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Wilson was at the clinic that evening.

He was not in a good mood.
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Wilson lugged his laptop and a couple of the more necessary books all the way down to the clinic to continue to work on his article

Yet he still found a free hand for a latte!

One had one's priorities after all.
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Aziraphale was back - YAY!

Lucifer was being ... a prat difficult - BOO!

Thus, Wilson was fairly uncertain what sort of mood to be in as he carried his latte into the clinic that morning. It was sort of like a fairy tail, where one bowl of poridge was too hot and another was too cold ... Wilson decided he'd be juuuuusst right.

And so he flopped down in the chair behind the front desk, kicked his feet up and began to read a Town and Country magazine.
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Wilson was in a fairly good mood as he headed into the clinic that evening.

He had a pumpkin spice latte. This had a lot to do with his good mood.

He also had some crossword puzzles to entertain himself with and was soon ensconced behind the front desk with his puzzles and his coffee.
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Wilson was in the clinic early this morning, grumbling at his wrist which was now about two sizes it's normal circumfrence.

"Frikkin bag," he muttered as he sat down in the seat at the front desk and began to unpack the materials he'd snagged from the supply cabinet.
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Wilson was settled into the clinic for a long and hopefully quiet Saturday evening. He was actually watching TV tonight rather than reading.

Some nights you just couldn't turn off such grand entertainment as Kitchen Nightmares. Particularly when you had a couple episodes on tape.
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Wilson was in a very good mood as he headed into the clinic that morning. This might have something to do with the Pumpkin spice latte in his hand.

Settling down behind the desk, he spoke briefly with the nurse and then pulled his laptop out so he could continue work on his test. Strangely, after about an hour of this, he ended up sitting back and staring thoughtfully out the window at the slowly changing trees.
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Wilson had been at the clinic all night, really he had ... unlike his mun who was on the road returning from vacation!
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Wilson was in the clinic today working on crossword puzzles.

It was relaxing!
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After enjoying a quiet day with Aziraphale, Wilson headed down to the clinic for the night shift.

He had crossword puzzles and a regency romance novel book to read. He figured it would be a quiet night.
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Between getting grabbed by squirrels last night and an early clinic shift this morning, Wilson was dragging as he headed into the FTEC.

His eyes also hurt like hell from reading wee tiny squirrel scribbles and so he didn't even pretend to do anything other than sit behind the desk with his head on his arms while he stared at the large coffee he'd picked up at the Perk.

He was hoping the coffee would some how come out of the cup and seep through his eyeballs into his brain. You know, sort of like when Lassie always comes to save little Timmy?


Yeah, he might have needed a nap.
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Wilson was down in the clinic, quietly working on lesson plans and another journal article.
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Wilson had a large coffee and a soft sided briefcase full of work to keep him busy so long as the clinic remained quiet.

This made him happy!
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Wilson was definitely yawning as he headed into the clinic today, oversized coffee in one hand and briefcase in the other.

He also had a fairly smug and well satisfied look on his face.

It seemed as if having a certain bond open full blast hadn't been quite the uncomfortable experience it could have been.

Settling down behind the front desk, he went back to work on his lesson plans, mind abuzz with lazy contentment.
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Heading into the clinic that morning, Wilson realized he was going to have to talk to Christain about giving up the Monday shift now that school was starting up.

Talking quietly with the on duty nurse, he was a bit surprised to learn that Anakin had been discharged the day before and made a mental note to maybe check in on him during office hours or something later.

For now, he took his latte and headed into the exam rooms to help the nurse clean and restock.
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Wilson was covering a yawn as he made his way into the clinic this morning. It had been an eventful weekend, one that his brain was still struggling to completely comprehend but his body only knew that it was deliciously tired.

For a varity of reasons, ranging from the incredibly pleasant to the less so.

Settling down behind the front desk, he sipped his coffee and turned his attention towards some of the thoughts he'd kept at bay for the past 48 hours.

Gradually, as his day unfolded around him the young doctor got a thoughtful look on his face and he began to make some phone calls.

In the meantime, he was definitely inna clinic for those in need!
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Wilson was pensive as he opened the clinic today, several schools of thought weighing down his mind and making him restless.

Since sitting still held little appeal, he headed back into the exam rooms to clean for a bit.
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Wilson was whistling as he headed into the clinic that morning. No real need to ask why right?

