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It probably went without saying that Wilson was going to be dragging, just a bit, this morning. Whether it was simply the after effects of the privious day or whatever he'd gotten up to the night before, could be a source of speculation for anyone who...spent such time doing those sorts of things.

For now, he was setting out a sign in sheet, checking on the waiting room to make sure the water cooler was full and the chairs were mostly straight. It was a small thing but a tidy waiting room tended to help people relax.

Covering a yawn, he took a swig off his super charged quinti shot coffee nummy and headed back to the front desk. Okay...he hadn't gotten a chance to work on much of his paperwork last night and it was starting to pile up.

Sitting down, long legs were kicked up on the desk -the man honestly could not sit straight in a chair to save his life- and Wilson yanked the clipboard down into his lap. Time to work on some scheduling.

Don't anybody laugh.

Doctor on Duty, come poke, pester or bleed on as you so desire.

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