FTEC, Sunday Evening

Sunday, June 4th, 2006 06:11 pm
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Having moved the small amount of things he had in the cabins back to the dorms, Stark headed over to the clinic a little early. After checking the exam rooms, he sat down at the desk with a bag of miniature peanut butter cups and turned on the TV.

((Dinner guests coming over shortly, so it's slowplay like a very slow slowplaying thing for a few hours. Figured early was better than late. Use the nurse if you need her, otherwise I'll be back by 10 at the absolute latest. The alien is in!))

FTEC, Saturday Night

Saturday, June 3rd, 2006 09:10 pm
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Tommy did a quick check on the patients, then settled down at his desk.

Watch TV, or do paperwork? Hmm.

He turned on ESPN and started rooting for whichever team he didn't want to punch directly in the face.

FTEC, Saturday morning

Saturday, June 3rd, 2006 10:05 am
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Alanna opened up the clinic and checked on the patients. She then settled down with a book behind the front desk.

FTEC, Friday Evening

Friday, June 2nd, 2006 04:57 pm
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Natalie arrived for her shift, somewhat glad to return to the familiar environs of the clinic. She'd been called away for a quick consult on an investigation -- a second opinion on a dead body, as it were -- and found herself embroiled in Community politics. As if it was her fault the local golden boy was a messy eater?

She sighed as she settled in at the front desk. Even a quiet shift at the clinic was preferable to dealing with ambitious, arrogant, and power-hungry vampires.

[Note: Mun has been hoodwinked into volunteering at a local fundraiser. Will be back later tonight, maybe 10-ish Eastern. If you desperately need attention, feel free to use the NPC nurse. If you need interactive medical attention, drop me a line and I'll pop on as soon as I can. Back!]

FTEC, Friday morning

Friday, June 2nd, 2006 07:52 am
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Alanna opened up the clinic and settled down with a very large cup of coffee. Then she noticed there were patients in the rooms and checked up on them.
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Trevor made his way into the clinic and checked to make sure there were no patients lingering before he settled behind the front desk.

(no subject)

Tuesday, November 1st, 2005 04:43 pm
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Dr House replenished the lollypop suppy in the bowl on his desk. It was a new bog, and he dug the red ones out and dropped most of them in his desk drawer. The one that locked.He stuck one in ihs mouth and slipped two in his pocket for later, right beside the bottle of Vicodin.

He limped to Exam 5 which doubled as a private room (for the likes of Parker and now Mmm Jack) and checked on the patient. Satisfied everything looked good, he headed back to the main lobby and sat down at the desk. With a little luck, it would be a quiet afternoon, and Wilson would emerge from whatever dark corner he was hidiing in...

Dr House on duty (reluctantly) because he's making an effort to work more hours
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So, if Wilson happened to be looking a bit tired but extremely smug with himself, it wasn't likely anyone was going to notice, especially as the Clinic was blessedly quiet while he went about opening it up this morning.

Back to the Jamacian Blue Mountain roast in the coffee pot, the delicious smell of fresh brewed coffee filling the air as the oncologist opened the doors and flipped on the lights. He actually had some legitimate paperwork to hash throught today but he paused in the shuggling of charts to grin at the "CYK" House had left on his crossword puzzle yesterday.

Coffee brewed, Wilson poured himself a cup and flopped down into the chair behind the front desk. Picking up a chart, he began to work with it, while at the same time mulling over a few other issues chasing around in his head.

Doctor on Duty, time to get in those last minute check ups before Parents descend!
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Maia sat in the room, glancing around every few minutes to see if she saw anything. She had a stack of mail by her bedside, she was reading a letter from Shawn. Her clinic food sitting untouched beside her on the rolling table

Dear Maia, )

She sat the letter down looking around the room again. She didn't want to be alone, Paige said she was coming back, all she wanted was [livejournal.com profile] equalsmcsquared  to come but she knew it would not happen. They had said what they needed to say and apparently broken up a second time around this afternoon or whatever that was, reaffirmed Paige's story to her. Maia sighed and blinked back a tear, Shawn knew about it. Why cant I remember it  Maia swiped at her tears in anger.

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Maia held Tara's hand as tightly as she could with her right hand and held Phoebe's hand tightly with her left. It was a human train pulling Maia up and away from the darkness of the room. All at once there was a bright flash, Maia heard movement around her, sheets rustling and people's voices. She tried to open her eyes but shut them quickly as the lights overhead hurt them. She moved her toes and fingers, her whole body ached and her hand throbbed where the IV was. "H-hello?" Maia whispered trying to open her eyes against the light.
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Maia sat looking around, she was not sure when she would 'see' Tara. I am going to see her, she's going to be here. Maia's heart raced with anticipation, they were going to get her out, Tara and Dr. Wilson to. She would not be alone anymore. Maia hugged her knees to keep warm, her curly hair falling into her eyes. She remembered crying waiting for Diana to come get her from the hospital room when the doctors had left her alone for hours in quarantine. They will send you back to quarantine Maia. You won't get to stay at school The voice was back, Maia clenched her teeth and covered her ears. They won't save you Maia. Tara is going to be trapped here along with you. Maia turned her head away from the voice and hugged herself tighter. You won't see her when she's trapped here, you'll still be alone. Does Tara know that? Does she know you'll never leave here now? Maia shook her head and fought back tears.
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Maia's body felt like it was plunged into ice water, she gasped for breath, the coldness was seeping up into her chest, Maia gasped again trying to keep it from go higher. Her head went under the ice water feeling and she screamed. "Where are you friends now? Your witch friends, your lover, your gardener? They've all left you Maia. They've all left you and I am the only one here with you now.