He had a mug of fresh mint tea in his hand and a stack of personal paperwork to get through, which meant that the clinic's quiet status was just what he was perfect.

Sending the nurse back to do an inventory count, he settled behind the front desk and got to work.
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Champagne, Wilson loved the stuff, perhaps a bit too much. Tiny bubbles and all that. Not to mention a beloved mate who seemed amused by the wee hangover which Phale had insisted wouldn't be the death of the mortal.

Wilson could only hope the angel took pity on him later and brought tea ... or maybe coffee.

For the moment, he had a large bottle of juice and a plain bagel as he settled down behind the front desk. He was almost finished with his part of the damn HMO paper and was looking forward to it's completion.
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Wilson stretched a little as he headed into the clinic that morning. Despite angelic intervention there had still been three fairly large man shaped beings in the back seat of a sports car. There were a few remaining muscle kinks.

Taking a moment to speak briefly with the nurse, Wilson caught himself up on the happenings over the weekend and then settled down at the front desk with the weekend's worth of mail to sort through.
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Early Thursday morning, after a much appreciated spot of tea, Wilson made his way from the Nest back to Minotaur Lane.

Yes, he was wearing the same clothes as the night before but it was not a walk of shame because there was a definite bounce in his step.

Anywho, after shower and changing he headed back down in to town to get the clinic opened up for the day. He might have also laid a bit of Phale bait along the way because he had one more angel to secure for his nefarious plan. Hence why there was a thermos of tea and the angel's usual chair pulled over to the desk waiting for him.
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Wilson was perhaps a wee hung over from a night spent sipping scotch and playing pool but it wasn't a bad hangover, just enough to have him packing juice instead of his usual coffee as he opened the clinic for the day.

[ooc: I am at work for the first time in a week and a half, so SP is love as I catch up.]
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Today, Wilson was actually up to walking down to the clinic, provided that meant Aziraphale walked along with him. They tried to make it look like a fairly casual stroll.

Once inside, Wilson spoke briefly with the on duty nurse and then sent her off to run an inventory on the medications they had on hand, making sure nothing was reaching an expiration date.

Then he settled down at the desk, chuckling a little as he found Phale already ensconced in his favorite chair with his crossword puzzle.

[ooc: Aziraphale modded with permission. Content of their conversation in comments NFB please.]
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Wilson was still in a withdrawn mood as he came back into the clinic that morning. He didn't bother to check in with the on duty nurse beyond confirming that no one had been admitted in the 6 hours he'd been away.

Settling at the desk, he opened his laptop and tried to focus on getting some work done.
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Waving cheerfully to the on duty nurse as he headed through the doors, Wilson set down his brief case, coffee and newspaper and walked over to have a quick word with her.

Things still seemed nice and quiet so he sent her back to make sure all the files were organized while he settled down to man the front desk. Course, this manning took the form of kicked back with a crossword puzzle but, hey at least he was there, right?
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After spending an enjoyable evening in the park, followed by the party to celebrate the happy married couple, Wilson had a definite spring to his step as he headed into the clinic for the day.

A brief conversation was held with the nurse and then the young doctor settled behind the front desk with his laptop and a notepad.

Journal articles didn't write themselves after all.
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Wilson was definitely covering up a yawn as he made his way back into the clinic. While it would have been nice to say he'd been up late canoodling with the mate or the Advesary, he'd actually been up late putting together a surprise for the mate ... and the Advesary if he happened to be in a position for a surprise.

In the meantime, Wilson checked with the on duty nurse, pleased to find no patients and after that brief conversation he settled in with his laptop to do a bit of consulting work for a friend.
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Wilson was yawning more than a little bit as he made his way into the clinic Monday morning.

Also, despite the fact that he was wearing a dress shirt, he was not wearing a tie as the collar of said shirt had been left undone. His neck was a bit sore this morning...no, he wasn't making any effort to hide why his neck was a bit sore this morning.

Some hickies you just wear with pride.

Talking with the on duty nurse, Wilson frowned a little that Gwynn hadn't yet made a break for freedom and sat down with her chart to see if there was anything possibly delying her recovery.
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After spending a quiet day with Aziraphale, Wilson had finally pulled himself together and headed down to the clinic.

Checking in with the on duty nurse, Wilson settled in at the front desk with his laptop and his work papers. He just needed to get through a few more edits and he'd been done with his journal article.

