FTEC, Sunday 8/4

Sunday, August 4th, 2013 06:51 pm
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There were sharks falling from the sky. This was not the strangest thing Stark had experienced in Fandom but it was probably the bitiest.

Today's cupcakes were not shark-themed, but only because the staff at JGoB hadn't had any advance warning of the rain of sharks. Tomorrow, they had told Stark with a slightly disturbing amount of enthusiasm, tomorrow there would be all sorts of shark cupcakes.

The alien was in, ready to deal with your shark-related (or other) medical needs, and hoping none of the sharks were going to manage to get inside the clinic. Although if they started requesting medical care he would attempt to help, if he could.

[open, ocd-free, full of sharks]

FTEC, Sunday 6/23

Sunday, June 23rd, 2013 04:36 pm
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It was officially summer, according to the calendar. It had been summer on the island for quite some time already but that hadn't stopped the staff at JGoB from making an excessive amount of summery cupcakes. Stark, of course, had purchased at least one of each before heading to the clinic.

The alien was in, playing with the tiny plastic surfer that had come off his beach-themed cupcake, and ready to assist you should you need him.

[open, ocd-free, etc]

FTEC, Sunday 6/16

Sunday, June 16th, 2013 09:39 am
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Stark was still his proper age this weekend. These things passed him by more often than not though he had never been able to figure out why. He'd turned female often enough but he'd never been older or younger than he was supposed to be.

Today's cupcakes from JGoB were decorated with a variety of clocks and calendars.

The alien was in, only 2 days older than he had been on Friday, and ready to assist with your medical needs should you have any.

[open, ocd-free, blahblahblah]

FTEC, Sunday 6/2

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013 03:19 pm
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Stark was in the clinic today instead of slacking for a change. When the nurses asked where he'd been the last few weeks he just shrugged and set down the usual box of cupcakes on the desk.

Today's cupcakes were red velvet. For some reason that was all JGoB had in stock for cupcakes and regular cakes.

The alien was in, trying to act like he'd been there regularly, and ready to assist with your medical needs.

[Open, OCD-free, and the cupcakes are because of reasons.]

Fandom Clinic, Thursday

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013 05:09 pm
[identity profile] doesdoctorstuff.livejournal.com
Here at Fandom Emergency Clinic, Navaan has secretly replaced the fine Doctor they usually have with a fake!death version of the same. Let's see if the nurses notice.


That afternoon, the nurses chatted quietly with themselves, occasionally glancing at "Doctor" Navaan's glassy eyes across the room, before shaking their heads and continuing with their duties, grateful for the uncharacteristic silence.

FTEC, Sunday 4/21

Sunday, April 21st, 2013 10:06 am
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Last Sunday after arriving back on the island Stark had retreated to his room and his (very annoyed) little cat and then not left for a very long time.

This week he was back to the clinic like usual with a batch of JGoB cupcakes decorated to look like little Earths.

The alien was in and ready to assist you should you need him.

[open, ocd-free]

FTEC, Sunday (4/7)

Sunday, April 7th, 2013 04:44 pm
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Stark had cupcakes and two children with him today. He also had a large supply of assorted fun bandages and lollipops for any other wayward children who might arrive at the clinic.

The nurses were fussing over Glitz, who was showing off for his audience.

The alien was in (as were his children), though considering leaving early, and ready to assist with your medical needs.

[open, as always]
[identity profile] doesdoctorstuff.livejournal.com
To help with her diagnoses, Navaan had made a wheel of various ailments. Now, whenever anyone came to the clinic, the staff could just spin the wheel to figure out what was wrong. Navaan also had a prescription pad with remedies written in for each diagnosis on the wheel. It never hurt to be prepared, even if most of those prescriptions involved 'more sex.'

Except syphilis, of course. That called for penicillin. Duh.
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Today's cupcakes were decorated in spring colors. Stark was pleased that the weather was feeling more like spring as well.

In honor of the season changing it seemed a good time to do a little spring cleaning of the clinic. Which, for Stark, mostly meant going through cupboards and cabinets and drawers and making sure everything was where it was supposed to be.

