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Prom last night had been fun (and she still had two more to go to!), and so, Ino was in a totally brilliant mood even with having to head to work. Besides, work was mostly her studying while keeping an eye on the front desk. That was totally doable.

She curled up in the chair, humming to herself, and settling in for another ordinary day spent studying medicine.

Totally ordinary day, yeah. So she thought.
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Oh hey, look, it was a desk! And a chair, which Ino flopped down in, and then leaned back and rolled her eyes at herself.

Hon-est-ly. What was she getting moody about? The fact that her ethics were different, and that people were going to keep treating that like it was bad? “Ugh,” Ino informed the ceiling. “No way.” Because, ew, she wasn’t going to change.

So, she was there, and determinedly cheerful about it.
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Seven year old Ino had woken up at a ridiculous hour, duly spent a good bit of time admiring the plants everywhere in her room, and found a calendar that told her she was supposed to be at the clinic today. Which is why she’d wound up there. The nurses weren’t impressed when she crashed into the place with a very loud ‘Hiiiiiiiiiiiiii!’ and, if she’d been paying attention, Ino might’ve caught the mutter of ‘oh no, not again’ from one of them.

And now the nurses were determined to get her to leave. Ino, in typical stubborn fashion, didn’t want to go.

“But I’m supposed to be here!” she protested, glancing up at the nurse who was most determined to keep ‘kids out of the clinic when they weren’t hurt’. “It said so on the calendar! I have an appointment and Dad says you’ve got to keep your appointments!”

Apparently that didn’t matter. She put up a bit more of a fuss, until one of them gave her a lollipop, and while she was trying to get the plastic off it, was summarily shown out the door. Ino sulked at the door. For a few seconds.

“Fine,” she said, stomping her foot and throwing the plastic at the closed door. “I don’t want to be here anyway! I’m going to tell Dad on you!” Eventually. Somehow. Licking the lollipop, she darted off.

There had to be something more fun for her to do! Stupid clinic!
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It was the day of romance! Of hanging around with your significant other, of flowers and chocolates and candy hearts and...

Working at the clinic. Ino wasn’t sure if someone, somewhere wasn’t mocking her. Either way, she was there, in a rather good mood considering she’d rather not be there, and reading through a medical journal and trying to keep up with some of what they were talking about.

Ino kinda figured that if anyone came in today it’d be for an upset stomach from too many sweets.
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Ino had the radio turned up, a little louder than she normally did while at work, and was slumped in her usual chair, legs over one of the arms, back resting in a position that was comfortable only because she’d had the thought to stuff a small pillow behind her for support. Her feet kicked at the air idly as she read and hummed along to the music.

All in all, it was very much business as usual, and Ino was quite fine with that.
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It was, the nurses had to admit, a bit weird to not have their little blonde helper hanging around during the day without full warning of her not showing up. They gossiped about it for hours while working.

And, in the evening, were rather relieved to see Ino show up, both late and exhausted looking. She settled herself carefully down in the chair, mindful of her aches and bruises, and made a phone call because she’d promised, stifled another yawn, then devoted herself to attempting to stay awake until she could go to the dorms and crash hard.
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It was a very tired, but very smug Ino who was curled up in the chair behind the desk today. Ichigo, who was still a fox, was all but radiating irritation at her. She shrugged, unconcerned, and checked to make sure everything paperwork-wise in the clinic was fine, before settling in to study.

And stifling yawns. She was determined, however, to not fall asleep while at work.
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Ino... hated the world today.

Because she was stuck in the clinic (thanks a lot, Cable-san) and it was so gorgeous out. It was only the fact that she was obligated to be here, and the fact that it was, after all, on orders that she’d even taken this job, that Ino was at the clinic today.

So she was curled up in the chair, absently rereading her notes on the scrolls.

And sulking. A lot.
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Ino had a million and one things she could be working on while at the clinic. She was, for the most part though, just staring at the entrance with deliberate thoughtfulness. And trying not to sigh. She didn’t need loads more things to have to consider and fret about right now.

If anyone asked, she was practicing her mental walls.
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Okay, so yes, she’d heard radio (had been certain to listen to it, in fact) and knew already that Tyler-sensei had been to the clinic like she’d ordered him to be. This did not stop her from making her very first order of business when she got in checking up on the paperwork to make sure he really had been in and radio hadn’t been lying.

Smugly pleased that he’d listened to her (and, really, in Ino’s opinion, more people ought to listen to her) she settled down to read her medical textbooks and vaguely contemplate... stuff.

Yes. Stuff.
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She kept yawning and while her textbook was open, and she was taking notes, Ino had to admit to herself that, seriously, she wasn’t retaining very much at all. Too tired.

And when the nurses asked about her date with Ichigo and if he’d be in today, Ino just tugged at her hair and rolled her eyes before chasing them off. How was she supposed to know? Geez. She wasn’t his keeper.
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She’d contemplated bringing Liir (who was still a kitten, geez) down to the clinic, but had decided not to because, seriously, that had to be unsanitary, right? Fur and sterile didn’t sound like they matched up too well.

Twirling a pen around in one hand, Ino settled into study her notes. And sip at her water while wondering if she ought to have stopped by the Perk to get a hot chocolate.
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Ino was, it must be said, of the opinion that the evening would be much more interesting than her shift at the clinic. After all, sleepover parties generally were more fun and there was no way she was planning on missing it.

For now though, she was curled up behind the desk and studying intently. And wondering if she could get in some extra practice on sand walking before the party that night.
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Ino couldn't help but to sigh happily upon finding that the clinic was blissfully empty and that there was a reasonable chance that she wouldn't have to worry about anyone injured today.

It was a good day. It didn't mean she was going to slack off though, so after about fifteen minutes of just cheerful bubbling at the nurses and asking them about their week she settled down at the desk and focused on her studying.
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Having heard that there was a patient in the clinic, Doogie came in early to check on him and shoo away any flirtatious nurses who might be bothering the poor guy.
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Ino was a bit sleepy after the party last night, but it wasn’t all that bad and she showed up at the clinic bright and early. Cheerfully greeting the nurses and making sure everything (and she was even starting to figure out what most of it was named) was all properly stocked up, Ino curled up behind the desk and set to studying with a will.

With any luck, it’d be a quiet day today.

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