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Wilson was not happy to find that Adah was still in the clinic. Frowning he went over her chart carefully but could find nothing that immediately jumped out at him as a cause or cure. He considered trying to call House but then remembered the events of their last meeting and figured that would be a bad idea.

Sitting down at the front desk with the chart, Wilson began to work the ddx the old fashion way, with large books and some sneezing.


Those books were dusty damn it!
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One of the nurses was watching over the clinic today, with Dr. Troy's pager number handy in case anyone came in with serious injuries or there was any change in the poor girl's condition in exam one.

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Christian was still tired after last night's discovery of the cure for the plague. Most people responded instantly, but a few took some time to recover. One of those was Adah Price. The plague had struck her harder than most, sending her body into a complete shutdown. After the other patients had been cured and restored enough to send them home, Christian had transferred Adah over to the clinic. The need for the space was gone, and he could make her more comfortable at the actual medical facilities. He left the clinic only long enough to attend the memorial service, but other than that, he was either at the front desk or checking on Adah, hoping for a change in her condition.
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Doogie headed to the clinic as early as he could manage for his shift, hoping that there weren't a lot of people who had gotten hurt in all the insanity from the day before.

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By means of angelic transport, Wilson had made it down to the clinic unmolested by any prehistoric lizard types.

However, given the sounds he could hear beyond the clinic's walls, he had a feeling that there might not be others who were so lucky. Quickly, he rounded up the clinic nurse and snagged the day shift nurse before she could escape and offered her time and a half to stay for a double shift, he had a feeling they might need the extra hands.

Once this was settled, he and the two nurses began to clean out a couple extra rooms, making sure they could reach stock quickly, if they needed to and Wilson spent a couple of hours mapping out just how he was going to explain the time and a half to Troy if this all turned out to be a big ole false alarm.

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Susan opened the clinic a bit late, and finished re-decorating, then settled in to wait for Blair and River.

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Susan opened up her office and started decorating the fake miniature tree on her desk with tinsel, candy-cakes, and sugar cookies.

[for River & Blair, but open if you need to make an appointment]
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Trevor certainly couldn't say no when one of the shifts needed to be covered. It wasn't as though money grew on trees here. Not that that kind of discovery would shock him after everything else he'd seen in the past few months.
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Natalie arrived for her shift on time, switching out her light rain jacket for her lab coat. Stethescope around her neck, she checked River's chart, then peeked in. Whatever had set the young girl off before seemed to have passed for now, though it was noted in her chart she was having nightmares. Frowning, Nat decided she would update the chart later. She headed for the lab in the interim.

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Alanna decided it was time to do an inventory of all the suplies in the clinic. Somehow, she hadn't realized that there might be things stored in cabinets that were way above her head so there was furniture climbing.
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Christian was in a foul mood that morning, but he opened up the clinic on time. His mood may or may not have had something to do with the knuckles on his right hand being bruised.

[ooc: around for a few hours this morning, then heading off to Mount Vernon with the family, so slowplay = love or mod the NPC nurse accordingly.]
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Natalie arrived and found River Tam was still listed as a guest. Checking her chart, she peeked in on her, and made a mental note to go back in shortly. She then set up her laptop at the front desk. Tossing in a CD, she busied herself with straightening up the front desk.

FTEC, Wed day

Wednesday, September 13th, 2006 12:19 pm
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Tommy was at his desk reading the sports section and muttering about football teams.
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Natalie arrived on shift to find the clinic a little busier than normal. She reviewed River's chart, then headed in to check on her. After that, she spent her time between the front desk and the lab, making sure to peek in on River occasionally.
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Late night of drinking and debauchery means opening the clinic late. Oops.
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Trevor had made the mistake of attempting one of the Sudoku puzzles that was in the newspaper, and was now finding himself quite addicted to them. At least they were cheaper than alcohol, and were easy to stash at the front desk.
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Trevor was sitting at the front desk, his cup of coffee nearly forgotten as he caught up on everyone who had been in the clinic over the weekend.

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Tommy was at his desk.

He looked like a man who was reciting the twelve steps over and over in an effort to make sure he remembered them.

At least he had work for a distraction.

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Christian settled in at the front desk, wondering why there was a license plate there. He moved it aside and set up his laptop, surfing a few of his favorite adult sites.

(no subject)

Tuesday, September 20th, 2005 07:53 am
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River staggers into the clinic. Her hair is filthy and tangled, matted with twigs and other detritus. Her clothing is torn in more than one place, showing scratches and abrasions, and she holds one arm close to her body with the other.

She stares around blankly, as though not recognizing her surroundings. Then she clearly says, "Help," and as the words pass her lips her eyes roll back in her head and she falls to the floor.

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