The alien was in, wondering what a bag of lollipops was doing behind a stack of specimen jars, and ready to assist with your medical needs should you need him.

[Open, OCD-free, etc]
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Navaan has seen that some of the stores on the island were offering promotional deals and the like. Not to be outdone, she made up a few of her own. Right now she was handing out strips of notebook paper with neat writing that said, "Enjoy 2 Bloodlettings, Get the 3rd Free!"

That should help drum up business!
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Stark and the nurses had cupcakes with little golden chocolate figurines on top of red frosting today while they sat and watched Oscars coverage. Stark hadn't seen most of the movies but he did enjoy watching the whole spectacle even though it mystified him somewhat.

The alien was in, feeling slightly lost on popular culture, and ready to assist should you need him.

[open, ocd-free, etc]
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Stark and the usual box of cupcakes were back in the clinic for their usual shift after an unplanned and unexplained absence, whee.

Today's cupcakes were decorated with little hockey sticks and pucks. The cashier at JGoB had said something about it being hockey day when he put them into the box.

The nurses were watching hockey on the TV when he arrived at the clinic and Stark joined them though he wasn't entirely sure how the game worked. It made about as much sense to him as football did, so not much at all.

The alien was in, for once, and happy to share his cupcakes or assist with any medical matters.

[Open, OCD-free, the past 2 weeks I've been recovering from surgeries so that's an excuse but before that I got nothing but I will be better in the future I swear.]
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"There's a holiday devoted to chocolate and sex and no one bothered to tell me about it?!?" Navaan was very upset about this information being kept from her. "For once, a religious observation I can get behind--or in front of, I'm not picky--and no one bothers to tell Navaan! Oooh, this is a plot, I can tell!"

The nurses murmured uneasily that it really wasn't that big a deal, glaring at the poor woman who'd decided to bring in holiday cupcakes andstarted this whole mess.

Navaan wasn't buying their denials, oh no. "So, how does this 'Saint Varlentime' punish those who do not properly observe his most holy of days? Is it chastity?! It's chastity, isn't it? I'm too young and nubile to be chaaaaaste!"

And with that, Navaan slammed into her office (a repurposed broom closet) with a few juice bags to try and calm herself down. The nurses just looked at one another, silently shook their heads, and started eating the cupcakes. This job.
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A good doctor always made sure she had plenty of supplies in stock on the off chance that they would be needed. Navaan was an excellent doctor, so when she saw the dwindling number of leeches in her medicine jar, she decided that the only thing to do would be to rectify that appalling situation. And because she was a conscientious doctor, she was convinced that only free-range leeches would serve for her patients.

So there was a Gone Leechin' sign on the door of the clinic this morning. Because Navaan cared for you.
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As a doctor, Navaan had many duties. Some of them (sex, adventures, mysteries, drinking) were more fun than others (leech-fishing, dealing with jerks, getting tied up in the not-fun way). Today, because she was a responsible purveyor of healthcare, Navaan was going through the supplies that the clinic had on hand.

"This place needs more poison," she muttered. "And surgical tubing. Why does it need so many bandages? Reduce, reuse, recycle, people!"
[identity profile] doesdoctorstuff.livejournal.com
He held her close to his large, muscular, glistening, broad, gleaming, oiled, tanned, toned, and hairless chest. "Doctor," he whispered, his voice low and husky and deep and sensuous. "I need your help. I have a most painful swelling."

Navaan was so proud of herself. This story was coming along even better than she’d hoped. It was gripping and sexy and showcased being a doctor perfectly! Best part? She was getting it done early, so Carl Crankypants wouldn’t have to come up here and sigh at her and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk at her about stuff.

She always meant to listen to what he was saying, but then he’d keep talking and she’d get distracted. Their conversations would be so much easier if he’d just have sex instead of being boring. He should really fix that. It was a personality flaw.

Sure, there were probably doctor stuff to do, but Navaan was in the grip of a super-amazing story. There were plenty of leeches. If someone needed medical attention, surely they could help themselves!

