FTEC- Monday

Monday, April 25th, 2016 08:22 am
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The Brood were gone, they were in space- ugh, space- and the machine was done. Those at the clinic and elsewhere could begin going to Stark's to have the embryos removed so they could go back to normal.

And Kitty was at the clinic mostly because there was the chance that people still here might be murderous and terrible. Hopefully they weren't, but you never know.

FTEC- Sunday

Sunday, April 24th, 2016 07:38 am
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Kitty had maybe been deliberately vague on radio. Somehow she'd thought that and if these embryos get left in you you're going to turn into a parasitic alien monster and die was something that might not go over well being broadcast over the airwaves. So, hopefully she'd warned people enough to actually come down.

Not that there was really anything anyone could do for them until this machine got built, but they keep keep the infected comfortable. And watch them just in case they turned into monsters.

So the clinic was open, and hopefully there would be people coming down both to stay and to help.
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Stark came into the clinic a little later than usual today in case I want to tag him in posts later, lalala bearing the usual box of cupcakes from JGoB.

There were tiny gremlin zombies outside of the clinic. A quick conversation with the nurses, followed by a joint search, confirmed there were no tiny zombies inside the clinic at this time.

The alien was in, ready to assist with your medical needs or offer a cupcake or just talk in a presumably zombie-gremlin-free zone.

[open, OCD-free, I have to go pretend to be sociable at multiple events today but I will pick up any pings when possible, etc]

FTEC- Tuesday

Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 06:08 am
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Claire had lost her mind and decided to teach at the school. If she were sane, she'd have gotten out of here months ago, but no, she was committing herself to this because she figured if there were kids here, they might as well have some information that might help them, even if the school didn't require a degree to teach...?

And since there was nothing to do at the clinic, she was working on lesson plans today. Or what passed for lesson plans. She wasn't actually sure what they were supposed to look like, but what she was doing worked for her.

FTEC, Sunday 8/16

Sunday, August 16th, 2015 03:37 pm
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Sundays, all appearances to the contrary, still meant clinic shifts for Stark. And clinic shifts, generally, meant baked goods.

Stark had brought donuts today, with chocolate icing, mostly creme-filled ones. It just hadn't been a cupcake sort of day.

He was eating a creme-filled one while flipping through a cookbook and manning the desk.

The alien was in, ready to assist or offer a donut, or both.

[open, OCD-free, as always]

FTEC- Tuesday

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015 10:23 am
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This morning Claire had turned human again, at work, and had to throw on a gown before trudging back to her place to get dressed because she had no idea what the nurses had done with her clothes. And then she had to go back to work today.

Someone was really, really not pleased with her Tuesday.

FTEC- Tuesday

Tuesday, July 28th, 2015 09:14 am
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Like every week (no really) Claire was here.

Unlike every week, early into her shift she sneezed and the next thing she knew she was a bird. A nightingale, in fact, which she was gonna find seriously unfunny when she changed back.

Also it would have helped if the nurses saw her transform, because then she might have spent a hell of a lot less time flying around in a panic as they swatted at her with a broom because they thought some random bird got in here.

FTEC- Tuesday

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015 08:12 am
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Even in a town where seemingly no one ever came into the clinic, Claire was very good about getting to her job on time. Except today.

For some reason, today it was like every random person in town wanted to stop her for a chat. She went in for coffee and got stuck listening to the barista about her love life. Just walking into town she ran into a talkative pizza guy, and someone who worked at the day care. And just when she thought she was safe and got in to work, one of the nurses asked if they could talk, really talk.

Soooo this was Claire's day.

[Open and OCDless!]

FTEC- Tuesday

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015 02:52 pm
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Without actual work to do, Claire was doing the only other thing that made sense right now.

She was googling what the hell a yurt was in her phone. Look, not everyone had a reason to know that.

[Open and OCDless!]

FTEC- Tuesday

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015 11:11 am
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Claire, being a helpful, logical sort, was trying to use her newfound knowledge that this town was messed up to try and make sure the clinic was stocked for the issues she knew about. This meant she'd come up with a list of things to make sure they had in case everyone turned into children, but she was having all sorts of trouble thinking of things that might be needed if someone turned into a guy.

