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Wilson was impressed by the display going up in the park and took some time to investigate it before heading down to take over the clinic for the evening.

He expected that with it being prom night things should be fairly quiet...or maybe extremely busy, one never knew with Fandom, did one?

Settling in behind the desk after a brief chat with the on duty nurse, Wilson flipped open his laptop with all the intention in the world of working. Strangely enough what he ended up doing was surfing more...adult movie titles, to see if he could find any other educational material for the angel.

Last night, had been waaaaayyyy too much fun.
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After checking on the sole patient in the clinic, Christian opened the windows to let the warm spring air in and settled behind the desk for the day.
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Christian wasn't really superstitious, but in a place like Fandom, he was extra careful about mirrors, stepping on cracks, and walking under ladders on his way to open up the clinic for the day.

[ooc: see prior availabilty notice; I'm around but may be SP due to loss of consciousness.]
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The first thing Doogie did when he got to the clinic was check in on Steerpike and read through his file to make sure that he knew exactly what was going on. After that, he was up at the front desk, making occasional rounds back to the exam room.
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Wilson was on the phone as he came through the door chatting about brain tumors but when the nurse came towards him with a chart in her hand, Wilson quickly shut off the call and focused on his patient here in the clinic.

Reading through Steerpike's chart, he peppered the nurse with questions about the young man's vitals and state of comfort this morning before signing off on the chart and setting himself a time to make rounds and visit the patient.

Sending the nurse on back, he set up his laptop and flipped his cell phone back open to finish his call.
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Clinic? Open. Doctor? In.

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