Wait--no. Patients meant that she'd have someone besides the nurses to bounce ideas off of!
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There was a sign outside the clinic today. FLU SHOT CLINIC. NOT FOR SICKIES. Navaan was actually good with needles (okay, she was good at drawing blood, but that was just the opposite, right?), as she had demonstrated on one several some of the nurses when she caught them doubting her abilities.

Come on in, folks! Plenty of flu vaccines with a bunch of sore nurses handing out colorful band-aids!
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The nurses today were watching football and coverage of something involving people in fancy clothes. They kept switching back and forth. Stark had no idea what was going on for either thing and was spending most of his time flipping through a cookbook.

Today's cupcakes were an assortment of berry flavors.

The alien was in, confused by the TV, and ready to assist should you need him.

[open, ocd-free, etc]
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Navaan had missed several shifts recently, so in a fit of responsibility, she'd broken into the clinic last night and curled up to sleep on one of the filing cabinets. She was still asleep by the time the nurses came in for their shifts.

Walking in, they looked at the sleeping Navaan, then one another, and then back to Navaan, before turning around and heading to a different room. They'd wake her up later if someone came in needing medical assistance, but it was probably just easier on their nerves to let the crazy woman keep sleeping.
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Winter was not Stark's favorite season. He'd never much liked the cold and he wasn't overly fond of the shorter days either. He did enjoy the lights, at least. And snowflakes made for good cupcake decorations even if he would prefer if the snow never actually fell.

The alien was in, bundled up, and ready to assist should you need it.

[I keep forgetting it's Sunday. For like 3 weeks now. I fail at life. Open, OCD-free, etc]

FTEC, Friday

Friday, December 7th, 2012 11:03 am
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At 9:08 sharp in the morning, Doctor Maxwell Blum strode confidently into the clinic, smiling at the nurses as he passed them. "Morning, dolls," he called out, pleased when they responded to that with high-pitched, adoring greetings of their own. It was good to be the boss. "How are you ladies doing? Wonderful, wonderful."

When he reached his office (for certain interpretations of the word "his" and "office"), he turned to face his secretary (same deal). "I'm going to need some cigarettes and some doughnuts to get through the day, okay, dollface?" When she nodded at that and stood up, Max gave her a charming, totally affectionate pat on the rear. "Atta girl. TGIF, am I right, girls?"

With that and an affectionate chortle, he disappeared into the mountain of paperwork he had to take care of.

...Right then.

[[so... that happened. SEE, DEREK, HE IS REAL. uh, this week. open!]]
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No fear, nurses! Navaan was back in the clinic!

...Okay, it was entirely possible that no one had missed her since her last shift, but you try telling her that.

"Do you know, I had to go all the way off the island to find decent leeches?" she grumbled, unpacking a jar filled with the slimy things. "There aren't any in the pond nearby. I might have to stock some there myself. What an outrage to everyone of a medical profession on this island!"

Sure, things might be getting weird around here. But considering some of the adventures she'd had, black and white wasn't much to get upset about. She just assumed it was the opposite of garish.

[Link NSFW! And also now exists! Feel free to stop in and chat with Navaan, but due to an upcoming trip, she will be handwaved gray if at all. No OCD!]
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Some of the cupcakes at JGoB today had contained Thanksgiving leftovers. Stark, feeling betrayed by this baked good abuse, had chosen to bring pie with him to the clinic today instead. The nurses hadn't had enough pie over the holiday, apparently, and were more than happy to help eat it.

The alien was in, muttering darkly about stuffing and turkey cupcakes, and ready to assist you or feed you a slice of pie.

[Bus ride home from NYC took longer than expected and then I got distracted watching the replay of the hockey game I was at last night. Sigh. Open, OCD-free, etc]
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Normally, Chloe was pretty chill about everyone she cared about thinking she was dead, but the holiday season was just not letting that happen right now. If Chloe was hitting the keys on the computer a little harder than necessary, it couldn't be helped.