These thoughts were stupid and this town was stupid, basically.

[Open, no OCD]

FTEC, Sunday 6/7

Sunday, June 7th, 2015 07:58 pm
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Stark who still existed though this comes as a shock to us all was almost used to these transformations into a woman. Almost. He still found it disconcerting to be shaped like someone other than himself, even if this shape was technically himself. It was confusing. He preferred not to think about it too hard.

Cupcakes helped. So did keeping to the regular routine at the clinic.

The alien was in, somewhat out of sorts on account of this weekend, and ready to assist or lend some baked goods to those in need.

[open, OCD-free, the usual]

FTEC- Tuesday

Tuesday, May 26th, 2015 09:26 am
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Week three, and Claire was still bored.

"Seriously, don't people even get the sniffles in this town?" she asked, which the nurses acknowledged, then dismissed as they shrugged and went on with their conversation. Maybe they just needed to start some kind of wellness drive in this place.

[Open and OCD free!]

FTEC- Tuesday

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015 08:17 am
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Claire had missed the weekend, so she was still clueless as to just how weird this town was. Here she was at the clinic for the second week, bored out of her mind and wondering if anything ever happened in this town.

She'd kick herself for that at the next invasion, yes.

But for now, once she'd made sure that she still knew where everything was, she made small talk with the nurses till she could escape and check messages on her phone. That should take all of three minutes.

[OCD-free and open.]

FTEC- Tuesday

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015 09:43 am
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It was Claire's first day at the clinic, and she was probably not making the best impression on the nurses by actually trying to do work. She was nice and all, but she wanted to make sure she knew where everything was and how everything was set up just in case there were any emergencies or anything.

And it was still weirding her out that so far there were no emergencies. Seriously, she hadn't heard a siren in days, and she thought it might be messing with her brain.

[Open and OCD-free!]

FTEC, Friday

Friday, May 8th, 2015 04:27 pm
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Atticus didn't get to stop by the clinic as often as he wanted to, but he'd made up a new batch of medicinal teas this week, and the weather was nice enough that he could sit at the desk and have the door open, letting the smell of herbal goodness waft outside. He had a book in his hands as he propped his feet up on the desk, some trashy thing that was going to be a fast and entertaining read. He didn't imagine anyone would need help since things had been quiet on the island, but he also knew better than to assume at this point.


FTEC, Sunday 3/29

Sunday, March 29th, 2015 10:22 am
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Stark arrived earlier than usual today. It had been a busy few days at the clinic and he wanted to be sure he was there in case he was needed.

As with the past few days there was plenty of tea in case anyone would need it. Still no cupcakes, but there were plenty of cookies to go with the plenty of the tea.

The island seemed to be getting back to what passed for normal but the clinic was open for its inhabitants who weren't quite back their usual selves yet.

FTEC, Saturday

Saturday, March 28th, 2015 01:53 am
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With the radio presumably proclaiming the arrest of Leland Gaunt and more folks breaking their curse, Atticus made plenty of tea this morning, and helped the nurses count supplies to try to ensure everyone could be helped. Hopefully, there would be volunteers arriving as well. or waking up from wherever in the clinic they'd spent the night. It was kind of reassuring to see how many people showed up to help others.

It would have been more reassuring to feel like Leland Gaunt would be staying behind bars, but Atticus was going to leave that to the professionals.

FTEC, Friday

Friday, March 27th, 2015 08:24 am
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Atticus was back in the clinic today with more tea as well as a basket of chocolates. If people needed to be cheered up to feel better, chocolate was a good way to accomplish that as far as he was concerned. Plus, it cheered up the nurses, and he wasn't sure what kind of day they'd have ahead of them.


FTEC, Thursday

Thursday, March 26th, 2015 07:20 am
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To be honest, Atticus was at the clinic because there were a lot of other places he didn't want to be. He didn't want to deal with the people outside of Gaunt's shop, because he didn't know what they might be capable of at the moment. He didn't trust the vibe of the school's library at all, and trying to heal the preserve had been fruitless and gotten him almost chomped on by crazy deer. When he eventually left this world, it was not going to be death by deer, thank you very much.

