FTEC, Tuesday, May 29

Tuesday, May 29th, 2007 08:04 am
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Christian was glad to find only one lingering patient from last week's masked maniac in the woods. And, okay, equally glad that it hadn't been the Carver. He did a check on Gwynn and settled behind the front desk for a relaxing morning surfing pr0n the web.
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The clinic was open and the doctor was in.
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Clinic? Open. Doctor? In.
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The doctor was not in.

Stark was though, after dashing over from the school after 1st period. Different shift, but same end result, as he immediately settled in at the desk as usual.
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The clinic was open and empty, except for a doctor practicing his putting skills.

[Rough day at work today, so may be very slow play.]
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Doogie was very pleased to see that there were no students in the clinic when he came in for his shift. It wasn't that he didn't feel bad seeing other residents come in, but he figured that the adults and the people living in town were capable of taking care of themselves - the fact that they managed to survive living here at all was growing proof of that.

[On slowplay until 10pm EST.]
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Elliot did a quick set of rounds -- and was happy to see Ami Mizuno was finally awake -- made sure everything in the clinic seemed to be in order, and then settled in behind the desk with a large coffee and a crossword puzzle, which she was completing in ink.

The clinic was open.
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After a day spent doing nothing, Stark was in the clinic and ready to do something. Hopefully something would not involve large numbers of head wounds. He went through the usual routine of checking the exam rooms and anyone who might be in them, then settling in at the desk.
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Doogie was in the clinic again, working on some files up at the front desk while he waited for old patients to wake up and new ones to come in.
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Since Dr. Wilson was in New York City, Doogie came in to cover his shift, and used the time to get a head start on his weekend crossword puzzle.
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The clinic was open, and Christian was practicing his putting skills, because spring would be here soon. Hopefully.

FTEC, Friday Night

Friday, March 16th, 2007 10:28 pm
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Natalie made her way into the clinic and immediately set to work. She checked in on Ami briefly, and then headed for the lab.
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Christian did his usual check at Ami's bedside -- checked her for bed sores and made sure the feeding tube and catheters were clean and functioning -- then headed back out to the front desk. He'd have to call a mainland hospital. The clinic wasn't set up to care for someone in an extended coma like this.
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Doogie was in the clinic, re-reading Julius Caesar with occasional breaks to check in on Ami.
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Alanna hadn't shown up for her shift again, and Dr. Troy was unavailable, so the nurse was running the show today. Fortunately, it seemed to be a quiet day.

[ooc: Please to be modding the NPC nurse.]
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It really was promising to be a gorgeous day out so Wilson decided to follow Troy's example from the other day and he opened up the windows in the clinic to let fresh air move through the space.

He also thought it might make Ami feel a little better as well, though he kept her window to a smallish crack.

Getting a brief run down on everything from the nurse, Wilson settled down behind the front desk and went to work on a small surprise he had in mind for the angel.
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Dr. McNinja. What else is there to say?
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The clinic smelled like lysol and fish, which Christian found most unappealing. It was a nice day out, so he opened the windows to air the building out, checked on the solitary patient, girl-in-a-coma, and settled behind the desk for the day.

FTEC, Monday Night

Monday, March 12th, 2007 05:15 pm
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Janet? There. But a little dizzy. A bout of the flu after that whole thing with D'Anna had kept her confined to her room for most of the week.

OOC: Player is recovering from a week's worth of vacation, and assorted travel badness.
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After a night spent picking stray bits of kelp the storm had blown in out of her collections of medical journals and stuffed animals, Elliot took a long, long long shower. Satisfied she no longer smelled fishy, she went to open the clinic.

Which also smelled a little fishy, actually. She checked in on Liz and Ami and then got busy with some Lysol. The clinic was open and fairly dry.
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Stark had managed to avoid being hit by any flung fish on his way from the school into town, and he'd found a raft and a non-fish-flinging merperson to get him across the water. The fact that Stark did not know how to swim made the experience a slightly terrifying one, and he'd spent the entirety of the raft trip holding on for dear life and possibly babbling incoherently at the poor merperson. He didn't think he'd ever been so grateful to set foot on dry land on his life.

Luckily, inside the clinic was dry and there was no danger of drowning there. After checking on the patients still in the clinic, the only slightly damp Stark settled in at the desk with a mug of tea and the TV on.

