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Dr House was in the clinic, waiting for any and all of the kids from the botched Rooftop Beautifucation Project to show up for their gremlin testing, as per the Dean. Dean Bristow had told him to use water or sprite, not the actual gremlin spittle, but House didn't like the whole idea of lying to those kids. They trusted him, and he'd put himself on the line to defend and protect them. Lying to them at this point just seemed wrong.

House sighed and looked up at Alanna's pencil collectoin in the ceiling. The girl had a good throw, as far as h could tell, not one of the pencils had fallen yet. He sighed again and rubbed his face. He dug his crossword puzzle book out of his desk, but couldn't concentrate on it. Same with his video games, even the yo-yo. Another sigh and he leaned back in his chair, feet propped up on the desk.

[OOC: While this post is closed to student and faculty trauma, the clinic itself is open...*nodnod*]

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