So, he'd decided that the best thing he could do was help those who were trying to help others, and that meant tea. He'd charmed some of the folks from the Perk and JGOB into lending him pots and hot plates, and set out a variety of teas for anyone who needed a pick-me-up. Some of them were normal flavors, and some were more medicinal thanks to the herbs he'd... acquired from the Magic Box. (It didn't count as stealing if the door was unlocked when he got there, and he fully intended to pay for everything he'd taken, eventually.) He made sure the nurses got whatever they wanted first, and then stuck a sign on the door:


It wasn't terribly creative, but he hoped it would work well enough.

[Hello folks! This post is for anyone who wants to help at the clinic, who has broken their curse and needs help, or who wants to just hang out and have some tea. :) There will be a clinic post every day today through Sunday.]

FTEC, Sunday 3/22

Sunday, March 22nd, 2015 10:39 am
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Things had felt somewhat off for days now. Enough so that Stark didn't even stop at JGoB for any baked goods today. He went straight to the clinic instead.

The nurses had looked at him curiously when he didn't drop off the familiar pastry box on the desk. He had simply shrugged in response before turning to attack a cupboard he felt needed straightening up.

The alien was in, ready to assist, and might even be able to dig up a package of Oreos if you really needed a cookie.

[Open, OCD-free, etc]

FTEC, Sunday 3/1

Sunday, March 1st, 2015 01:56 pm
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Sundays, despite recent appearances (or lack thereof) to the contrary, still meant clinic shifts for Stark.

He'd arrived a little earlier than usual today with a box of muffins instead of cupcakes. Sometimes it was good to change things up a bit.

He was at the desk, half of a chocolate chip muffin in front of him and a short stack of books to one side.

The alien was in, ready to assist with medical matters if you needed him, and willing to share baked goods as always.

[open, OCD-free]
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Stark kept forgetting it was Sunday for some reason I have no excuse had brought a batch of cupcakes decorated with little marshmallow snowmen with him today to the clinic.

He'd also brought a baking cookbook with him to read and was making notes on it as he sat at the desk. It had been a while since he baked anything.

The alien was in and ready to assist with your medical needs or chat about baked goods (or most anything else).

[open, ocd-free, as ever]
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Today's cupcakes were extra sweet on account of the powdered sugar falling from the sky. The employees at JGoB had put all the sweet baked goods outside for a dusting.

Stark was also lightly coated with sugar when he arrived. Sugar was fine. He didn't mind sugar. It was far preferable to ghosts, after all.

He did, however, mind the sweater he'd woken up in this morning. It wasn't uncomfortable but it had blinking lights and that was just a bit too much. None of the nurses had blinking sweaters although theirs weren't much better.

The alien was in, probably tasted great, and was ready to assist with your medical needs. He was also ready to commiserate about sweaters. Or talk about ghosts. Or offer a cupcake. The alien was here to help.

[open, ocd-free, as always]
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The island was full of people tunred into children. Stark was still his normal size and age and so Stark was at the clinic for his normal shift.

He'd stopped off for cupcakes, of course, but had opted for the mini sized ones. They were on the desk in front of him currently. He'd also found the supply of lollipops and made sure there were plenty in desk. He also got out some brightly colored band-aids in case of minor injuries.

The alien was in, had candy and cupcakes, and was ready to assist with all your medical needs (child-sized or otherwise).

[open (Stark loves kids) and ocd-free as always]
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As happened nearly every week, Stark stopped off at JGoB for a box of cupcakes on his way to the clinic. Today's were all chocolate with peanut butter frosting. Stark hoped they were delicious but he hadn't eaten one yet.

Instead, he was cleaning. He'd get to the cupcakes later, after he'd gotten this cabinet sorted.

The alien was in, doing some spring cleaning 6 months out of season, and ready to assist if you needed him for medical (or other) needs.

[open, ocd-free, etc]
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Stark was himself this weekend. Stark usually was himself. He found that a comfort, mostly. Not always.

Because he was himself Stark was at the clinic as per usual on a Sunday. He also had cupcakes. They were chocolate.

The alien was in, still his usual self, and ready to assist you whether you were yourself or not.

[open, ocd-free, etc]
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This week the cupcakes at JGoB had been decorated with gremlins in blue and gold in honor of Homecoming. Stark had a boxful with him when he got to the clinic.