[Have dinner guests. Will be afk for a couple hours or so but wanted this up so I didn't forget. Mod the nurse if you really need it, or I should be back by 8:30 or 9 EDT. Back way later than expected due to computer failure. All better now!]
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Doogie didn't have the benefit of an angelic transport service or the entrance music, woe!, so he had to take his trusty float to get to the clinic. To say that he was thankful that the clinic was dry land would be an understatement, and by the time he'd finished checking on Ami and Liz, he was almost dried off himself.
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All hail angelic transport service.

Aziraphale and Wilson appeared in the clinic in a whisper of wing and ethereal music, the young doctor holding tightly to his lover as Phale's wings engulfed them both.

It sort of startled the nurse.

Phale sheepishly furled his wings and said something about tea, while Wilson went over to get an update on Ami and Liz. Checking in on both girls he was relieved to find the clinic was high and dry and with a reassuring smile to the nurse settled in behind the front counter to work on some inventory counts as the evening progressed.

[ooc: RL > RP for the next couple of hours but I will be back this evening!]
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Neither the hotel or the clinic were flooded, but the ground in between was underwater, and Christian was forced to take a raft to get to the clinic that morning. Now he was really wishing he had the Boatox. Also, salt water was hell on his expensive designer shoes.

FTEC, Friday Night

Friday, March 9th, 2007 08:53 pm
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It was Friday, so Natalie was, of course, in the clinic. She made a quick round of the patients, then settled in at the front desk with her laptop and lab journal.

[I am currently in a hotel somewhere outside of Chicago, with most of my immediate family in tow. As a result? I must be sociable. Will try to pick up any pings in a couple of hours, but anyone needing medical attention should NPC the nurse. If you *need* a doc, drop an e-mail, and I'll excuse myself for a while. =) ]
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Christian made a check of the patients when he arrived in the clinic that morning. A feedting tube and catheter had been added to Ami's IV since she wasn't showing any signs of awakening any time soon.

For no apparent reason he started thinking of Ava Moore and how she had seduced his son Matt. He wondered why that had popped into his mind.
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Doogie was stationed at the front desk making lists of all of his belongings that he could think of. If the rain kept up the way it was, his apartment was going to be under water soon, and he could only duct tape so many things to the ceiling before that stopped being worth the effort.
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Christian got beeped by the nurse when Alanna didn't show up for her shift. Grumbling, he headed down to the clinic to open it up for the morning.

[ooc: Thursdays can be busy for me, so slowplay is your friend.]

FTEC, Wednesday Night

Wednesday, March 7th, 2007 05:38 pm
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Natalie arrived for her shift a few minutes early, afforded the protection of the grey, rainy skies. She shook the rain off her jacket and hung it up. Slipping into her lab coat, she checked in on the patients remaining in the clinic.

Eventually, she retreated to the lab with her laptop.

[Posting early as I will be AFK for a while this evening.]
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Wilson grumbled as he made his way through the rainy weather down to the clinic. Why couldn't it be snow? Honestly, if this much moisture was going to fall from the sky, it ought to be a proper snow.

Shaking himself off, he talked quietly with the on duty nurse, catching up on the two patients still in residence, as he shrugged out of his overcoat and set his briefcase down behind the front desk. Taking the charts, he checked in on Ami and Liz, making detailed notes for their files before quietly slipping back out of the rooms.

Once back at the front desk, he pulled out his laptop and a couple of journals and settled down to work on yet another paper.
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Dr. McNinja is having a light Hot Pocket dinner. How the hell he gets the food past the mask is anybody's guess, but he does.

He's here for all your healing needs.
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After making a check on the patients in the clinic, Christian started flipping through a boating magazine, thinking about finally replacing The Boatox.
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Covering for Janet, Christian settled into the clinic for the night shift after making a check of the patients currently in residence.
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Elliot was hoping for another quiet day as she rushed from the airport to open the clinic. She could use some time to think over her fellowship interviews and write the 43 thank you notes she was pretty sure she owed.

She checked the exam rooms and saw the dream of a quiet day was not to be. Well, at least she wouldn't be bored. "Alien abduction victims," she muttered. "Wonder if we'll get Elvis next week."

[OOC: I'm on dial-up until 2 p.m. Please be patient with the slow.]
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After checking the exam rooms, most of which were thankfully empty, Stark settled in at the desk for the evening. He was hoping in vain! that the rest of the rooms would stay empty.

[going afk for about 20 minutes. should be back by 8:308:45 EST]
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Christian opened up the clinic in the morning and was surprised to find patients. What the hell were these kids getting into now? He checked on them and made sure they were resting comfortably, then settled in the lobby with a pr0n magazine.
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Janet stumbling into the clinic, travel mug of coffee almost spilling, hoping no one noticed that she was late

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