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FTEC -- Sunday, May 18 -- Evening.

So, the pony debacle had thankfully proven to be just a daily thing. This lead to a rare instance where Adah, settled behind the front desk of the clinic again with her journals and notebooks, was actually somewhat contented with the world.

The nurses were a little frightened.

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There were probably a great number of residents of Fandom who were pleased that the 'pony thing' was over, and Cable-- with a baby who had ceased to be a foal, thank Askani-- was one of them.

It had reminded him of something else, though. He arrived at the desk with the baby firmly perched on his arm. "Evening."

It was probably a more tactful way of greeting than just demanding she give the baby her shots, after all.

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"She's two months," Cable replied, carefully-- mostly just for the sake of the baby, who he lifted only slightly to underscore the point. He didn't want her to start crying again, after all, "She needs her immunization shots." There. No extraneous information; it worked.

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Cable shifted the baby's position a little so he could write on the clipboard, and beyond a moment's consideration over the field that read 'name' (he settled on 'Nathan Dayspring Summers', in the end) he was quick about it, keeping the information vague-but-relevant.

"That should be enough," he said, mildly, "For the time being, at least." At some point in the future, he would have to look into vaccinations for diseases that were a little more... alien.

Right now, though-- it would work was the right expression. "We'll save the meningitis for later." Sort of in that joke area.

Re: Exam Room 1 -- Janice Summers.

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"Not generally."

He was a little... careful. About the child. "Nothing past the general allotment of crying." Not so much a joke, that one.

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The baby had seen bullets, and explosions, and clung tight to bleeding arms; still, she made some noise, and she would've squirmed if the shot had been any slower than it was.

Cable just watched, carefully, with eagle eyes. She was the hope of an entire timeline, after all (the only timeline that mattered, in the end) and giving her out of hand just for this was already managing to work up some extra paranoia.

"A month, you said," he voiced, in need of something to say to keep control of it all.

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Not that he hadn't known; but now it was something to list in his mental schedule, alongside all the other bullet points and emergency escape plans. Cable leaned back, affecting quiet presence in the exam while the baby's noise gradually picked up a little under the onslaught.

He vaguely wished she'd been that accommodating when they'd been trying to avoid predators in the woods.

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"I'm aware of it," he replied, mildly, "It's going on the schedule."

Jan wriggled, her unused arm grasping out for something to touch.

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"The red seems to suit her fine." Or so Wade could attest to. Cable didn't shift much, keeping his poise steady even as he'd rather see this done with and now. Bandaids be damned.

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Bedside manner. Who needed it, anyway? "Thank you," Cable replied, getting up so he could take the baby back within the safe zone. Also known as him. He ran a finger over the bandaid to make sure. Yep. "It's appreciated."