He also had pizza because he was hungry and pizza was delicious.

The alien was in, at the desk with dinner and dessert, and ready to assist with your medical needs.

[open, ocd-free, etc]
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Today Stark had not been in the mood for cupcakes. He hadn't, in fact, been in the mood for anything from JGoB. Instead he'd gotten up and baked chocolate chip cookies.

He brought the cookies with him to the clinic and set them on the desk. The nurses were marathoning some television show he'd never seen so he was eating the occasional cookie while going through cabinets to make sure things were where they were meant to be.

The alien was in, willing to share the cookies, and ready to assist if you should need him.

[Open, ocd-free, my house smells like cookies right now and it's awesome]

FTEC, Sunday 8/10

Sunday, August 10th, 2014 03:14 pm
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Stark hadn't spent very long at the carnival yesterday. Long enough to realize that staying there was a terrible idea and that he shouldn't have gone in the first place.

When he went into JGoB today and found cotton candy topped cupcakes he opted for a box of assorted cookies instead.

The alien was in, seated at the desk with his cookies, watching something about sharks on the television, and hoping there wouldn't be any carnival-induced trauma to deal with today but he was doubtful the island would be so lucky.

[open, OCD-free]

FTEC, Sunday 7/20

Sunday, July 20th, 2014 11:45 am
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It was, Stark had been informed, National Ice Cream Day. As a result he had altered his usual routine and instead of stopping for cupcakes before heading to the clinic he had gone for ice cream. Since there were nurses at the clinic to think of as well he picked up an assortment of ice cream bars and sandwiches to put in the freezer.

"I would have brought sundaes," he told the nurses. "But I wasn't sure that would work. And I wasn't sure what you all liked."

The alien was in, eating an ice cream sandwich, and ready to assist should you need him.

[Open, OCD-free, I am in San Diego and it is glorious]

FTEC, Sunday 6/22

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014 06:19 pm
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It was officially summer according the calendars here. This meant the weather was much more to Stark's liking and that the cupcakes at JGoB this weekend were all summer-themed. The ones he brought with him to the clinic were topped with tiny sugar flip-flops and sunglasses.

The alien was in, the TV was turned to a soccer match, and the clinic was open for your medical needs.

[open, OCD-free, etc]

FTEC, Sunday 6/15

Sunday, June 15th, 2014 06:09 pm
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Stark had passed on the Father's Day themed cupcakes at JGoB and instead came in with a box of assorted cookies and bars today. Sometimes it was good to change things up a little.

He was settled at the desk listening to stories from the nursing staff about the fathers in their lives. He didn't have much to contribute to the conversation so he had a cookbook in front of him to flip through while they chatted.

The alien was in and ready to assist should you need him.

[open, ocd-free, etc]

FTEC, Sunday 5/18

Sunday, May 18th, 2014 12:30 pm
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Stark had brought bagels today. It was very rare but occasionally he had an urge for things that weren't sweet. Very, very rare. But stranger things had happened, as he told the nurses when they expressed disbelief.

The alien was in, chewing on an everything bagel, and ready to assist should you need him.

[Open, OCD-free but I'm heading out to some wineries with Nic in a few minutes]

FTEC, Monday - 5/5

Monday, May 5th, 2014 04:06 pm
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The room was slightly cleaner this time around, but the food and coffee remained the same. Sorry, he was on a budget here and it wasn't like the clinic reimbursed him for providing that to people.

Hope you all enjoyed the off brand Oreos.

"Okay, last week was a good start for a lot of you," Sam said once people were sitting down. "Plenty more time to work through things. Today I want to see you guys engage each other on how your week has been. I'll step in, but I want to see where you can get on your own this week. Alright?"

FTEC, Sunday 5/4

Sunday, May 4th, 2014 06:36 pm
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All the cupcakes at JGoB had been Space Battles themed so that was what Stark brought with him to the clinic. The nurses said they would go perfectly with the Space Battles marathon on the TV. Stark had nodded and sat down. Eventually he got restless and started looking for things that needed doing but he did keep humming the theme as he worked.

The alien was in, and ready to assist with any medical needs.

