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When 'Mina' stepped into the clinic today, all the other staff stared.

She was in what was her normal fighting outfit.

Only now the neckline plunged all the way to her navel, giving anyone seeing her front a pretty decent view of, well, almost a good half of her bosom.

Anyone behind her would see that it was similarly cut. It... even showed a little butt cleavage.

She wore an eyepatch, heart-shaped, and was barking orders to people in a terrible Russian accent.

Since most of the staff knew she was actually capable of doing some bodily harm, they just went along with it.

Then, 'Mina' sat down at the front desk, to make sure anyone who needed medical assistance today really did need medical assistance.

[ooc: Yeah, Mina is Molotov C**ktease today. I... yeeeeah. OCD first, please. Open!]

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