It also didn't help that the nurses kept trying to convince her to turn on holiday music. "Thanksgiving is tomorrow! No music until then!" Maybe, if they were lucky, she wouldn't throw pens at them to make them leave her alone.

[Open but SP because oh god finally seeing Twilight.]

FTEC (11/15)

Thursday, November 15th, 2012 04:29 pm
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After everything was sorted out with the rude guy who'd kept interfering with her nap, Navaan got suited up to go find this 'clinic' he had mentioned. After all, it was important that she scout out the competition; she didn't want a rogue cadre of doctors on her tail. For all she knew, they could have an affiliation with a hospital! Or something even worse!

She packed up her medical kit, making sure it had all the the most important items a doctor might need (leeches, surgical tubing, straws, grappling hook, knives, some poison, a magnifying glass, a button or two, condoms...you know, important doctor stuff!), Navaan made her way over to the clinic which, fortunately for her 'sun allergy' wasn't that far from the newspaper shop. Inside, she posed and announced, "I--AM A DOCTOR!"

None of the nurses inside seemed to care. Some looked at her oddly, others kind of shrugged, and one pointed to a desk for her to sit if she wanted.

Pleased that they were recognizing her medical skills so readily, Navaan went and made herself comfortable--after closing all the shades, of course. She was prepared for either a medical emergency or another doctor to come and challenge her to a Doctor-Off, but until then, this chair was comfy and she wasn't going back outside.

Honestly, sometimes all she did was win.

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Today's cupcakes were lemon flavored.

Stark had opened some windows and left the door open as well. The weather was nice today. It would be cold soon enough and he wanted to take advantage of this while it lasted.

The alien was in, would share the lemon meringue cupcakes if you asked, and ready to assist you.

[Open, OCD-free, blah blah blah]
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Stark was himself this weekend, as he so often was. The island and its inhabitants were rather different than their usual selves but that wasn't terribly out of the ordinary in and of itself.

He still had cupcakes, and he was still at the clinic on Sunday for his scheduled shift.

The alien was in (and not his identical twin or cousin or a long-lost relative or anything like that) and ready to assist with whatever outrageous medical needs you might have this weekend.

[open, OCD-free, I had no inspiration, you know the drill]
[identity profile] annieadderall.livejournal.com
Annie, recently back from the dead after a trying coffee just once, was back at work at the clinic. She'd missed so much while she was gone, and things had only gotten harder for her since she'd been back. In order to catch up at medical school, she was always tired and pushing herself too far, and sometimes the lure of coffee was too much to stand. But no! No. She would be strong.

And though she hadn't told anyone yet, she'd had to resume her shameful job of stripping in order to pay her way through school. It wasn't even going well. Did you have any idea how hard it was to twirl yourself around a pole when tired from studying after a long absence from taking your clothes off for money?

Today was an ordinary day so far, though, working at the clinic to solve all your comas, mysterious pregnancies and horrible diseases.

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There were many holidays that Smallville had nearly ruined for Chloe, and Halloween was one of them. Still, she'd dug out her old sexy nurse costume for the occasion, and was perched behind the desk catching up on the news on her laptop, and snacking on the bowl of candy that was out in case anyone came by.

[identity profile] livingasheth.livejournal.com
Millie was here and enjoying the nurses' stories of how they were preparing for Halloween.
[identity profile] livingasheth.livejournal.com
Millie was happily ensconced behind the desk with a new book, ready to help anyone who might wander into the clinic.
[identity profile] livingasheth.livejournal.com
Millie was here and enjoying chatting with the nurses. It was probably going to be a pretty quiet week with most people in Africa.
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The island always felt emptier when the school had these trips. At least Stark thought so.

Still, there were still some people around and there was always the possibility he (or someone else) might be needed here at the clinic. So here he was, cupcakes in hand as usual.

The alien was in, looking at an atlas to try and figure out where exactly everyone had gone in relation to here, and ready to assist should you need him.