[Open and OCD-free]
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Sam had dusted off what had probably been used as a conference room at one point in the use of the clinic for today. There were a selection of mismatched chairs facing inside the room in an awkward little sharing circle. And for anyone not inclined toward that, there were tables with coffee and cookies.

So, you could at least get something to snack on while you were there!

Fun times.

FTEC, Sunday 4/27

Sunday, April 27th, 2014 04:00 pm
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The island was full of visitors. Stark wasn't expecting to see any of them in clinic but he wouldn't rule it out. Today's cupcakes had wee chocolate mortarboards on top in honor of graduation weekend and he would be happy to share with anyone who wandered in.

The alien was in and ready to assist you should you need it.

[open, OCD-free, as always]
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After Sam had gotten a few essentials put away in his new apartment, he took the walk over to where he'd be working. And there had been enough stairs along the way that he was more than missing D.C. already. Kind of. Well, he didn't miss the traffic at least.

That counted for something.

Once the nurses showed him around, he grabbed himself a clip board to figure out what he'd need to actually get started on work. This actually ended up involving a lot of coffee and re-checking the job posting for this place. As you do.

[So open!]

FTEC, Sunday 4/20

Sunday, April 20th, 2014 10:03 am
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This was not a holiday that Stark really celebrated. He knew plenty about it to not do anything that might be offensive to those that did. That was enough.

For Stark, the best part of Easter was the variety of chocolates available. (He also had fond memories of tiny bunnies from years ago). Stark took his chocolate almost as seriously as his baked goods. There was no such thing as chocolate in the Uncharted Territories and he was still making up for lost years. That was why he had a basket full of carefully chosen (after a lot of taste-testing) chocolates and a few other candies to share with the nurses and anyone who might be utilizing clinic services today.

The alien was in and happy to assist you with your medical needs or with picking out a chocolate that will suit you.

[Open, etc]

FTEC, Sunday 4/6

Sunday, April 6th, 2014 11:12 am
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The island was back to what passed for normal. This was good. Not that Stark, being Stark, had dealt with much of the abnormality of recent weeks. He had been avoiding it, and most other things, for far too long.

In an effort to not avoid things he arrived for his regular shift a bit early, with extra baked goods for the nursing staff. He had a cookbook to look through for later but for now he was going to focus his attention on some cabinets that may or may not have actually needed to be cleaned and rearranged. He was going to do it anyway. It was something to do and he needed to do something, even if the something was just making sure the bandages and lollipops were where he thought they ought to be.

The alien was in and ready to assist you should you need him.

[open, ocd-free, Stark is doing some spring-cleaning. I am not because I am allergic to cleaning. Or maybe I'm just lazy.]

FTEC ; Tuesday

Tuesday, February 18th, 2014 11:38 am
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Mindy didn't look her best today. But, to be fair, that was because she had spent most of last night dealing with incredibly volatile emotions about her not-daughter, Jayden. Jayden was adorable, smart, witty and sweet, but more than that, it was just nice to know that there was a reality out there where Mindy had the life she wanted. Sometimes it felt like a long way off, other times it felt impossible, but meeting Jayden made Mindy feel like that was within reach.

Mindy told all this to the nurses while she milled around their workspace, though her version was much more detailed. She had to stop to get tissues a few times. That was embarrassing.

FTEC ; Tuesday

Tuesday, January 28th, 2014 12:03 pm
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[personal profile] beyonce_pad_thai
Devastatingly, Mindy's pre-ordered hummus wrap that she'd only ventured outside for two minutes to pick up had been packaged incorrectly. It turned out to be buffalo chicken instead-- a crushing disappointment for Mindy as well as all the nurses who had to hear about it.

She ate all of it anyway, but not before she instructed one of the nurses to take down a very scornful email to the lackluster establishment that was responsible. In the email, she heavily implied that she was a vegetarian, just to emphasize the severity of the slight against her.

{ open clinic; no OCD }
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After this many years of Fandom experience, Stark was barely even phased by waking up in a body that wasn't his own. Yesterday the cat had been somewhat concerned. As soon as he was fed, however, he had no more complaints about Stark's current shape.

