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Annie, recently back from the dead after a trying coffee just once, was back at work at the clinic. She'd missed so much while she was gone, and things had only gotten harder for her since she'd been back. In order to catch up at medical school, she was always tired and pushing herself too far, and sometimes the lure of coffee was too much to stand. But no! No. She would be strong.

And though she hadn't told anyone yet, she'd had to resume her shameful job of stripping in order to pay her way through school. It wasn't even going well. Did you have any idea how hard it was to twirl yourself around a pole when tired from studying after a long absence from taking your clothes off for money?

Today was an ordinary day so far, though, working at the clinic to solve all your comas, mysterious pregnancies and horrible diseases.

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Chloe was a totally responsible adult in a very important working environment.

Which was why she was sitting behind the front desk playing Angry Birds on her phone.

Shhh, don't judge.


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