[open, OCD-free, etc.]
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Another weekend of visitors had passed without any of them arriving for Stark. He was used to it by now. And he was fairly certain if he really wished it he could find his way to Moya and his shipmates for a visit. Or to stay, if it came to that. They wouldn't turn him away. They never had before. He supposed he could ask some of them to come, the next time. But he wasn't sure how that would go.

For now he would content himself with his usual clinic shift and miniature cupcakes this week for the nurses and any visitors they might have.

The alien was in, feeling a little lonely, and ready to assist should you need it.

[open, ocd-free, etc]
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Last week Stark had been accompanied by a kitten (who still needed a name). This week there was a dog at his side. Stark didn't entirely understand this daemon business (how could she be part of him if she'd only just appeared? And didn't he have enough of himself trying to leak out his face without a piece of his soul suddenly deciding it ought to be corporeal?) but he certainly didn't mind the company.

Sarea had declined a cupcake and lay down to keep an eye on the door while Stark settled himself at the desk.

The alien was in, as was his daemon.

[Open, OCD-free]
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Chloe did not at all miss the kitten she'd found in one of those balls last week, and was not at all sad that it hadn't stuck around. The fact that she was sitting at the front desk and searching around on local pet adoption sites was just a coincidence really.
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Most of the kittens and puppies from the other day had vanished. Stark's kitten had apparently decided to stay with him.

Since it was so tiny he'd brought it with him to the clinic today along with the usual cupcakes.

"I didn't want it to be lonely," he explained to the nurses. "And it's so tiny it won't get in the way. It can stay here at the desk wi-" he didn't get to finish the sentence before one of the nurses scooped up the kitten and started cooing over it. The kitten purred and gave Stark an exceedingly smug look for such a small creature.

The alien was in along with a kitten for any and all medical or other needs.

[Open, ocd-free, etc}
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Stark had been hoping he would wake up Stark-shaped today after yesterday. Sadly that had not been the case and he was still girl-shaped.

Today's cupcakes were all very very pink because someone at JGoB had thought that was amusing.

The nurses weren't as amused. They just kept smiling at Stark and occasionally exclaiming "you make such a pretty woman!"

"Thank you?" Stark said uncertainly. "I think." Being called pretty wasn't something that happened that often to him.

The alien was in, resigned to being girl-shaped for another day, and ready to assist with your medical needs or commiserate about being the wrong shape.

[open, OCD-free, as usual]
[identity profile] livingasheth.livejournal.com
Millie hadn't slept well last night, so when she got up far earlier than she'd planned, she made a stop at JGoB to get pastries and coffee for the nurses. At least she'd found a way to start the day off well.
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Today's cupcakes looked like burgers which Stark found amusing. If they had actually been made of burger ingredients he would have been appalled. Apparently this weekend was for grilling and barbecuing and the staff at JGoB had gotten into the spirit of things.

Stark was treating the weekend like any other. The end of the summer season didn't make much difference to him. He still had a clinic shift, though it was likely to be quiet as they usually were.

The alien was in in case of grilling accidents or other medical needs.

[Open, OCD-free, etc]
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There were new people on the island though, according to the radio, not any that Stark might have known before. He never really expected there would be but he still paid attention every time new students and teachers arrived, just in case.

JGoB had had an assortment of cupcake flavors this morning and Stark had a box filled with a variety on the desk for the nurses and anyone else who might wander by. Just don't blame him if one of the bakers had been watching too many Cupcake Wars reruns and put something strange in there.

The alien was in, eyeing a couple of the cupcakes warily, and ready to assist with any medical matters.

[open, ocd-free, the usual]
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[personal profile] mycanonhatesme
Chloe was having one of those slightly manic days where she had a million things to do, but couldn't focus on any one of them for more than a few minutes. The front desk was scattered with half-completed paperwork, and her laptop was showing yet another failed attempt to get into the back door of Luthercorp's files. This had all the makings of a very long day.

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Sundays meant clinic shifts except last week when I totally forgot and cupcakes for the nurses.