Today he'd gone to JGoB as always. The usual young man at the counter had been replaced by a sad looking young woman. Stark suspected the array of blue baked goods were somehow related (though he'd never understood why, exactly, the color was meant to be 'for boys'). Blue being his favorite color, though that had nothing to do with being male and everything to do with Delvians, Stark was more than happy to purchase an assortment of foods.

He brought the blue baked goods to the desk and sat down after offering them to the nurses. He started with a cookie that had a little bearded face drawn on it in icing.

The alien was in, even if he was girl-shaped for the weekend.

[open, OCD-free, etc]

FTEC ; Tuesday

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 01:19 pm
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[personal profile] beyonce_pad_thai
There was one thing to be said for this clinic: Mindy didn't have to share a small space with a grumpy Southern guy who called women ma'am when they clearly looked like they could still be in high school. College, maybe. Undergrad. The point was that she looked young.

Yeah, it was a little boring in here without Danny or Morgan or Jeremy and their hilarious, if unprofessional antics, and Mindy needed to befriend one of the nurses and talk them into bringing her coffee cake every morning, but it would do.

But, first she had to establish her authority by choosing a Pandora station that everyone would respect. If she couldn't do that, she'd have no authority at all.

FTEC, Sunday 1/5

Sunday, January 5th, 2014 07:54 pm
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[personal profile] stykera
It was a new year and there were new people on the island as well. Stark had decided to make more of an effort to be visible this year rather than hiding out in the hotel with his cat. The plan had not, as yet, gone very well. However he had arrived at the clinic for his Sunday shift and he had brought a box of donuts with him. The cupcakes had looked rather boring today.

After he dropped off the donuts with the nurses, and endured a brief lecture on how he really ought to have come out for a New Year's celebration of some sort, he started rummaging through the cupboards in search of things that weren't where they belonged.

The alien was in, organizing things, and ready to assist you should you need it. He was also prepared to offer a donut and/or lollipop.

[open, ocd-free, etc]
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The cupcakes Stark brought with him to the clinic today were gingerbread. Unfortunately eating them was proving to be difficult due to the mittens that kept reappearing on his hands. Gloves would have been fine. The mittens were not conducive to picking up baked goods. Too much of the frosting ended up on the mittens which was a terrible waste.

Eventually he gave up on the cupcake and settled in at the desk.

The alien was in and hoping nobody needed any medical attention that required fingers.

[open, ocd-free, etc]
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Stark was still around honest had noticed the sudden drop in average age of Fandom's population and had gotten supplies for the clinic in preparation. If, by supplies, you meant mini cupcakes and an assortment of cookies. He'd also made sure the lollipop supply in the desk was replenished. These things were important when there were tiny children running around.

After depositing the baked goods on the desk he had gone in search of colorful band-aids because those were also very important when dealing with small children and their injuries.

The alien was ready to offer band-aids, lollipops, baked goods, or other medical services as necessary.

[Open and OCD-free, of course]
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Stark came into the clinic in the evening rather than earlier but he still came bearing cupcakes. Fall-themed cupcakes in honor of the season changing, of course.

The nurses were watching red carpet coverage when he arrived, followed by an awards show. Stark was occasionally glancing at the television but he recognized very few of the people on the screen. Maybe he ought to start watching more television.

The alien was in and ready to assist with your medical needs.

[open, ocd-free because the ocd is covered in hives and wants to cry about it]
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The staff at JGoB had been excited to show off (and sell) their pumpkin-flavored cupcakes to Stark this morning. And, since they were cupcakes, Stark was happy to purchase several to take with him to the clinic.

The nurses were even more excited for pumpkin flavoring than the JGoB staff had been and the cupcakes had disappeared very quickly.

The alien was in, wondering what the obsession with pumpkin flavor was, and ready to assist with your medical needs.

[open, ocd-free, etc]

FTEC, Sunday 8/11

Sunday, August 11th, 2013 11:06 am
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[personal profile] stykera
There were, thankfully, no sharks falling from the sky today during Stark's walk to J,GOB and the clinic. In fact the walk was entirely uneventful.

He set down a box of donuts (for some reasons the cupcakes hadn't appealed to him today) on the desk in front of him and settled in for the day's shift.

The alien was in, picking idly at a bearclaw, and ready to assist with your medical needs if you had any.

[open, ocd-free, blahblahblah]

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