FTEC, Monday - 5/5

Monday, May 5th, 2014 04:06 pm
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The room was slightly cleaner this time around, but the food and coffee remained the same. Sorry, he was on a budget here and it wasn't like the clinic reimbursed him for providing that to people.

Hope you all enjoyed the off brand Oreos.

"Okay, last week was a good start for a lot of you," Sam said once people were sitting down. "Plenty more time to work through things. Today I want to see you guys engage each other on how your week has been. I'll step in, but I want to see where you can get on your own this week. Alright?"
[identity profile] onyourright.livejournal.com
After Sam had gotten a few essentials put away in his new apartment, he took the walk over to where he'd be working. And there had been enough stairs along the way that he was more than missing D.C. already. Kind of. Well, he didn't miss the traffic at least.

That counted for something.

Once the nurses showed him around, he grabbed himself a clip board to figure out what he'd need to actually get started on work. This actually ended up involving a lot of coffee and re-checking the job posting for this place. As you do.

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