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Harley's morning coffee was a little extended today. She'd left late for work, so she had her breakfast with her as well.
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Millie was cheerful, as usual, as she regaled the nurses with stories of Asheth.

The Clinic is open!
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There were still a few patients lingering from the events of the past weekend in the clinic I think. Wyatt checked on them before taking his usual Tuesday night spot behind the front desk.
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Finally.  Done done don with the scary Sex Ed class.

Katara celebrated by having hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows and a book about medicinal herbs as she sat behind the counter.
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Ronan was sitting in the clinic, mostly just staring off into space; foremost in his thoughts were the events of homecoming, most especially a certain conversation with a certain flame-empowered boy, and a certain series of events that took place in a hotel room after the dance.

Which had him wondering if Johnny had heard -- surely the radio had reported it, it seemed to get everything else -- and how Johnny felt about it if he had.

Regardless, Ronan was there, ready in case anyone needed medical attention.
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It had been a long night at the clinic.

Rather than bother trying to go home, Wilson had stayed on through the night, helping the nurse wake Lana hourly and also keeping Phoebe and Anders as comfortable as possible.

Jim and Bel had been discreetly watched over as well.

Aziraphale, bless him, had come down with a late night/early morning snack of grilled cheese sandwiches and later with omlettes and coffee but other than a quick break to grab a shower, Wilson had stayed put.

Morning found him napping relaxing in the front desk chair.

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