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Elliot did a quick check of the exam rooms and supplies -- she needed to order more lollipops that weren't grape -- and settled in behind the clinic desk. She was planning her schedule for Sacred Heart, and trying to make sure she built in extra time for hiding in the supply closet.

The clinic was open.
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Elliot was in a good mood as she came into the clinic -- she had a strawberry smoothie and it had been a beautiful weekend.

The mood did not dissipate as she checked the charts and realized two patients had stayed overnight. Having something to do was nice, and it looked like they were both healing well.

She checked on Sam and Annette before settling in at the desk and trying to catch up on her e-mail.

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Elliot knew town had been invaded by children, so she built a barrier on her desk. Toy cars and lollypops for distraction, coloring books for more distraction, cartoon-character bandaids, and antibacterial handwipes to remove germs and -- ew-- stickiness.

LOTS of antibacterial handwipes.

The clinic was open.
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Elliot came in with a bag of candy-covered chocolate eggs and -- after checking to be sure there was no doctoring to be done -- occupied herself by dividing them by color, then eating them in order so the piles would have equal amounts of candy.

A little OCD made after-holiday candy sales that much more fun.

The clinic was open.
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The clinic was empty, and Elliot was bored.

She started spinning faster and faster in her chair, until finally she managed to throw herself right out of it.

She lay on the clinic floor, watching the ceiling spin and wondering if anyone would need medical attention. Also if she could give it while she was seeing double.
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Elliot was still rubbing sleep from her eyes as she came into the clinic. She checked the exam rooms to make sure there weren't any patients, then made some tea and settled in at the desk to catch up with her medical journals. Or browse blogs for reactions to the Strifenova Celestia season finale. Possibly both.
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Elliot did a quick set of rounds -- and was happy to see Ami Mizuno was finally awake -- made sure everything in the clinic seemed to be in order, and then settled in behind the desk with a large coffee and a crossword puzzle, which she was completing in ink.

The clinic was open.
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After a night spent picking stray bits of kelp the storm had blown in out of her collections of medical journals and stuffed animals, Elliot took a long, long long shower. Satisfied she no longer smelled fishy, she went to open the clinic.

Which also smelled a little fishy, actually. She checked in on Liz and Ami and then got busy with some Lysol. The clinic was open and fairly dry.
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Elliot was hoping for another quiet day as she rushed from the airport to open the clinic. She could use some time to think over her fellowship interviews and write the 43 thank you notes she was pretty sure she owed.

She checked the exam rooms and saw the dream of a quiet day was not to be. Well, at least she wouldn't be bored. "Alien abduction victims," she muttered. "Wonder if we'll get Elvis next week."

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There was no Elliot here.

There was a blond lump beneath the desk repeatedly banging its forehead against the wall and wondering why she even left her apartment that morning, given that everyone on the island had seen her as a 5-year-old ninja-ballerina-doctor. And that lump would probably, if someone came in, manage to provide a simulation of medical care.

But she was seriously considering changing her name and leaving town, or having radical plastic surgery. She'd always wanted a new chin anyhow.

The clinic is open -- even though, because acute embarrassment is not a medical diagnosis, it cannot help the poor doctor beneath the desk.
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Saturday morning, and the TV in the clinic lobby was tuned to cartoons.

And Christian was ready to play doctor.

[Gods, I hope no one needs real medical attention this morning. ;) ]
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Another Monday, another clinic shift. Elliot nodded a greeting to the nurse, checked to make sure the clinic beds were empty, and then settled behind the desk with a huge mug of coffee and a book of Sudoko puzzles. The clinic was open.
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After she checked to make sure nobody in the clinic needed doctoring, Elliot was bored. Bored bored bored.

She was trying to make herself finalize her last few fellowship applications, but her eyes were starting to cross form squinting at the tiny type on the forms and if she had to look at Dr. Kelso's lukewarm recommendation of "Ellie Reed" one more time, she would cry.

She would never wish someone would get sick. Of course not. Well, maybe a tiny bit sick, if it meant she had something to do today ...
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Elliot had been at work all day. Really.

She'd just been very quietly watching TV in a back room because there was a Golden Girls marathon on and she didn't want to miss her favorite episode. But the clinic was open, and she'd probably come out if anyone needed her. She wouldn't even wait for the commercial break.

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Elliot opened the clinic early Monday, did her usual check to make sure the beds were empty and the supply stockpiles were full, and then settled in for a round of gossiping with the NPC nurse. It was almost strange how she knew everything about the school.

The clinic was open, though it won't diagnose terminal embarrassment.
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After stopping by the staff meeting, Elliot opened the clinic on time and settled behind the desk with a bran muffin, an enormous strawberry smoothie, and a talk show about paternity tests on the TV.

If anyone came in, she'd probably change the channel very fast.

The clinic is open.
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Elliot did a quick round of the clinic to make sure the beds were empty and the paperwork was caught up on before starting to write up her lecture for Thursday's class.

She checked the course catalog to see exactly what she had promised students, and was dumbfounded to see that she had sent in her rough draft -- the one that included the words "goop" and "anyone else who likes to think about naked people."

If you need doctoring today, look for the blonde banging her head into the desk and muttering "Frick. Frick. Frick..."
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Elliot slept off her champagne-and-Dick-Clark hangover to open the clinic slightly late. She checked to make sure the beds were empty, then settled in behind the desk to finish her syllabus for the next semester.

The clinic is open, if anyone has put an eye out with a champagne cork or anything.
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Elliot checked the clinic records to see if there were any patients, and then checked the supply closet to see if they had run out of anything.

Once she was done with the actual work portion of the day -- she hoped -- she settled in to page through some medical texts as a review before she started sending in applications to endocrinology programs.

