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He opens the clinic around 10 am, puts a pot of hazelnut coffee on to brew, and a soft jazz CD on the stereo system.

He fishes a red lolly pop out of the desk drawer, then commences to going throug the drawers. There's not much, really. He's made sure of that with his periodic and impulsive cleaning sprees. He found the box of pens Wilson had ordered long ago, that he'd retrieved out of the trash after one of his fits of total destruction. He sighed and stashed the flimsy plastic container in his shoulder bag.

There wasn't much else worth keeping, but he put what little there was in a small box. The desk in he office was much the same, and the box he'd filled was light enough that he could manage it back to his apartment. He set to work on reorganising the filing cabinent in the office, because it was something to do to pass the time.

Doctor is in and available, though on SP until after 3pm est. Assistants were welcome to pick up a thread. Come bleed, steal coffee, or say goodbye. Friday will be Dr House's last day in the clinic
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It had been a long night and Wilson had to admit that he was tired. When the page had come in about CJ's accident he'd practically begged Phale to stay put in the apartment, torn between being needed at the hospital and being needed by his friend but in the end there had been no question about his going.

And that had turned into a longer ordeal than he'd expected. To Alexandria, the medivac ride to Richmond, waiting for Ten to arrive, waiting for CJ to get out of surgery and trying to make sure that everyone was on the same page and communicating well and then...figuring out how to get himself back to Alexandria.

He'd ended up calling a car service and being driven back up to Alexandria General where he'd picked up his own car and eventually made it back to Fandom just as the sky was turning gray.

Experience had taught him that trying to sleep at that point would just make him more tired in the long run so he'd blasted himself with a brisk, 'wake-up' shower and spent a few hours talking with the angel and drinking tea.

Convincing Phale to inhabit his couch as long as the angel felt the need to be somewhere safe and quiet and reminding his friend he was welcome to come into the Clinic, if he needed company, Wilson headed down the hall to open the Clinic for the day.

Doctor is in!
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Wilson had coffee and he had a crossword puzzle today. It was Friday after all!

The beloved Jamacian Blue Mountain was perking in the pot behind him and he looked vaguely relaxed as he sat at the desk and worked on the puzzle. The Clinic was open.

Doctor on Duty, if you need to come bleed or otherwise steal coffee from him.

[ooc: Okay, new procedure. I'm going to get on the bandwagon and set up comment threads. This is because House!Mun has spoken with Spider and FandomRadio and it's been agreed that anything discussed in the Waiting Room or Lab is free game to broadcast and Bristow and Spider's scrutiney but anything shared in a closed Exam Room is private doctor/patient confidential, NFB or review by Admins -I believe I read that right Spider, let me know if I didn't- so it will be important to hold conversations in the applicable rooms.]
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Wilson was whistling, and yes he had a damn good reason to be whistling thankyouverymuch, as he set about opening up the Clinic for the day.

His eyes kept sliding towards the windows and little sighs escaped him as he enjoyed the sunshine, idly he considered heading out with MegaPager on his hip but...no, he needed to finish checking in the equipment he'd ordered from the mainland and of course today was the endoscopy for Grissom.

Setting a pot of coffee to brewing, the lanky oncologist threw himself down into the desk chair and picked up the phone.

First he called House to remind him to call Duce with her test result and then he called through to Paige with her test as well.

That bit of bookkeeping done, he had just reached for a chart when he heard the back door buzz. The shipment he was expecting both regular supplies as well as the extra necessities he'd tacked on for treating Grissom.

Laying a clipboard up on the counter for people to sign in as they needed to, Wilson headed for the back.

Doctor on Duty, come bleed if you wish.
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The Clinic was opened, perhaps a little late as someone had been out stalking coffee from The Perk this morning.

That didn't mean he didn't have a pot of Kona brewing quietly behind him as he sat and worked thoughtfully on a clipboard in his lap.

Doctor on Duty

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