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Wilson was whistling, and yes he had a damn good reason to be whistling thankyouverymuch, as he set about opening up the Clinic for the day.

His eyes kept sliding towards the windows and little sighs escaped him as he enjoyed the sunshine, idly he considered heading out with MegaPager on his hip but...no, he needed to finish checking in the equipment he'd ordered from the mainland and of course today was the endoscopy for Grissom.

Setting a pot of coffee to brewing, the lanky oncologist threw himself down into the desk chair and picked up the phone.

First he called House to remind him to call Duce with her test result and then he called through to Paige with her test as well.

That bit of bookkeeping done, he had just reached for a chart when he heard the back door buzz. The shipment he was expecting both regular supplies as well as the extra necessities he'd tacked on for treating Grissom.

Laying a clipboard up on the counter for people to sign in as they needed to, Wilson headed for the back.

Doctor on Duty, come bleed if you wish.

In the Clinic

Saturday, October 15th, 2005 06:27 pm
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Maia lay on a bed in the clinic, monitors beeping around her.
She was unresponsive except in her mind.
She could hear what was going on, she screamed for help over and over again but nobody seemed to hear her. Tara, Tara I'm lost. I can't see you in the dark where are you? They are all around me Tara, help me somebody help me.

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