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Wilson had been up late waiting for a call from House and up early waiting for a call from House, spending almost an hour on the phone each time trading the rapid fire medical jargon relating to Dorothy House's condition and then calming House down. Sometimes by coddling him, sometimes by being firm with him and not for the first time Wilson wished he was there but House needed to be with his mother, with as little stress as possible.

So, phone calls.

As he yawned his way through setting up the Clinic, Wilson set up one of Phale's flyers in the window Holiday Gathering at the bookshop and since he hadn't picked up a formal flyer, he made up his own picture of a little group of stick figures carolling to hang beside the flyer with a note Don't forget about the caroling in town this evening! See Michael or Ben to sign up and spend a nice evening in town!

Then he went about brewing coffee while he hummed along with the Boston Pops, Holiday of Wonder musical compilation.

Doctor is in!
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Jonathan is in the clinic, ready to help with all your problems both great and small.
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Wilson was finishing up the last of his rec forms for the clinic down in town and also doing restocks on the school clinic...

Okay, he was also doing a crossword puzzle but that was just while he sipped at his coffee. A very nice Jamacian Blue Mountain roast this morning.

Doctor on Duty, All Hail the Coffee Bean
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Jonathan is in his usual room in the Clinic. With so many people having gone home to spend Thanksgiving with family and loved ones, a whole weekend full of their nearest and dearest... Jonathan expects to be very busy today.

The counselor is in. Tell him all about your awful holiday and the parents that made it so.
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Wilson was busy darting in between the exam rooms, the office and the front desk. The smell of Jamacian Blue Mountain filled the front waiting room and he had a little bell set out for people to ring in case he wasn't there.

The word for today children is Busy but the doctor and more importantly his coffee is in.

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Going home? Don't have a home to go to?

The Counselor is in to talk to you about all of your problems, even if it's really just that you hate turkey or your mother.
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The smell of the Christmas Blend was filling the reception area and Wilson was kicked back in his chair contemplating stringing lights around the whole area...and maybe a tree.

Not that he celebrated the specific Christmas Holiday don't ask how he can know about Phale and Crowley and not, it would just break the poor mun's brain to work that one out but the decorations would make House twitch and might be a fun thing to do. Yeah...maybe even a little tree...

Doctor on Duty, come get coffee, visit Rory and Logan -who should be getting sprung some time today- and if you must, bleed.
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Wilson moved quietly through the Clinic getting the waiting room set up for the day, starting a pot of coffee and opening the doors.

He had restocking to do and paperwork and... more paperwork and it would be nice if he could figure out his own mind somewhere in all that but honestly, he just didn't want to think about some things so...yeah.

Paper Work

But first, he swung through to check in on the patients, Jack and Phoebe.

Doctor on Duty, come sneak off with his coffee, Jonathan, you know you wanna.

[ooc: Phoebe!Mun, I'm going off the posting thread last night with House that Phoebe stayed overnight. If this was changed later, please let me know and I'll edit this post accordingly. :)]
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Wilson wore an pensive expression as he moved around the Clinic opening it up for the day. He had quite a few things on his mind and was rolling them back and forth trying to come up on the right side of just how to approach the matters.

He'd checked on Jack, who seemed to maybe be feeling better today, Wilson was going to hope that this wasn't a lead on to another relapse and made a mental note to try to keep the young man quiet for at least another 24 hours.

The scent of coffee, the Jamacian Blue Mountain today, filled the small reception area and as he sat back down behind the desk, Wilson reviewed the To Do list. At least he'd managed to get some of the required rec forms submitted yesterday and could expect a shipment hopefully tomorrow. For the time being, he knew he should work on charts but his mind was a bit too distracted so instead he sat back behind the desk, feet up on the counter, cradling his coffee mug and staring off into space.

Doctor on Duty, come distract him from his ponderings...or weedle coffee out of him, either works.
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Jonathan decides to make up for his missed Counseling hours during the week. His nose is almost healed, all of the cuts and almost all of the bruising are gone. He's pleased that he likely won't be scaring any of his patients today.

Jonathan is in, do you have problems?