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Latte in hand, bagel in mouth, Wilson shouldered his way into the clinic.

With everything cleaned to within an inch of it's life yesterday, today's project was restock, inventory.

Setting up his laptop so he could finish with his journal article later, Wilson headed into the back to check in on their remaining patient and then start work on counting Q-tips.
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Wilson was still chuckling with loving amusement as he headed into the clinic for the start of the morning shift. He'd left Aziraphale back at the house dithering over proper footware for the beach.

It complimented the dithering Aziraphale had been doing the night before over proper shirt, slacks, socks...

Not that Wilson didn't already have his own change of clothes laid out for when he got off shift...nupe, not at all.

Checking in with the nurse on any activity, the clinic did seem blessedly calmer than it had last week, Wilson settled in behind the front desk.
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Wilson was a little late getting into the clinic tonight due to having made good on his promise to grill Aziraphale a steak and have a sit down dinner with him in the garden.

Catching up with the on duty nurse, the young doctor was pleased to hear that the clinic was empty at this time and he set himself up at the front desk with a stack of medical journals he had been meaning to read over the weekend.
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After having spent most of the day curled up with Aziraphale, Wilson was still blissfully unaware that most of the island's student population was wee.

Under this sense of innocence, he headed into the clinic, checked up with the nurse and then settled in to work on crosswords for the evening, save for when Phale came down with dinner.
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Marie was lucky to have gotten Andy back! Wilson had thoughts of trying to keep the delightful little boy. Well, okay they were fleeting thoughts that logic had quickly smacked out of him but ooohh did he envy his alternate selves and their role in the lives of these delightful children he'd gotten to meet.

Munching on one of the cookies the three of them had made that afternoon, Wilson made his way into the clinic. He checked in briefly with the on duty nurse and then set himself up at the front desk.
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Wilson had gotten a message from Dr. Troy that he needed coverage for his shift and as Fridays were fairly quiet for him he'd agreed to take it.

So he headed in with a large latte and some medical journals to help pass the time.

FTEC Wednesday Dayshift

Wednesday, April 4th, 2007 10:15 am
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Wilson slunk into the the clinic in a pensive mood. After some discussion with Phale, he'd finally gotten a clue regarding what pup!Jamie had been trying to relay with the gloves and he was worried about Marie.

Maybe he could catch up with her after his shift.

In the meantime he spoke quietly with the nurse, confirming that there hadn't been a large influx of patients and then settled down behind the desk to fret do some work.
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Wilson whistled softly to himself as he headed down to the clinic. He had a group of books in his soft sided brief case, a raid of Aziraphale's library having yielded a couple of interesting texts on demonology.

Settling himself down at the front counter, he discussed the state of the clinic with the nurse and then sent her to do a full inventory of the exam rooms for his review later in the afternoon. In the meantime, he sat down and started to read.
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After running some errands to gather a few odds and ends for the romantic dinner he had planned for Phale that evening, Wilson finally ducked back to the Clinic with a bag of goodies.

No, he wasn't showing anyone what was in the bag except the recipient and even Aziraphale was going to have to wait till tonight!
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Wilson and Aziraphale were debating the finer points of smoked salmon vs gravlax as they made their way down to the clinic for the evening.

The satchel hooked over Wilson's shoulder carried both his own tests and Aziraphale, each professor needing to finish up their grading and set up their plans for next week. Once in the clinic, Phale took the satchel and set about unloading it while Wilson checked in with the nurse on duty.

After that, coffee was made and man and angel settled down to quietly work and enjoy each other's company.
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It had snowed!

Despite the matter of fact way he made his way down to the clinic, he might have kicked at the odd snow drift, or even tried to pack a snowball -the snow was too fine though- and thrown it at a tree or two. Regardless he slid into the clinic, cheeks slightly pink and an impish grin on his face as he shook off the clinging snow and settled in for the day.
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The front tires of the Aston Martin hit Fandom with about half an hour to spare to Wilson's clinic shift.

Thus, he and Phale were a little out of breath as they came darting through the door, wearing cheerful smiles and Wilson had on one of the angel's shirt. Whoops!

Checking in with the nurse, Wilson settled his satchel behind the front desk and plopped into the chair. Tugging out a note pad, he grabbed a pen and clicked it on.

