept an eye on the clock so that she didn't miss her classes, Ino found that the day was going by awfully quick.

And that was amazing.
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Okay, so when she came in for her evening shift (what? She'd spent the weekend in a different universe and then had classes and had totally needed a nap in there as well or else she'd have been utterly useless for anything.) Ino also had Loveless with her.

It still wasn't really facing anything that she really needed to face and it wasn't studying at all but it was... something. A non-avoidance something.

And she'd get to it as soon as she was done talking to the nurses about her weekend. Really.

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The very first thing Ino had to do when she got to the clinic that morning was convince the nurses that, yes, her head was completely fine now. Honest.

When they were satisfied with that (which took them longer than Ino really thought was warranted; really, the way they acted it was like they thought she lied all the time about injuries) they allowed her to go back to her studying.

Staring down at her notebooks, Ino kinda wished they were still busy with her. She was very tired of her notebooks.

But things didn't get done without being worked on. With a sigh, she got down to business.

Okay, so maybe she was more focused on her hot chocolate. Shush.
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She'd left Zack in the lobby, him saying something about looking for sunshine, and had headed straight for the clinic. It had wrenched something in her heart to leave him but the only way she could have stayed was to take a potion and... that wasn't happening. She didn't want anything from Gaia right now. Ino could have gone upstairs, first, to change and wash up but that was five flights of stairs and she'd been sure that that would've been a bad idea.

As it was, when she got to the clinic—it was her day to work, after all, and she needed someone to look at her head anyway—the nurses promptly sized her up, scolded her for getting a head injury on Friday and waiting until Monday to come in and fussed over it.

Nothing major, they assured her (she'd known that but it was nice to have confirmation) and scuttled her off to one of the exam rooms to rest under their watchful eye for a few hours.

Her mild protest that she'd miss her second period class went ignored. Ino had to be honest: she didn't really want to go to class yet. Maybe by the afternoon, once she'd time to think a bit away from everything and everyone but clucking nurses.

Even if thinking about the weekend made her nauseous and that wasn't from her aching head.
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Okay, so it wasn't her usual day of work (except, from now on, it totally was) and it was a bit weird to be working on a Monday and she was a bit tired anyway, now that they were back but really the fact remained that today?

Ino was very glad she had work. Schedule! Routine! Something to do.

And a whole lot of chattering at the nurses when she took a break from studying.

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Work held all the appeal of a plague, really, whenever Ino mulled over the fact that while other girls had extra time to get ready, she had—from whenever she wrangled herself out of work to the start of the dance.


This would be why Ino was trying hard not to think about that as she curled up with another scroll on theory and focused on it with intensity.

What would happen, would happen, right? And she'd still look awesome, so there was no point in sulking about it.
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Work work work!

Some people would probably complain about as much work as she had to do, but really, it only made Ino happier. She bubbled a cheerful greeting at the nurses, checked that everything was all stocked up, and then flopped down at the front desk and buried her head in her notebooks and scrolls.

Dad hadn't been kidding when he'd said he was going to give her a lot more to do now. Oh man, so much to study.

She hummed with the radio as she buckled down and got to it. Work work work!
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The phone call Ino had left the bemused nurses was pretty much 'Hi, I'm here, I'll be in this evening, please call me if you need me but otherwise I'll be, uh, at the festival? I'll bring you all some cotton candy! Okay, bye!'

Which she did wander in on time for the evening shift, Ino was laden down with cotton candy as she'd promised. They still gave her dirty looks but Ino was in an awesome mood and they totally couldn't dent that.

Besides, she'd kept her word. Geez.

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