((Tara-mun? I'll be back at 9:00 am PST, will you still be on?))
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Jonathan Crane is here to help you, No matter *what* your problem is. Please, come visit him )

Jonathan is set up in one of the rooms at the Clinic, his face is still bruised, his nose is still broken, but he's smiling anyways. He's clearly a happy guy.

will have to slow-play
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Wilson had spent the morning lounging with House, just simply spending time together enjoying really bad early morning game shows and -cough- other morning activities but he was now heading to the Clinic to put some time in.

If you left paperwork for too long, it multiplied at you. Plus the restlessness had returned and Wilson felt the need to escape the shadows that stillness brought close by working.

Whistling softly to himself, he opened the doors and flicked on the lights before setting a pot of Kona to brew. He checked in on Jack but had Archie's chart with him, reviewing it with an eye towards springing the young man. He also had Grissom's chart tucked under his arm and there was a small packet of messages that needed call backs, including one from the mainland.

Wilson was eyeing that last one with suspicion. He had a bad feeling it was a peer of his, calling in a favor. Setting it aside for the time being, the oncologist settled down at the front desk and began to weed through the paperwork in front of him.

Doctor now on Duty, come bleed or otherwise if you wish.

[ooc: Archie!mun, did you want your pup sprung or are we assuming he was already sprung?]

(no subject)

Tuesday, November 8th, 2005 06:34 am
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House fell into a restless sleep with Wilson's head on his chest and his hand in Wilson's hair. The fact he hadn't taken his usual double dose of Vicodin kept him from going completely under. He remained aware of every movement from he man next to him.

It was close to four when he sat up, suddenly pulled out of the fringes of sleep with heart racing. Wilson had rolled off his chest, and buried his face against House's side.

Migrane House knew, without question. He'd seen the signs building last night.

He took a few minutes, in the dark, to comfort Wilson before sliding out from under the blankets. He scrubbled a note and limped out to post it on the clinic door.

Clinic Closed, due to personal emergancy. If you have an emergancy and require medical attention, contact Dr House via his pager. Do not page Dr house unless you have a valid medical emergancy. Do not attempt to page Dr Wilson. For any reason.

That done, he went back to the apartment, made sure the blinds were pulled shut and tuend upward to block as much light as possible, then crawled back into bed next to Wilson. With his pager on Vibrate.

[OOC: Wilson!mun is away from the computer all day. House!mun is away from the computer until...whenever...Could possibly be here by 3:30 EST, not likely before due to work. If youhave a medical emergancy...Please understand the muns are away. It would be really groovy is one of the active assistants could open the clinic for the day and negate House's memo. But understandable if that's not possible. Thanks]
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*DEATH walks into the clinic, wearing what appears to be sunglasses despite the dim light and carrying a thermos of coffee which he sips occassionally. He sits at the desk, slouching slightly. The rubber duck is sitting on the desk next to him, impaled in the head with a jack. It quacks morosely periodically. He appears to be, if such were possible, hungover. However, the performance seems slightly theatrical at best. Rather than doing his usual paperwork, he bounces a rubber ball on the desk in what he hopes is an absent-minded fashion*

Assistant is IN. Please bleed here.

((OOC: Mun is bored and suffering from NaNo brain-bleed. Come play, even if you're not broken!))
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Ordinarily, Jonathan only had Counseling on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, but Beka had asked him for a favor and here he was. He wondered when Illyana would be making it in.
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The Poster in the Clinic says Jonathan is holding counseling hours at the clinic )

Jonathan isn't feeling nearly as out of sorts this week as he was last week. It's time to get back to his responsibilities and the clinic was one of them. He's ready and willing to help anyone. With Parent's Weekend having just past and this business with the missing student, Jonathan expects to be busy.
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The Clinic was opened, perhaps a little late as someone had been out stalking coffee from The Perk this morning.

That didn't mean he didn't have a pot of Kona brewing quietly behind him as he sat and worked thoughtfully on a clipboard in his lap.

Doctor on Duty
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Wilson had had an early start, getting up first thing to check in on Jack and then heading down to the school to talk to Bristow. He'd already grabbed a couple cups of coffee in his travels but was returning now to open the Clinic for the day.

Whistling softly, the oncologist flipped on the lights and unlocked the door. He had some papers in his left hand to work on and for once those papers were not charts. Sometimes you just have to cheer the small miracles.

Setting a pot of Kona coffee to brewing, he peeked in on Jack one more time before heading back out to the front. Flopping down at the desk, Wilson kicked his feet up on the counter and pulled the papers into his lap...ahh a nice caffiene high, gottah love it.