Maia gasped for air "They're h-here" Maia shivered "They w-won't leave me alone." Maia's voice shakes from the cold. "Th-They will get me out of h-here."

The voice laughed and the icy feeling stole over Maia's face and brain once again.

((OOC: MUN is back and ready to end the coma now and return my regularly scheduled play Thank you *smiles*))
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For the first time since she had 'gone into the dark' as she told herself she did, Maia was aware of the things going on outside the dark room she was in. She heard the monitors beeping, she had always felt people there, Tara, Paige and Phoebe she could hear, everyone else sounded foggy and far away at best.

Maia scanned the room, hundreds of empty beds lined up in rows all over, a greyish light illuminated them giving the entire room a since of foreboding. It was cold, Maia's dress and thin sweater did little to protect her from the freezing cold of the steel room. She looked at her shoes, shiney little black ones, ones that she knew were long since to small. Her hands were tiny, the dress going only to her knees.

Tara said I am still the same way as I left, they cant turn me back to this. This is a memory. Maia thought to herself.

"Who is Tara?" A wheezy voice came out of the darkness behind Maia. Maia's heart froze, she heard her monitors from far away sounding as if they were going crazy. Maia sat breathing hard not answering the voice, she didn't dare move, she was sure her heart was going to pound out of her chest.

"She is the witch is she not?" The voice came again. "You are not magical Maia, she cannot protect you from this" The voice was not cruel but it was cold and uncaring. Maia still sat hardly daring to breathe now.

((ooc: keep forgetting to place these in the clinic ones or am i not supposed to?))

In the Clinic

Saturday, October 15th, 2005 06:27 pm
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Maia lay on a bed in the clinic, monitors beeping around her.
She was unresponsive except in her mind.
She could hear what was going on, she screamed for help over and over again but nobody seemed to hear her. Tara, Tara I'm lost. I can't see you in the dark where are you? They are all around me Tara, help me somebody help me.

(no subject)

Friday, October 14th, 2005 08:24 pm
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Dr House is in the clinic this Friday evening.

He's bored. Come entertain him. He may reward you with a red lollypop unless your name is Parker.
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Phoebe heard sounds start filtering into her brain. She didn't want to wake up just yet. Waking up meant pain and worry and zombies.

Phoebe's eyes opened, only to clench shut again. Okay, light hurt eyes that had been open since some time on Thursday night. She opened her eyes again, this time very slowly. She was thankful to discover that most of the pain in her head had let up. She took a deep breath and did an internal checklist of her condition.

Head no longer felt like someone was squeezing it in a vice. This on its own was a very good thing. Paige must have been right when she said that it must have been tied into her powers. That could become an annoyance.

Her body felt way too weak for her liking and when she attempted to move, pain shot through her shoulder. She was confused until she remembered about the zombie trying to kill her and remove her from where she had been defending the weapons locker with her sisters --- and Jake and Krycek.

Zombies...fucking zombies.

She wondered just how much research Grams had done on this insane asylum before sending her and Piper to die here experience the place. Would anyone have known to contact Grams and Prue if she and Piper had died this weekend?

Phoebe took a deep breath, going over a mental checklist of everything that had happened this weekend and everyone she needed to check on.

Been awake since late Thursday night, not such a good thing. Had a killer migraine that started out on Friday morning anad continued to only get worse throughout the weekend. Piper and Paige refusing to leave her side during the entire time she was guarding the weapons locker. Hank also refusing to leave her side. She remembered Jake and Krycek showing up, and also refusing to leave her and her sisters to face whatever came their way. She remembered the zombies attacking and Piper saving her life by freezing one of them so she could get away before it killed her. She remembered the three of them pummeling the two zombies, and then she remembered boosting Piper up onto the weapons locker when the flooding had occured.

Her forehead wrinkled as she tried to piece together the events after that.

She remembered the six of them up on high things watching zombie soup flow past them and recording everything with the camcorder that Chloe had left behind when she had been helping Phoebe Friday night. She remembered hearing more gunfire and then hearing Jayne's voice as he brought a rescue team for them. She could remember Krycek and Piper telling Jayne that she was hurt...and then passing out and falling down onto Jayne when he was trying to get her down off the locker.

She felt a hand squeeze hers and she slowly turned her head in that direction.

"Hey..." she said softly as the person next to her came into focus. She smiled a genuinely happy smile. "Where am I and how long have you been sitting here with me?" No, somehow it didn't surprise her that she wasn't alone and that he was here.

Clinic Memo

Thursday, September 22nd, 2005 12:33 am
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*posted on the Staff Bulletin Board*

To All Staff Members:

There is a plague sweeping the campus, likely of non-natural origins. Flyers have been posted and the student body instructed to report all ailments to the clinic, as well as those they suspect of being infected.

A treatment has been formulated and is in the cupboard in a bottle labeled "PLAGUE PILLS" and are administered by placing one under the tongue. There are few, if any, side effects of this treatment.

Symptoms of this plague are mild in the early stages and, as such, all students with generalized symptoms of illness or dementia for which a cause cannot be determined should be treated to prevent further spread. Please advise all students treated for this plague to report back to the clinic if symptoms do not improve within 24 hours.

DEATH is managing this situation and, as such, all questions should be directed to him. If he cannot be found, please ring his bell and he will contact you shortly.

Thank you.

[OOC: Any clinic staff who want to know what is going on with this, rather than just watching, please ring Death's bell and I'll explain OOC. Thanks.]

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