"Okay, so which wine was it again that will need to be aged for at least five years?"
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It was Wednesday morning, which meant clinic time for Wilson. Checking in with the duty nurse and confirming there were no occupants in the clinic, Wilson grinned at Aziraphale as the angel settled into his habitual chair. Getting coffee started, the young doctor set up his laptop on the front desk and set about putting the finishing touches on their trip up north.
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Carrying a travel mug that his lover had insisted upon filling with coffee that morning, Wilson headed into the clinic. As he set down his satchel and coffee and flipped through some notes, he spoke with the clinic nurse relieved to hear that the clinic had been mostly quiet over the weekend.

Settling down between the desk, he pulled out his laptop and some journals and set up to do some work on his next medical article.
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It was cold Wednesday morning, which was part of the excuse Wilson used to tuck his arm through Aziraphale's and walk very closely as they made their way down from the house to the clinic. He was sharing warmth with the angel you see...the angel who still didn't have a heavy winter coat.


So, he was being a concerned and attentive mate. Had nothing to do with...general...closeness and snuggling...really.

Upon getting to the clinic, Wilson moved immediately to get caught up on Cally's file. He frowned as he shrugged out of his coat and read the details of her injuries. The attack to the head was disturbingly familiar. Oh, not that he remembered anything about how he aquired his own injury but just the fact that who ever was making these attacks, seemed to be a big fan of headshots.

Checking in on her in the exam room, Wilson was careful to disturb as little as possible as he updated vitals and the like, then he slipped back out to the front desk. Aziraphale had settled himself in an out of the way corner, the coffee was already started by the angel's hand and Wilson gave his lover a grateful smile as he settled behind the front desk to continue the reading he had started last night.
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After spending a quiet afternoon walking on the beach, Wilson had gone back to the apartment to enjoy an early dinner with Aziraphale before he packed up his briefcase, kissed the angel...kissed the angel and headed out the door.

Getting down to the clinic he spoke briefly with the shift nurse and then settled himself down at the front desk. He had plenty to keep him busy tonight between the essays from his Philosophy course and reading up on what being Marie's legal guardian would entail. Actually, it was the latter of those that was mostly on his mind and Wilson set up his laptop so he could continue his researching on national and Virginia laws.

He hadn't had a chance to tell Phale yet about Marie's request, was still working through it in his own mind and he wanted to have all the facts before he had that conversation. Coffee perked along in the coffee pot, prepared to see him through the long night.
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After spending a mandatory quiet day resting back at the duplex, Aziraphale had bundled Wilson up, pointedly ignoring the young doctor's queary about his own winter coat and the pair had headed down to the clinic to over see the night shift. The angel promised to go out and grab them some dinner but in the meantime they had a thermos of tea and some fresh baked cookies to snack on as they sat through Wilson's shift.

Once down at the clinic, Wilson settled behind the front desk with his laptop and his notes for his next Conflict Management and Resolution class, while Phale settled into a chair with a nice fat crossword puzzle. Big Band Swing music played over the radio and both men hummed along, content in their companionable quiet for the night.

[ooc: Aziraphale modded with permission. Clinic is open!]
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It was the first time Wilson had been back to the clinic since he'd gotten sprung on Friday. He really should come back and get a check up, even with Phale's healing ability and the young doctor figured he might try to catch Troy, Janet, Natalie or Trevor for a follow-up.

In the meantime, he had an escort in the form of a very attentive lover, who walked with him to the Perk for coffee and then down to the clinic. Aziraphale had a group of books, fairy tales that he was rereading or maybe making notes for class OMGmodded!! but regardless, he had tea, he had books and he settled down into a comfortable chair to read while Wilson worked on his own class work.

The scent of coffee soon filled the front office as the pot brewed in the corner, soft insturmental jazz playing on the radio as the two men worked in companionable quiet.

[ooc: Aziraphale modded with permission. Clinic is open, like an open thing that is open.]
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Natalie was surprised to read that Dr. Wilson had regained consciousness. Pleasantly surprised, of course, but still surprised. She peeked in on her patient. Afterward, she settled in at the desk with her laptop and DVDs. It was another Fred and Ginger night, with her new "Volume 2" box set.
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Alanna had escaped to the clinic, and after checking up on everything was behind the front desk, hoping that none of the new students would need her.

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