Doctor on Duty, ask nicely you might get coffee.
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Wilson was singing softly as he went about opening up the Clinic for the day. Though his voice certainly would not chase rats out of the barn, there was a pensiveness in his face as he moved around the waiting room and made sure everything was set up.

Retreating then to the front counter, he settled in with a pile of crossword puzzles charts and a large coffee.

No one mention the lack of food please, coffee is a perfectly viable diet. Unless your name is Parker

Doctor on Duty, come break a rib at him or something.

Counseling Hours

Sunday, October 23rd, 2005 07:43 pm
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The poster outside the door says Jonathan's seeing people for counseling )

Jonathan's in the clinic, holding his weekend counseling hours, if a bit later than usual. Psychiatric help for those that need it.

((ooc:the mun says: 'it's 7:00 ish where I'm at?'))
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Sundays were usually a good time for the week's paperwork to get done. For some reason the majority of people did not, as a rule, get hurt on Sundays.

Of course, who knew if this place was going to follow that particular rule, but the size of the apartment -or lack there of- made massive paperwork projects somewhat impossible, so that left the Clinic.

Really, he was going to have to start getting out more.

For the time being, however, he was puttering about in the front of the clinic, using the chairs in the waiting room to help him sort and work on filing. He had his little radio with him and the dulcet tones of some song he yoinked off the internet played throughout the front room of the Clinic, keeping him company for the time being.

[ooc: Lazy Sunday if anyone would like to poke or needs to bleed.]

Counseling Hours

Thursday, October 20th, 2005 10:26 am
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according to the poster in the lobby, Jonathan is offering psychiatric help to all those in need of it )

*Johnathan is set up in a room at the clinic. He'd been awfully busy yesterday with the preparations for his experiment and as such hadn't been able to hold office hours. He figured he should make up for it by holding them now. That way if anyone needed help with their omgemo they wouldn't have to wait for his weekend hours to talk to him.*
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It probably went without saying that Wilson was going to be dragging, just a bit, this morning. Whether it was simply the after effects of the privious day or whatever he'd gotten up to the night before, could be a source of speculation for anyone who...spent such time doing those sorts of things.

For now, he was setting out a sign in sheet, checking on the waiting room to make sure the water cooler was full and the chairs were mostly straight. It was a small thing but a tidy waiting room tended to help people relax.

Covering a yawn, he took a swig off his super charged quinti shot coffee nummy and headed back to the front desk. Okay...he hadn't gotten a chance to work on much of his paperwork last night and it was starting to pile up.

Sitting down, long legs were kicked up on the desk -the man honestly could not sit straight in a chair to save his life- and Wilson yanked the clipboard down into his lap. Time to work on some scheduling.

Don't anybody laugh.

Doctor on Duty, come poke, pester or bleed on as you so desire.

Psychiatric help

Friday, October 14th, 2005 10:22 pm
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Dr. Jonathan Crane is here and willing to help you with your problems.
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A sign is posted in some of the dorms:

Finding yourself extremely confused or insane after the zombie attacks?

Come to the clinic to have yourself mentally checked out. Dr. Jonathan Crane is here to help counsel those who feel stressed or think that perhaps some brains sound yummy right about now

*Jonathan is sitting at the desk waiting for any zombie aftermath to come his way.

[OOC: I'm eating dinner and writing papers, so it might take a few moments for me to respond]

Doctor: IN

Tuesday, September 20th, 2005 10:53 pm
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*Jonathan sat at the desk, putting his fear toxin aside for a moment to work on the Biology homework he had. He hoped the clinic wouldn't be too busy tonight, but he hoped for at least a little excitement to pull him away from the homework*
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Jonathan places a sign on the bulletin board near the beautiful display of condoms and the like. It reads:

Are you depressed? Suicidal? Insane? Or just plain need someone to talk to? Jonathan Crane offers his assistance. A newly selected assistant to Dr. House, he is a student majoring in Psychology who interned at Arkham Asylum back home and has experience with psychotherapy. If you need to reach him, his room is 605 and his extension is x6522. He will also be working night shifts and during the weekend.

He cackles in a slightly evil manner before sprinting back to his room to begin final calculations for his new fear toxin

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