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FTEC, Sunday Morning, July 15

Doogie headed to the clinic as early as he could manage for his shift, hoping that there weren't a lot of people who had gotten hurt in all the insanity from the day before.

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Katara rubbed her eyes as she woke up from sleeping in one of the chairs in the waiting room and waved quietly at Doogie. "I don't think anyone else has come in during the night."

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"I need a doctor!" Barney screamed as he burst into the clinic.

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Inara wandered out, stretching and yawning and looking decidedly rumpled, especially for her. "Oh, good morning. Are you the doctor?"
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After fighting with the T-Rex, Jaina showed up to the clinic half-carrying a slightly chewed Luke. The Force was kind of really nice to have around for times like this. "We need help," she said, because that wasn't obvious.

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Sunday morning, Will made her way down to clinic, luckily avoiding any dinosaurs this time. She was cradling her left arm a bit.

"Hi," she said, sounding annoyed with herself. "I had a run in with a dinosaur last night, and I think I need a doctor." She couldn't recall needing to come down here before, so she wasn't sure what the town doctors looked like.

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Re: Exam 1: River Tam

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River no longer felt sick and the head hurt a little less. Still, the bed was comfy, at least compared to walking back to the dorms through dinosaur country. She hummed quietly to herself to make time pass quicker.

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Billy groaned as he woke, and carefully slid off the bed. The protestations of his back told him in no uncertain terms that he was not going out to fight Dinosaurs today. But the protestations of his neck pleaded with him to not lie down on his stomach anymore.

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Andros had dozed in and out of consciousness throughout the night. He was now awake and felt a whole lot better than he had the previous day.

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Peter was still in a coma. Occasionally his eyes twitched as though he might be having dreams of some kind, but it was difficult to say.

The bruises and broken bones hadn't healed yet, and he wasn't waking up anytime soon.

Anyone who felt up to sitting next to an unconscious guy was welcome to though.

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Chad had woken up, but modded Teddy was there to prevent any escaping, which then lead handwavily as both muns are a little dead to Chad's first officially done release from the clinic.

He was good; battered with one heck of a headache, but good.

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Mary slept on and off, but at some point she realized that it was daytime. Much of what she remembered from last night was a blur. She wasn't going to complain about staying in bed today.

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"Oww," Luke repeated a little more loudly as he and Jaina walked into the exam room.

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Peter will still be here tonight.


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Billy's leaving tomorrow.

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Will followed Doogie into the empty exam room, still holding her arm so that it wouldn't move around too much when she walked.

"Do I need to do anything?" she asked.