Today's cupcakes were all white cake with vanilla frosting and no decorations. The staff at JGoB had just shrugged and said "no inspiration" when Stark asked why they were all so plain. Still, they were cupcakes so he'd bought some and brought them with him as always. The nurses had, surprisingly, been excited for them because they hadn't had plain vanilla cupcakes in a very long time. At least not from Stark.

The alien was in, doing some cleaning because he'd been inspired by the very white cupcakes, and ready to assist you should you need it.

[open, ocd-free, etc]
[identity profile] livingasheth.livejournal.com
Millie was here, teaching the nurses how to play Spoons during their downtime. Of course, they were using tongue depressors instead of spoons, but the principle was the same. And tongue depressors were harder to pick up quickly, which made it more challenging.

FTEC, Sunday (8/5)

Sunday, August 5th, 2012 02:27 pm
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It was good to be back in the clinic for a regularly scheduled shift. Stark liked some routine in his life. Particularly when the routine was one he could choose whether or not to follow. This sort of routine was comforting in its normalcy.

He'd brought cupcakes decorated with Olympic rings shh, don't tell the IOC today and was now settled at the desk watching the coverage with some of the nurses. He didn't understand most of the events and kept asking questions. Unfortunately for him, the nurses weren't terribly familiar with a lot of what was happening either.

The alien is in, watching the Olympics, and ready to assist you should you need him.

[Open, OCD-free, etc]

FTEC, Sunday (7/22)

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012 02:39 pm
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[personal profile] stykera
The earthquake last night had meant Stark hadn't slept well. He'd been waiting for another, or for something else to happen. So it was a somewhat sleepy and over-caffeinated Banik who reported to the Clinic on Sunday.

Today's cupcakes had coffee icing and there was plenty of coffee to go around as well.

The alien was in, a bit twitchy, and ready to assist with your medical needs.

[Open, OCD-free, etc]

FTEC, Wednesday [07/11]

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012 03:47 pm
mycanonhatesme: (chloe is pleased)
[personal profile] mycanonhatesme
Chloe was very grateful for the air conditioning today, as she dealt with stacks of paperwork for the clinic. If she'd known taking over the place would require killing so many trees... well, she probably would have taken the job anyway, but she would have brought a lot more folders with her. Awkward piles scattered across the desk were just going to have to do for now.

[identity profile] livingasheth.livejournal.com
Millie was here with copies of some of the newest books to share with the nurses. Oddly, not a single copy of 49+1 Hues of Ash-Color were included.

FTEC, Sunday (7/8)

Sunday, July 8th, 2012 09:53 am
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It was still hot. Even Stark was getting tired of the heat.

He skipped the cupcakes today. It was a bit too hot for cupcakes, even for Stark. The iced coffees he brought in for everyone went over very well though.

Now Stark was seated at the desk wondering if ice cream could make it from Chilly Boulder to the clinic without becoming nothing more than a sticky puddle. He doubted it. Perhaps ice cream would have to wait.

The alien was in, in want of ice cream, and ready to assist with your medical needs (or just let you enjoy the AC).

[I'm in San Diego and will be spotty, but I can answer tags if needed. At some point I will retrieve a [livejournal.com profile] toteshammered and there will be much rejoicing. Huzzah.]

FTEC, Sunday (7/1)

Sunday, July 1st, 2012 08:59 am
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[personal profile] stykera
Stark didn't mind the heat. He'd spent a large portion of his life in Scarran space, after all. And he would rather have the heat than cold and snow any day.

Still, he didn't mind the air conditioning inside the clinic either. Just because he could deal with the heat didn't mean he had to. He also didn't mind the iced coffee he'd brought along to go with today's sun-covered cupcakes.

"It's too hot for cupcakes," one of the nurses informed him, then laughed at the mock-horrified look Stark gave her in return. "Maybe after I've cooled off. It wouldn't have been so bad if we didn't have to deal with all those stairs to get in here."

"I never really noticed the stairs," Stark said honestly as he sat down at the desk.

The alien was in, caffeinated, and ready to assist with your medical needs including stair-related injuries.

[Open, OCD-free, I just felt a need for stairs this week I can't imagine why.]

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