They aren't putting her to sleep. Really.

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Elliot rushed into the clinic a little late carrying some coffee -- which she promptly spilled all over her clean lab coat.


She mopped herself up and then checked to make sure the exam rooms were empty before settling behind the desk with a giant book of Sudoko puzzles.
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After two nights sleeping sitting up in Efferton Manor, Elliot's bed felt like heaven. But she couldn't stay in it too long; she had to get back to the clinic to relieve Stark. After just a few hours rest, she made it back to the clinic and started flipping through charts to see which patients had stayed the night. It seemed like there were a lot of them.

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Stark hadn't exactly been looking forward to coming into town when the island was overrun by big scary things. But he was supposed to be at the clinic on Sundays and so at the clinic he was. After arriving, he'd flailed more than a little bit at the number of people in the clinic. Flailing under control, he was now ready to deal with things. Hopefully.

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Elliot came into the clinic early and checked on Nadia and Sister Rosette before settling behind the desk with a large mug of coffee and her laptop. She idly played some solitaire, keeping an eye and ear out in case the patients or any visitors needed her.
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Elliot opened the clinic on time and armed with coffee. After checking to make sure there were no patients, she settled in at the desk and popped a DVD of White's Body.

It was so fantastically true-to-life, it made her sniffle.

The Clinic was open for anyone who needed it.
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After spending all weekend in the car and dealing with her parents, all Elliot wanted was a long nap.

She wouldn't sleep on-duty, but her eyelids ... were ... very ... heavy, in spite of the coffee she was nursing.

Sick people might actually get her to perk up.
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By the time Elliot's red-eye landed and she struggled through baggage claim and made it back to the island, it was time for her to get to work.

Great. It wasn't enough she had to spend her week off going through two break-ups and her complete humiliation, she didn't even get much time to lick her wounds. (She wasn't counting the time she spent sobbing and eating ice cream in her hotel room Sunday. That was purely therapeutic.)

At least she was away from everything that reminded her of Sean and adult-JD.

Well, most things. There was a little stuffed dolphin Sean had given her that she took some delight in performing exploratory surgery on.

The clinic was open.

[OOC: I'll have a longer IC post about this up later, but the stuff that happened in "My Fault," "My Self-Examination" and "My Best Friend's Wedding" happened while Elliot was on break. Basically, she left one guy for another, and then the second guy decided he only loved her as a friend. She will not be sunshine and kittens for the next few days.]

FTEC, Monday Day

Monday, October 30th, 2006 09:40 am
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Everything was set; Elliot would be flying home early Wednesday for Carla and Turk's wedding.

Which was why, after checking on Walter, she spent most of the day quadruple-checking her packing list to make sure she hadn't forgotten to plan to pack anything.

"Pillow for the plane, strapless bra, backless bra, trashy novel, another trashy novel, serious book in case I get stuck on the plane next to someone I want to impress..."
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Elliot got to the clinic early and was surprised to notice there had been overnight patients. She quickly checked on Marie and Zuko before settling at the desk to watch game shows.
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Elliot decided it was Take Your Rat to Work day.

That would be why Ronnie was snuffling around the desk while she sat back and watched her, in between bursts iof work on her lesson plans.

The clinic was open, and the rat there didn't even have Bubonic Plague.
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When Elliot stopped by her office after health class, she was surprised -- but not displeased -- by the new wallpaper and the costumes on the rats.

The wallpaper had to stay. The costumes, though, seemed like they should go before the rats suffocated or something -- though they were darn cute. She freed the rats from their badger suits (Ronnie almost bit her, woe) and then checked her voice mail.

And found a handwavey message telling her to get to the clinic. Which is why she skidded in a little before noon -- running in heels was hard -- and threw on the lights.

And was relieved to find things quiet. She hoped they'd stay that way, though all of her experience in medicine suggested that wouldn't be the case.

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Elliot skidded into the clinic carrying a large banana smoothie and her laptop, managing not to drop either.

She then prepared to spend her shift IMing with Sean. And possibly a dolphin. She wasn't sure if she believed him about the special underwater keyboard they typed on with their noses or not, but since all the dolphin said was "GIVE ME FISH" and "NO TRICKS TODAY," the point may have been moot.

The clinic was ready for any emergencies.
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Elliot turned on the TV and settled in for an engrossing shift of talk shows and sitcom reruns from the '80s.

She was on hand if anyone needed the clinic.
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Elliot settled in with her freshman biology text and started writing her lecture for the next day's class. She decided it wasn't time for a dissection lab.


The clinic is open for anyone who needed to bleed there.
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Elliot propped herself behind the desk, smiling a little from having meant so many nice neighbors that morning. She turned on the TV and immersed herself in a marathon of reruns of The Z-Cases.
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Elliot was flipping through a new issue of Jane and trying to decide whether sparkly purple eyeshadow ever would actually come back into style as she sat behind the desk at the Clinic for her first Monday shift.

She'd work on her lesson plans for the fall when she got bored.
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Elliot sat tapping at her laptop, trying to work out the scenarios for the final First Aid class on Tuesday.

She was thinking she might have to embrace the badger thing. Though not -- gah -- in the way someone working for the clinic did, judging from some of the messages on the answering machine.

Feeling uncreative, she wandered off to Caritas for a drink and a chat. She felt only slightly guilty about having had alcohol on the job when she returned to the clinic; she wasn't drinking, she was supporting a local businessman.

Also? Her stool was spinny. Whee.

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Elliot bounced into the clinic more or less on time and sipping from an enormous travel mug of coffee.

After making sure no one was in the exam rooms, she settled in at the desk and started idly looking through the medical files.

The Fandom Clinic certainly saw its share of interesting ailments. She just hoped no one would turn into a statue on her shift.

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